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Interview Recap - Ricky Reyes

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 10:22, Sep 14 2011

by Taso the Greek

Ricky Reyes interview recap from www.IYHWrestling.com
by Taso the Greek

Ricky Reyes of the Urban Wrestling Federation is the next guest on IYH wrestling and Jack and Incher jump right in asking Ricky about the UWF and how it is different from other promotions. Ricky says it is a mix of wrestling with hip-hop, the rappers being the managers, they are using the wrestlers in their wars with each other, it has a little more entertainment then a basic wrestling show, it’s built around the heat between the rappers and their gangs. It is also more extreme and aggressive. Jack asks if he likes this style, but Ricky says he doesn’t care, although his style fits into that mold and he has more fun not worrying about killing someone. The fans at the first show loved the show because it was in their face as they fought all over the arena. Ricky says he enjoys all wrestling, regardless. At Hood Justice, Ricky will be wrestling Slick Wagner Brown.

Jack asks Ricky’s thoughts about Homicide. Ricky says they are good friends going back to their days as the Rottweilers, ROH, traveling in Europe, and he is a good guy.

Jack asks about all the booty action at UWF. Ricky says they are nice to look at, good for the fans, but it’s not for kids. Guys want to see hot chicks at wrestling. Incher agrees, he likes bootylicious babes.

Thoughts on women’s wrestling? He likes women wrestlers and not divas. He likes Mercedes Martinez, Sara Del Ray, and Daizee Haze. Bottom line, men or women, once you step through those ropes you have to earn your respect. Ricky says he is a little old school, and he feels people need to earn their respect by working hard and should not expect anything from anyone.

Question about the handshakes in wrestling and the Young Bucks, who aren’t mentioned by name, and Ricky says that people need to have good etiquette. He mentions that when you get to the WWE you are basically starting over. He has done a lot of dark matches and he makes a point of introducing himself to people. He says it is tricky and people are watching you, so you need to be respectful. He then tickles the IYHeadyverse’s funny bone by saying guys who flip around don’t mean shit if they have no respect. Jack asks if Ricky has ever stretched anyone, and Ricky says he did have too a few times. He says he is a straight shooter but he is also very quiet. If he doesn’t like people, he lets them know. He says if he doesn’t like someone, maybe in a match he might not let someone get to the finish of a match with all their flips; there are many ways to get to the finish of a match and maybe you will get their Ricky’s way.

Lablueguy asks if he has seen racism in wrestling? Not really, says Ricky, but it does exist. He says people now are looking for more Latino wrestlers, like WWE and TNA. He says in general he doesn’t see it though, not openly.

Have you worked with Slick Wagner Brown before? No, they have been in locker rooms together but this will be their first match together. They did try-outs with TNA the same week.

Question about online journalists and guys like Meltzer. Ricky says too much is read into what is written. There are two sides to every story. He gets into the critiquing of wrestling matches and star ratings and how they are basically very stupid. In general, the mainstream wrestling companies don’t care what is written on the internet. Don’t base your judgment on what other guys say. He says it helps and it hurts, because it is there to promote the shows, but don’t judge the show or a match because people do not know the whole story. He brings up Christian and his title loss to Randy Orton, and people crying about it, and that they just don’t know what is going on behind the scenes.

Who did he like growing up? Hulk Hogan, when he was a kid, and then he got into amateur wrestling and he starting liking guys like Scott Steiner. The more he learned and watched, he got to like guys from Japan, like Liger. He liked the more realistic aspect of the sport. He mentions a bunch of other wrestlers that he really likes, guys who are more realistic.

Jack asks about Amazing Red and also does he consider him a flippy wrestler. The Headyverse learns a new term, a guy getting his shit in, a wrestler who wants to get his acrobatic moves in to a match without any rhyme or reason. Red is not like that, there is a method to his style. The term ‘flippety faggots’ becomes part of the Headyverse terminology. Ricky says there is a place for ‘flippety faggots’, but in general it won’t do business.

CZW this Saturday, and his thoughts on wrestling there? It has a reputation for being hardcore, but it is an unfair reputation. Not all the matches are barbed wire hardcore matches. He says it is a great crowd to wrestle in front of and there is a great roster in CZW.

Do you need faces and heels in wrestling? He likes it that way, although it doesn’t fit the UWF style, but people appreciate effort, so it doesn’t matter. It makes a nice distinction for the fans in other promotions. In UWF, people can follow a wrestler or a type of music, or a hot woman, so people can pick who they like more than get behind someone for being a heel or a face.

Jack brings up a Youtube video of Ricky hanging out with Samoa Joe, CM Punk, and other wrestlers. Ricky comments on it, but then says he doesn’t drink anymore.

Jack brings up L.A. Park and this sets off Ricky Reyes, as he talks about his time in Mexico, his training in California, Lucha Libre, and also he talks about his crazy experience with L.A. Park aka La Parka. It’s a great story that people need to tune in to hear Ricky talk about it, as he and Rocky Romero were to have a match against L.A. Park and Nicho aka Psychosis. Ricky called L.A. Park a piece of shit and an asshole. Must listen to hear what happened!

Jack asks if Ricky runs into people with attitudes in the business. Ricky talks about meeting Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin, another segment on this show that is must listen! More about flippety faggots!

El Santo calls in and asks about Cuban wrestlers and how they are portrayed. Ricky basically does not care what the WWE does, if that is how they want to portray someone, that’s fine. Who would he like to wrestle? Ricky says he wants to wrestle Rey Mysterio. He brings up Eddie Guerrero and how Eddie used to push Mysterio, and he would love to wrestle him.

The interview ends with some updates on Julius Smokes, Ricky wrestling for Jac Sabboth’s ICW, more UWF stuff, and Ricky plugs his facebook and the Urban Wrestling Federation show.

For more info on UWF please visit www.urbanwrestlingfederation.com

For the complete audio interview please visit: www.IYHWrestling.com

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