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Interview Recap - Sean Oliver

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 09:53, Sep 05 2011

by Taso the Greek

Sean Oliver of Kayfabe Commentaries (www.kayfabecommentaries.com) interview recap.

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IYH hosts Jack E. Jones and OIB are joined by Sean Oliver, and they immediately get old school about wrestling podcasts. “Anything that will give a voice and a sense of authority to the masses will succeed”, says Sean Oliver. Sean goes on to talk a little (just kidding, he talks a lot) about film school and his experiences editing, video work, shooting film, and other stories about when he started. He also talks about the technology of today and the ease in which one can become heard. Adam Curry is the God of podcasting, says Sean.
Jack asks about the YouShoot with Jim Cornette that is coming out very soon. Sean says Cornette is entertaining to listen to, and goes into how important the subject of a shoot video is to the entire production. Unless a person is entertaining, and has “it”, the shoots can seem to last forever. Cornette could work a 5 hour shoot, no problem. Shoot videos were longer back when they first started. Cornette is not tethered to anyone, which also makes him a great shoot guest. Sean Oliver explains how the YouShoot year by year dvd format works. Sean’s goal is to get one volume for every year. He wants someone who has no affiliation with the WWE in any way to do them. Cornette fits that mold perfectly for Sean. Just some of the things to look forward to in this shoot, thirteen hours from 1997 from a guy that was in the middle of it all, HBK & Bret Hart and the Montreal Screwjob, Cornette’s idea to put Shamrock in against Hart to get the belt back, and much more.
Jack asks if there is anyone or any year he really wants to do. Sean talks about Randy Savage and how he would have been a wealth of information. He feels bad that we didn’t get to hear Randy’s story. Buddy Rogers, Gorgeous George, and a few other names pop up in Sean’s conversation in regards to names and stories we all should have had the opportunity to listen to and learn from.
The hosts ask Sean about the largest penis in the business. Penis jokes aplenty during this segment. “Baby arm’ is one name that surfaces, and who gave that nickname to whom, plus a story about Andre and a ring rat, and the classic line about “a lion raping a bunny rabbit.”
Question from lablueguy: who came up with the Youshoot idea? 3 guest bookers, a series based model, a community board meeting that had the idea first, and a long personal story about how he cooked up the final recipe for the Youshoot format. Another reason for the Youshoot format is that the questions and youtube videos that people send in; people are scared in person to say what they would via video or e-mail or in-person, but through the internet, people are more likely to ask a far-out or touchy question. Any taboo questions? He said it would seem they do put everything out there, but they get 1,000’s of emails and videos so they can’t answer them all. The Sean Waltman Youshoot got the most emails and videos. They did a 3 hour show but could have done a 10 hour video.
Does anyone ever get mad about any of the questions? No, wrestlers have seen it all.
Gene the Drunk calls in and asks if anyone didn’t want to expose their own dirty laundry. He says no, and because the show is written by the viewers, sometimes a question that might not be answered will get an answer.
Anthony calls in and asks if they will ever put two people together who may have had legit heat? Example, Cornette and Vince Russo. Sean says other than those two, many wrestler would make peace. Guys in the business would work stuff out because it is a brotherhood.
They talk about Konnan and how Konnan fucked over Sean and Kayfabe Commentaries. This segment is worth a listen, as Sean gets into the whole Konnan fiasco. This is must-listen radio!
Jack pulls out his own gimmick bag and does the gimmick bag routine on Sean, which is another great segment. Jack pulls out Viagra, Rogaine, and other zany stuff you need to hear to believe. Another must-listen segment to the IYH show.
Brainz asks about Paul Heyman and Sean says Paul will not do any wrestling related stuff, and talks a little more about Paul’s current whereabouts and projects.
What does Sean think of some other shoot videos from other companies? He talks about the rare company that does things right and talks about the history of shoot interviews. Their product is worth the $20 people shell out for it was the bottom line from Sean. He feels they have the most well-produced and professional product on the market.
The hosts and Sean make fun of the Abdullah the Butcher shoot that came out many, many years ago in another funny segment on the show.
Playboy Don Douglas asks about Gary Hart. Sean says he is very proud of the whole project. Gary Hart died the day after he did the Guest Booker shoot. Sean talks about Gary, his family, waiting to release the shoot, and more on one of the greatest minds in the wrestling business.
Who would Sean want to hire to run his company as a booker? 1986 he mentions Gary Hart, but maybe not today. He goes on to talk about the business and how it has changed, and you would be surprised who he picks to run his company. He also has an idea to put two bookers together and see if they can work together. Sean also goes into the CM Punk angle and how the WWE fucked it up. Sean blames the ratings craze of today for the quick return of CM Punk. Good segment on today’s booking philosophy an the WWE.

Sean talks about Reality TV, faked drama, and his thoughts about how it has affected the entertainment business.
Spec_Sun calls in with a question about the Dixie Carter shoot video. Sean thought it would be a great opportunity. It was also a first, as she was the first promoter of a current national promotion to do a youshoot. Sean talks about how TNA stuck its’ nose into KC’s format, questions, etc. Another very good segment about how TNA works, how they suck, and how they are a bunch of idiots. Not Sean’s words per se, but the general consensus from him. They edited out one question about Dixie’s grooming habits. Overall, Sean thought she did a good job spinning people’s questions, and making everything a positive. He gave her credit for being a professional. Lots of Sean’s thoughts on TNA and this shoot video.

Taso the Greek asks who was the easiest and who was the hardest guest to interview? Jim Cornette, easiest, and Sean goes into why. Hardest was Mike Graham, one reason being he couldn’t do the booking exercises. He puts over the Mike Graham’s rant and history about Florida Championship Wrestling. He puts over Jamie Dundee as a fun interview. Thoughts on Mike Graham, the person? Born into the business, maybe wouldn’t get to the position he got too if not for his pedigree. Overall, he liked the end product.
More talk about the gimmick bag, and Sean brings up Perry Saturn’s reaction to the contents. Sean adds more thoughts on the gimmick bag and how it is a visual experience and is better than asking dry questions. Sean slightly buries Rick Rude and Louise Spicolli, and then dumps the shovel on Matt Hardy, but in the end defends it as what people want to know.
Ultimate Warrior shoot? Sean goes into the details and roadblocks that did and will pop up if they try to sign Warrior for a shoot video. He also brings up video piracy as a deterrent to signing huge names.
Because they may not get their money back, some names may simply not be viable options due to their high monetary demands. He talks about the music business as well and how you just don’t make the same kind of money you used to make back in the day before piracy became rampant. Sean says fans do it and it is understandable. The reality is that this stuff costs money to produce a great product. Sean doesn’t want commercials on his products. He also lays some of the blame on large movie companies and studios who could have done something years ago. We get lots of interesting thoughts from Oliver on the subject of piracy.
The subject of Matt Hardy and his crazy videos comes up. He calls the Hardy’s a great tag team with unique abilities. He says Jeff is more talented then Matt and maybe that has something to do with it. He calls the entire wrestling industry a bunch of enablers.

Any problems with Ross Forman of TNA? Jack and Incher have had problems with him, but not Sean. The trading card fiasco on IYH is revealed. “Holy shit…” says Sean.
Sean Oliver finished up the interview putting over wrestling radio personalities and the time and effort they put into all the work it takes to make a successful show. All the fans of pro wrestling, from the smallest shows to the most popular, all deserve credit for being passionate about the business.

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