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Interview Recap - Shad Gaspard

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 23:13, Oct 26 2011

by Crystal Senter

Shad Gaspard Interview Recap
By CrystalInDenver

We started the show with Jack and One Inch Biceps by taking calls and hitting such topics as the Bound for Glory PPV, with Hulk Hogan becoming a face at the end of the Pay Per View. Also covered before the interview was the new TNA Champion James Storm, Bobby Roode vs James Storm feud similar to what happened in ROH, news from the world of wrestling, covering such promotions as ROH, TNA and WWE. Jack and OIB also covered RAW and Alberto Del Rio in Mexico. There was also talk of Brock Lesnar coming back to the WWE in some fashion.
Joining us after Wrestling News was last minute fill in Shad Gaspard, formerly of WWE’s Cryme Tyme. Shad’s website is http://www.shadthebeastgaspard.com/. Shad was supposed to be on IYH a few months ago, but legal issues postponed his appearance until tonight’s show. Jack asked Shad about the incident and Shad’s take on what happened. Shad explains his behavior and how he wanted the whole situation over with. Jack asks Shad about how Cryme Tyme came about. Shad explains it was Paul Heyman that put Cryme Tyme together, stemming from both Shad and JTG being singles wrestlers going through Ohio Valley Wrestling, using the gimmick of stereotypical thugs. Jack asked Shad about his thoughts on the stereotype and the possibility of the gimmick being racist. Shad answered that he did not think it was racist and had free liberty to do what he wanted during the gimmick. Jack asked Shad if he was a wrestling fan growing up, which Shad answered back that he was, stemming from a long history of wrestling fans and growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Shad tells a story about his Great-Grandmother and how Shad’s Great-Grandmother would put Shad in a headlock, even at 105. Jack states his whole family is as well wrestling fans and that his grandmother is still a wrestling fan today. Shad stated he loved as a kid growing up that he wanted to be built as an adult like Tony Atlas. Jack asks Shad about Hulk Hogan and if he saw TNA’s Bound For Glory. Shad explains he did not and has not caught up with what is currently going on in wrestling due to his current career. Jack takes his first phone call of the interview from Crystal. Crystal explains how she was a fan of Cryme Tyme during its WWE run. Crystal asks Shad what his favorite moment in Cryme Tyme was. Shad states he favorite moments were the things that JTG and Shad did on the road and all the antics of the road. Jack asks Shad if he and JTG meshed well in the ring together. Shad explains that there was certain things he could and couldn’t do, but that they knew what they needed to do to get the job done and be successful, but to also take care of each other before, during and after the shows. OIB asks Shad on his feelings about the feud with JTG. Shad explains it wasn’t what he wanted to do, but they got the point across, and they had no control over the ending. Shad explains that the writers wanted to make him the next big heel in the company, but Shad felt he was short changed and after 8 years, felt he was thrown under the bus. Shad explains that Vince liked the feud between JTG and Shad on many occasions, even going so far as to feud inside of an airport. Jack asks Shad about his feelings on Jack Heyman. Shad calls Paul a motherf**kering genius and how Paul makes the positive sides of the wrestlers the best. Shad explains the game of wrestling, and how he learned the game and didn’t want to personally become the game and the gimmick anymore, especially after the birth of his son. Jack takes a call from Larry Higgins. Larry asks about the Florida Farm league and how it compared to Ohio Valley Wrestling. Shad says Florida is like the beginning of Rocky 3, OVW is more like Rocky 1, where you learn about the business and you respect the business. Jack asks about vignettes that Cryme Tyme was putting together while at OVW with CM Punk. Shad stated he wanted to be a competitor. Vince McMahon gave Shad the choice of being a singles wrestler, or be in Cryme Tyme. Shad chose to be in Cryme Tyme because he knew that being in a tag team, and then becoming a singles wrestler would have more longevity in the business. OIB asks a question from the board, from lablueguy, about possibly being in UFC or MMA. Shad explains he has been doing MMA and boxing styles since he was five years old and doing Amateur Wrestling since he was 10 years old, especially in his teenage years to help pay the bills and put food on the table. Shad stopped doing MMA fighting about a year after signing with WWE. He states he has always been an MMA fighter at heart. Jack asks Shad if he knew now about the decision to either be a fighter or a wrestler, what he would have chosen. Shad states he only was a fighter for the money, but was a wrestler for the belts and the championships. Shad explains he training regimen when he was a fighter, where he trained for the next week and the next fight, not for a championship. Shad talks about a fight where he fought a guy that he pummeled within 3 rounds, but the win went to the other guy and not Shad. Jack asks Shad if Shad ever wanted to get in to WCW, especially with the help of Hardbody Harrison. Jack evens tell Shad about an interview they did with Sarge, and what opinion Sarge had of Shad. Shad shared great words of wisdom to those who are looking to become wrestlers. Shad’s words of advice are that, “You are nobody without somebody”. Shad stated John Cena is a nobody without Randy Orton, Mark Henry is no star without Big Show. The stars are nobody without the fans as well. Shad even mentioned the small feud between Cryme Tyme and John Cena. Jack asked Shad about his feelings on having Slammaster J with the Cryme Tyme. Shad stated he loved it and loved how talented Slammaster J was. Shad explains he is not a wrestler; he is a performer, which is what made him special. Jack asks Shad about his first departure from WWE. Shad states it was Lance Cade that caused his first departure. Jack asks Shad about his feelings on Trevor Murrdock. Shad explains Trevor is Trevor and that’s who he is. OIB had a question from Changed Man on the message board. Changed Man asked Shad’s thoughts on Mark Henry being champion. Shad states it’s about time Mark Henry is champion and that Mark Henry has earned. OIB asks Shad about wither he is going to stay in the wrestling business or get out. Shad explains that there is no way to get out of the business, and he loves every part of the business. Shad explained how he has been doing some acting, including an episode of the now cancelled Charlie’s Angels. As soon as he was done explaining that, Shelton Benjamin walks towards Shad’s car, with Shad saying, “Hey Shelton” and explaining he was sitting in his car in front of Shelton Benjamin’s house. Shelton comes up to the car and you can hear Shelton saying, “License and Registration please”. Shelton and Shad are talking, and Shad says, “He has a shotgun he has a shotgun”. Shad explains he is live on IYH to Shelton and hands the phone to Shelton. Shelton starts talking to Jack and OIB. Shelton jokes about how Shad is known to be a thief. Shelton asks Jack and OIB about how the interview is going. Shelton informs Jack and OIB that if Shad is causing any problems, that he would be more than happy to, “shove this shotgun up his rear”. Shelton says hello to the whole Headyverse and wishes the Headyverse a good night. Shad praises Shelton for his work in ROH as of late. Jack tells Shad about James Bright from Facebook about how James’ autistic son loves Shad, and although he can’t say Shad’s name, he loves Shad. Ben Hodge from Facebook wanted to know why Cryme Tyme never won the tag team championships. Shad thinks that Cryme Tyme never won the championships because they never went over well with the crowd. Jack thanks Shad for his time and asks Shad to come back some time. Someone got a hold of Jack and asked Shad to recite Shakespeare. Shad recites, “To Be or Not to Be” from Hamlet. Jack thanks Shad again.
Jack and Incher come back. They go in to Jericho’s possible return, Scott Hall on ESPN, Cage debates, Worst PPVs and so much more!!!! People got to call in to get in to the Prize Wheel, and Jack announced all the wonderful donations and sponsors of the Prize Wheel!

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