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MY WORLD: April 15th

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 05:23, Apr 15 2006

By: Justin Bailey

One thing I have been curious about is how Rob Van Dam would be booked, with him basically waiting until One Night Stand just under two months away. They have to keep him strong obviously as he?s pretty much said he?ll be cashing in on that night for his shot at the WWE Title. So, now we will have RVD vs. Shelton Benjamin at Backlash, which could be tricky. RVD doesn?t need the Intercontinental Title, and Shelton won?t win the contract to have a shot at the title. With both guys playing mind games wanting the match to be for the other?s prize, I see it leading to both being on the line, Intercontinental Title vs. Money In The Bank Contract, Winner Take All.

Now, we have Kane making a heel turn to sell his character in See No Evil. The whole voices in his head segment was kind of odd. It made it look like we were watching a movie, which I guess has a tie-in to what the ultimate goal is, selling the movie. I assume this leads to Big Show vs. Kane at Backlash, and one less tag team for RAW, even though this one ran it?s course anyways.

It has really gotten to the point where nothing Vince McMahon does surprises me anymore. I?m not sure how much further he can go after the segment they showed of him and Shane in a church on Monday, but I?m sure he will top it in time. It?s not a thing where I was personally offended, because I know how Vince is and the crazy things he has done over the years on tv. I?ll be ready for this feud to be over, which will hopefully be after Backlash. It?s had it?s entertaining spots, but Shawn can be working with better people while he is still as healthy as he is.

We got to see Umaga in the ring this week, which he seems to have a hard hitting style. I was kind of surprised not to see Ric Flair make the run-in after the match, but maybe they will pick up on that next week.

Kudos to Chris Masters for taking one hell of a chair shot this week. The only thing between his and Carlito?s feud is neither is really distinguished as the heel or face. It?s just being left at two heels who don?t see eye-to-eye. Obviously, Carlito as face would be the answer here, because Masters as a face is something I don?t want to see. Carlito is slowly growing on everyone and people are starting to come around for Carlito.

Isn?t it great how a program that has lasted for six months is still strong and entertaining? I?m still as interested in Mickie James and Trish Stratus? program as I was when it started, if not more than that. It?s crazy how Mickie has made the full transformation to look like Trish. She pulls it off well. Then, we got to see Trish dressed as Mickie this week, which is brilliant. I thought this feud would end after Mania, but I?m sure not minding it continuing now.

This week, Jim Ross will interview Chavo Guerrero. It should be interesting as we get to see where they?re going with Chavo after he "quit." I like how they use J.R. on special occassions and he?s not completely gone from the business. It?s where when J.R. is there for commentating or an interview, you pay attention, because it gives you that sense that it?s important.

Are we going to see Triple H vs. John Cena and Edge this week? That?s what left after Cena vs. Triple H and Edge and Edge vs. Triple H and Cena this past week. I enjoy how they?re working this program. All signs point to Triple H taking the title and taking it to One Night Stand to drop to RVD, but we all can at least enjoy these three working together. It works and the way they go back and forth with each other on the mic keeps me interested, along with Cena dropping the title. I don?t mind Cena, but it?s just time to take the title off him as others I?m sure agree with me here.

On the flip side, on SmackDown!, I was thinking how they could draw out the feud between MNM and Paul London and Brian Kendrick. So, I thought they could switch off having one-on-one matches against one another, so you could get a total of four different singles matches. Low and behold, that?s at least what they do this week with Kendrick getting the win over Johnny Nitro. If they were to drag out getting different singles match combinations out of the four, I?d have MNM take two wins, and London/Kendrick take the other two wins. You could lead it into Judgment Day with an equal amount of momentum, besides London/Kendrick getting the non-title tag match win over MNM.

