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Hall of Fame Class of 2011 - The Nikhil

Posted in IYH Fan Hall Of Fame by Jack at 10:24, Sep 07 2011

The 2nd inductee into the IYH Fan Hall of Fame 2011 is The Nikhil.

The Nikhil came to IYH a bright eyed young lad eager to become part of The Headyverse. His sincere love of the show is very apparent as he offers his help whenever he can. Nikhil often tweets to former guests how much he enjoyed their IYH interviews, as well as volunteering to help out on the big task of writing interview recaps. Nikhil has also helped in finding news tidbits for the show, as well as being a regular board member, chat room participant and caller. Nikhil's different tastes in wrestling is sometimes challenged on the dreaded IYH message board. The Teacher's Pets is one of his favorite teams of all time...seriously people. But, Nikhil always stands up for his beliefs and never apologizes for liking wrestlers out of the norm, no matter how crazy we may think he is.

We are proud to welcome The Nikhil into the IYH Fan Hall of Fame Class of 2011.

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