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Interview Recap - Tara

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 09:54, Sep 25 2011

by Taso the Greek

TNA knockout Tara interview from www.IYHWrestling.com
by Taso the Greek

Tara aka Victoria joins the IYH hosts for the second part of the show. Tara calls out Jack and Inchman about being their favorite Knockout, and talks about her trainer Rob Conway and his metro sexual ways.

Tara talks about her match with Sojo Bolt, her first friend in TNA, and their match to benefit animal rescue upcoming for Remix Wrestling in Ohio. Tara said that Sojo was a great friend in TNA but she was gone way too soon, but now her new friend in TNA is Miss Tessmacher, Brooke Adams. Tara talked about how she gets along great with Tessmacher, and brings up her skill and the fact that she was trained as a wrestler in WWE. Tara said that Tessmacher has the best ass in the business. She went on to say Tessmacher works out four hours a day in order to look that good, though.

Jack asked about the importance of looking good as opposed to being a good wrestler. Tara explained that you need to have both to succeed. She said that the best wrestlers do not get TV time and she experienced this in WWE. She went on to talk about the differences between WWE and Impact Wrestling when she first got to TNA. It was different and refreshing to her to see that wrestling was more important than good looks. The women get as much air time in the ring as they want as well, another difference from WWE. “Walking on egg shells” was another way she put it, her time spent in WWE compared to being in TNA.

Tara and the hosts talked about the main event between Gail Kim and Awesome Kong, and also her main event cage match against Mickie James. She talked about first meeting Awesome Kong. She mentioned that she has not been used a lot recently on TV with Tessmacher as Womens Tag Champs, but she had no problem going to her bosses and explaining to them that she wants to be a fighting champion. Another difference between TNA and WWE is that you can go to your bosses and tell them how you feel.

Tara talked about the PWI 50 and how it is important to her to be number one on that list. If you are in the wrestling business, you should be trying to be #1 on that list until the day you can no longer wrestle. She hopes to wrestle for a long time.

Her dream match was to wrestle Chyna. She credits Chyna for helping her into WWE. She hoped to get a match with Chyna in TNA but it did not happen. She would also like to wrestle Eve Torres. She practices BJJ , as does Eve, and this moves the conversation over to UFC. Tara felt that when she first talked about working in MMA she was younger and if she had jumped right in she might have been able to give it a try. But now she feels that women aren’t appreciated in the MMA world. She brings up an injury she suffered on her elbow in her cage match with Mickie James, and that was the end of any serious thought about MMA.

Tara talked about gimmick matches like ladders matches or cage matches. She felt that it was an honor to do a match like that because it meant people had faith in her to do a match like this. They are dangerous and one wrong move could end your career, so they are very scary to do.

Tara talks quickly about radio shows and radio interviews and how most interviewers don’t even know what most women wrestlers do, which she finds insulting.

More on Remix Pro wrestling: Her match against Sojo Bolt is for the #1 contendership to the title, which would mean a match against Sara Del Ray. Tara explained how huge of a match that would be for her as she felt that she would mesh very well with Sara. Also, Tommy Dreamer will be at the show and Tara talked about Tommy Dreamer’s Top 5 Crazy People in the Business list and where she is situated on that esteemed honor roll. Tara talked about Tommy and Chavo Guerrero and how you develop relationships in the business.

A caller asks what is the craziest thing Tara and Brooke Adams do? Tara mentions a Youtube video that everyone can check out of her and Brooke dancing around in a hotel room. Tara and Brooke will break out in song & dance almost anywhere, which sometimes freaks people out. She mentions that she is a huge Vampire Diaries and Twilight fan. She also said she is a huge Twitter fan as well. She talked about how she rescues dogs as well, and mentioned how crazy wrestlers are in general.

- See Tara live October 8th vs former TNA knockout Sojo Bolt in Marietta, OH for Remix Pro Wrestling's 4 Warned !!! For more information please visit:
- Follow Tara on Twitter @REALLiSAMARiE
- Check out Tara's video Q&A on www.youtube.com/REALLISAMARIE

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