I?ll tell you what I did enjoy this week, and that was Matt Hardy totally going over The Road Warrior, Animal in a matter of a minute or two. I respect what The Road Warriors did for the tag team division in their hay day, but there?s no reason Animal should be on the roster today. They were one of the greatest tag teams we have seen, but leave it at that. You can also dispute if we need Finley or Tatanka on the roster, which for the most part, we don?t. Tatanka I liked ten years ago, but nothing I really get out of him today. Finley I can put up with, because he can wrestle.

Not only do we have to see William Regal in a dress this week. But, he has to wear a dress until Paul Burchill loses. This will lead to Regal eventually costing Burchill his first loss on purpose. When that is? Time will tell. It?s not as horrible as other stuff out there, and it keeps Burchill on tv. I enjoy Burchill?s matches, along with his finishing move, Walking The Plank. He could make for a nice U.S. Champ down the line.

Speaking of the U.S. Title, we got a decent cage match this week between JBL, with the hotter than ever Jillian Hall, and Chris Benoit. I?m surprised they had the rematch so soon, and a cage match at that. I?d expect that exact match to be at Judgment Day, but I guess not anymore. I?m not sure where they go from here. I expect the feud to continue. There needs to be more people brought in to the U.S. division, vying for the title.

Randy Orton was seen for the last time for at least the next two months this last week. For two guys who could have a great match, their match didn?t even go ten minutes. At the same time, te overall goal was to have Angle go over Orton and do something to take Orton off tv storyline-wise. Next week, we have Booker T and Matt Hardy?s First Round King of The Ring Match. I see The Boogeyman costing Booker his match in the tournament, but I?m not sure which match it could be. Either way, we should get a good match whether it be Angle vs. Booker or Angle vs. Hardy.

TNA put on quite a solid show Thursday night for iMPACT!?s primetime debut on Thursday on Spiketv. I like how the show begin in the middle of the Christopher Daniels/Samoa Joe X-Division Title Match. It?s a innovative way to gets viewers, especially the crossover audience from The Ultimate Fighter, to tune in. The opening shot is Samoa Joe doing his Olay Kick in Daniels? face in the guard rail. Joe just destroyed Daniels, which led me to think Daniels was going to come back and somehow pull off the win, but instead, they decided to give the X-Division Title back to Joe. I?m kind of split with the decision. I don?t see why they want to put the title back on Joe as he?s on his way up the ranks, and I was looking for another long reign with Daniels as champ. At the same time, they?re keeping Joe strong, and he?s simply unstoppable. Now, he?ll be the one heading into Lockdown with the X-Division Title, and he will defend it against an unlikely X-Division opponent in Sabu.

I generally enjoy it when a familiar face joins the TNA roster. This week, Runt, the former Spike Dudley, joined TNA, completing Team 3D. Any familiar face will help TNA. This is just another example with Runt. He has a unique presence to bring to TNA, as many of you know. Plus, in some aspect, it freshens Team 3D up a bit.

That?s the trick with the talent you have working for a promotion. You want to build young, new stars, but use veteran, recognized names in the business to do it. This is something TNA does quite well. You may have Sting and Scott Steiner in the company, and a lot of people thought it would be horrible. Some fearing either or both could represent the company as World Heavyweight Champion, but that?s not the case. If I asked you four months ago, could the casual TNA viewer pinpoint who Eric Young and Alex Shelley were and characteristics about them? For the most part, I?d get brief answers. Today, these two guys are two of the more recognizable talents in TNA. The involvement these two among others have had in the Sting/Jarrett feud has helped them greatly.

With one more iMPACT! Broadcast before Lockdown takes place, this next week should be eventful, as we have five matches for the Pay Per View, leaving three open spots on the card for matches. I am curious to see what happens to Christopher Daniels now. I would suspect a possible multi-man X-Division match he?ll get thrown into. I was afraid Sting was going to have The James Gang and Rhino on his team for Lockdown, but it will be AJ Styles, Ron Killings, and Rhino, which is a very nice pairing. The James Gang just isn?t right for the match, so maybe we?ll get them vs. LAX again, this time with Hernandez in the mix.

Well, that?s it for this week. See ya next week.

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