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Interview Recap - Meatball

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 06:25, Sep 19 2011

by Taso the Greek

Meatball interview from www.IYHWrestling.com

Jack and OIB are joined by the world's biggest midget, Meatball.

Meatball can be seen every Wednesday at 10PM EST on Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling on TRUTv.

Is he OK with the term midget? If he can use it, he says it is OK for other people to use it as well. You would not call him the world's largest small person, because that sounds silly.

How was Microchampionship Wrestling pitched to the midgets? He said that it would be a show about how a midget deals with everyday life. On Hulk Hogan, he said Hulk was a nice guy who felt like he was your friend for years, even after knowing him a short time. Hogan grew to really be impressed with what the guys were able to do inside the ring by the ending of the first season's tapings. Jack asks if Hogan took anyone under his wing, to create the Hulk Hogan of midget wrestling?

Vann in the chat asks if Meatball ever met Little Tokyo, but he had not ever met the legendary midget wrestler.

Jack wants to know if Meatball was a fan of wrestling as a kid. Meatball says he was a Hogan fan when he was a kid. The first match he saw was Hogan defeating The Iron Shiek for the world title. He felt that Hogan must have seen something in the midget wrestlers in order to put his name and time behind the show. How about Brian Knobbs, what did Meatball think about him? Meatball called him a jokester and a prankster, and some of the midgets tried to do Nasty Boy impressions, so it was quite funny to have him around.

Meatball is famous for the Stinkface move. Does he prepare for that move in any way? Meatball says no, he just drops the singlet and shoves his ass in his opponents face. One time in California, they offered the fans a chance to take the Meatball Stinkface. Four women were very enthused about it and wanted to taste Meatball's Stinkface. Jack asked if they wanted any money for taking the move, and Meatball said they got an autograph picture of Meatball. He also said that all these women were very hot, 9's and 10's. Meatball also said that he has had his ass bit, he has had his ass tongued, and one time a Polish girl got the stinkface and her big nose went right up his butt crack. What goes through his head when someone gives him the tongue? He says he feels surprise, because he is so sweaty.

Are there midget groupies? Meatball said that there are many women who want to hang with the midgets backstage, but the next morning they can be seen "doing the walk of shame" afterwards. "Yeah, I slept with a midget..."

Mick Foley is brought up, and how he has said many times that midgets are well-hung. Meatball recalls a story about a flight attendant who was very curious about this exact thing. Meatball shows her a picture on his phone of his dong, and sure enough, the next night, this young woman shows up at his door, ready for some Meatball.

Incher has a question from the message board... is there a midget wrestling court? Is there a policeman in the locker room? Meatball says no, they police themselves. He says that midgets drink a lot, during and after the show. Beer, Jagermeister, lots of alchohol.

Jack asks is the size of his weiner the way he got the nickname, World's Biggest Midget? Meatball said that he is simply larger then most midgets, he is the Andre the Giant of Midget wrestling.

Fontana calls in and asks what does Meatball want to be remembered for when he is done wrestling? Meatball wants to be remembered for being a nice guy and a great entertainer. He likes signing autographs and meeting midget wrestling fans. Meatball said he did a show in Colorado, and there was a kid in the crowd in a wheelchair, and Meatball gave hiom his t-shirt after his match. Has he ever been approached by the WWE? He was actually a part of the Mini-Spirit Squad when DX was fueding with The Spirit Squad. The midgets had 'Suck It' written on their asses, and Meatball was the guy with 'IT' on his ass. One of the midgets also had a very hairy ass, and he was asked to shave his butt cheeks. He said DX was very cool and just told them to have fun with the segment.

They talked a little bit about Blitz, one of the midgets who had a bad attitude and acts like the show is about him. Blitz is a very old school guy and doesn't like non-wrestlers in the ring, but meatball says people should just have fun.

Do the midgets play ribs on each other? Not really.

Funny story, Meatball talks a girl into oral sex. Backstage, she took out her teeth, which shocked Meatball, but she had a tongue ring. He said the gum-job was not bad. Jack asks if his "meatballs" have ever popped out during a match? He can't remember but it is possible his little meatballs may have seen the light of day a few times.

Taso the Geek calls in and asks, in the history of midget wrestling, has a midget ever gone into business for himself and tried to win a match or take liberties with another wrestler? Meatball says he has never heard of such a thing. Jack asks Taso if he would ever take the Matball Stinkface, but Taso says he would never ever take such a dangerous manuever.

For the full audio please visit: www.IYHWrestling.com

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