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Interview Recap - Jimmy Valiant

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 05:23, Oct 17 2011

by Taso the Greek

Jack and The Power Goat, OIB, are joined by Jimmy Valiant. Jimmy says he is happy to be on with IYH Radio! Jack jumps into discussing Memphis Heat and Jimmy’s take. Jimmy said he was blown away after watching “Memphis Heat” and ran down a list of legendary superstars from the territory on this documentary. Jimmy gave it five out of five suplexes. 47 years in the business, Jimmy Valiant gives thank to wrestling business and talked about his school in Virginia. He talked about his Hall of Fame Museum, where you can go for free! Check out http://jimmyvaliant.weebly.com! Jimmy invites the IYH crew and everyone else to spend the day with The Boogie Woogie Man!
Jack asks about Jimmy’s memorabilia, to which Jimmy replies he has tons and tons of old photos, programs, costumes and robes from the territory days of pro wrestling. He has Bobo Brazil’s tights and the Boogie Woogie Wagon! Jimmy Valiant says there is always some great action in Virginia on a Sunday night and asks for everyone to come and see for themselves. Jimmy Valiant is also very happy about his book coming out soon.
Jack wants Jimmy’s views on Sputnik Monroe. He was a great wrestler and a big draw in the black community, said Jimmy, plus he was also a part of that because he was a man of the people. He said they were able to talk people into the house. He worked with Sputnik very closely, and also in the same territory with Dusty and Dick Murdock. He called him the Spunk Man, and that he called people “pukes”, his famous put-down. Jack follows up with the question about good talkers and promo time, and how it is now very scripted. Jimmy says it wasn’t back then because all the guys could talk and the booking was more realistic and simpler.
Jimmy is asked about his feud with Paul Jones. Jimmy talks about how it was one of the longest feuds running in that part of the country, and that he fought Jones and his entire stable 7 nights a week, five years straight. He named a bunch of legendary wrestlers, Like Baron Von Rashke and Superstar Billy Graham. Jimmy reminisces about all the gimmick matches he had with Paul Jones. He also talks about other feuds against men like One Man Gang, the Great Kabuki, and other legends. He talked about Luscious Johnny, his brother, and their tag team run with the WWF tag team titles. He mentioned today’s wrestling has too many title changes.

Jack asks how long it takes to grow the trademark beard back, because he has lost beard matches. Jimmy says he fertilizes his beard. The Assassins took it one time, as did others, and Jimmy talks about a crazy accident with The Italian Stallion at the Cincinnati Gardens and how he burned half of it off. Great joke to end the story, must listen! Jimmy says he tells this story in his book.
Gene the Drunk calls in and asks what Jimmy thinks about the business these days. Jimmy talks more about how he loves the fans and the business. He says that as far as the business today, at his school he teaches all different styles, and he thinks wrestling needs different styles to be good. How about wrestlers who are past their prime? He says he wants the new generation to take over the business and it is the veterans job to help the young guys get better and get over. He came up with Ric Flair and has things to say about him coming up in the business. He promotes indy wrestling and that it takes hard work but he loves what he does.
Did Lawler buy Jimmy Valiant a house to make him stay in Memphis? Yes they did, in Memphis, Tennessee. In Jimmy’s documentary they talk about it and there is a great story about it in that film.
Michael in the chat room wants to know if Jimmy Valiant was Charlie Brown. ‘Charlie Brown from out of town.’ Jimmy says a great angle can be remembered for a long time. He says his tag team with his brother was only around 5 years but it is remembered today and he is asked about it often. Does he still talk to Johnny V? They did a signing in Allentown, PA just recently. Jimmy Valiant says he loves his brother, Jimmy V. The Jimmy says that his wife Angel is going to make a jacket for One Inch Biceps, so he can be pimping it. Incher is down to grow an inch, and Jimmy closes the segment with an awesome promo. Boogie Woogie, baby!

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