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Interview Recap-Hack Meyers

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 22:30, Mar 24 2006

By Neal Jones

The former Shaah of ECW Hack Meyers now of http://www.maxxtremepro.com was the guest this week on www.inyourheadonline.com. Which can be heard live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM with Jack, OneInchBiceps and Barbie Richards.

Hack joins the show and plugs the huge MXPW Lord of the Ring, an eight-team invitational tag team tournament. The inaugural event will be held on Saturday night, April 29, 2006 at 7 PM at the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Burrow Arena located at 777 Glades in Boca Raton. The tag teams involved include Low Ki & Homicide, Donovan Morgan & Mike Modest, The SAT, Fast & Furious, Black Market, Briscoe Brothers and the Backseat Boyz. For more information please visit www.mxpw.net

Hack tells the fans he misses the North East Fans of Philly, New York and Massachusetts. But he does love being in Florida, and tells everyone to make it down to the big tag tourney. He isn't just looking forward to wrestling but he also wants to see the matches. Hack believes it will be one of the biggest Indy shows of the year. Hack picks the Black Market to win, who are friends of his.

Hack talks about Necro Butcher, and that he might be at the show. Hack has never wrestled Necro Butcher but he would like to. Hack talks about the promoter of the show Casey Thompson, and how he puts on great shows for the fans.

Jack asks where he got the name. Hack says he always had the nickname Hack. But when he first wrestled he wrestled as "Bronco Billy". The Meyers name came from the Halloween movie. The "Shaw" name came from the original sign guy in the ECW Arena crowds. Hack would make that sound effect when punching and kicking, and the fans would chant it. Hack says it went all the way to Japan, he couldn't believe that the name went from ECW bingo hall all the way across the world. Hack credits Paul Heyman for the "Extreme Shaw of ECW" name.

Hack has some fun with OneInchBiceps about having a hairy back. Hack gets into his weight, saying he was 360 at his biggest. He got down to 190, and says he sued vicadin to lose the weight. But has gotten back to around 260 now. Hack says he is in good shape now, and he'd wish his fans from North East would come and see the show. So he can talk about his old days in ECW, and sign autographs.

Hack talks about this being his 16th year in wrestling. Hack says 2 Cold Scorpio taught him the most. Paul Heyman was a master mind, but he could have paid better. He's wrestled in Saudi Arabia, and recently for Bushwhacker Luke and Savio Vega in Puerto Rico.

Jack asks who brought him into ECW. Hack answers Axl Rotten. Hack talks about being a mark and going to Joel Goodhart's shows in Baltimore, and setting up rings for the NWA. He met Axl at the Baltimore Monster Factory, ran by Barry Hardy and Duane Gill. They started training him, and Axl took him under his wing. He met Paul Heyman, who was with 911. Hack says he would wrestle under a hood because he thought he was a big star as "Bronco Billy" and didn't want to be seen doing jobs. After a while he grew the beard and came up with the Hack look. His first match in ECW was with Shane Douglas with Sherri Martel.

Jack brings up Sherri is going into the Hall of Fame. Hack says good for her, and also mentions the Blackjacks going in who are Florida guys. Hack talks about Florida heritage, such as Dusty Rhodes, Mike Graham and Ron Bass. Hack talks about getting to work with Outlaw Ron Bass for MXPW.

Jack asks if Hack got the beard from IYH favorite Ox Baker. Hack says he got it from Rip Sawyer in 1991, to look like Danzig. Hacks jokes he couldn't work so he needed something to stick out.

IYH fan Abby asks what did Hack think of Sandman going to WCW and using the name Hak. Hack says Sandman always had the nickname, he grew up with the name. Sandman never minded him using Hak. Hack says God bless Sandman for making some money going to WCW.

IYH fan Duckman asks if Hack was ever offered a WCW deal. Hack says in 1994 Kevin Sullivan offered him some enhancement matches but couldn't guarantee him a deal. Hack says Kevin ended up leaving so nothing else happened.

Hack says he is really getting into good shape and working the Florida indy scene. And has hopes that WWE might see him, since Paul Heyman knows him and works for OVW. Hack would like to get a run in WWE. Hack says he has a following up North East. Jack brings up Hack is looking in good shape, Hack and OIB get into talks about hamburgers and cookies.

Jack asks if Hack was offered a spot on the One Night Stand PPV. Hack says New Jack told him about it so he called Tommy Dreamer. Tommy told him they were using a lot of the former ECW guys under WWE contract. Tommy told him they would love to but they were looking to use the really big names from ECW like Sabu, Axl, Sandman, Balls etc. Hack says he understood, and he isn't bitter at all. Hack says the show was really well done, and was a great chance for the fans to see ECW one last time. He would have loved to be a part of it though.

IYH fan Jobber asks if Hack has any good rib stories. Hack says none he can really talk about in public. Hack says he Chris Nelson and the Black Nature Boy Scoot Andrews used to play a lot of ribs in the Florida scene. Hack talks about prank calling a promoter, and heavy breathing on the phone. The guy would never hang up, so he assumed he must have liked it. Barbie adds you know they must be extreme ribs if Hack can't talk about them on the internet. Hack remembers taping him fake humping an indy wrestler than sending the tape to his parents.

IYH fan LigerMark asks what Hack's fondest memory of ECW was. Hack says there so many, like getting to work with Terry Funk. Hack tells a story about Mick Foley, how someone told him it was going to take Cactus Jack to save the show. Mick was offended and told the reporter to apologize to each and everyone in the locker room. Hack says he gained so much respect for Mick after that. Hack says he had his best ring rats in ECW. Hack says the Florida ones are tanner, but the Philly ones were crazy, he says he cant tell the stories now but they included pogo sticks.

Jack asks what it was like wrestling Terry Funk. Hack says Paul to stretch him to break Hack in. Terry stretched him but took care of him after that and really helped teach Hack a lot. Hack says Terry was always helpful and wanted him to learn. Hack remembers wrestling the Funk brothers with Stevie Richards.

Hack remembers wrestling in Japan, against Kendo Nagasaki. And doing balloon thumbtack matches, barbed wire boards and all kinds of crazy stuff.

Jack asks who the unsung heroes of ECW were. Hack says Ian Rotten. Hack says Ian is like New Jack, where they will speak up if the promoter is screwing the boys. Hack says he Ian, Axl, JT Smith and Jeff Jones were a little click that traveled together. Hack says JT was a great guy to work with. Hack tells a story of JT getting hurt during a match and still finishing it. Hack also loved Devon Storm, The Pitbulls and Mikey Whipwreck. And really misses working in ECW.

Hack tells Casey Thompson to fly the IYH crew Jack, Oneinchbiceps and Barbie Richards to Florida for the big show.

Jack asks if the Lord of the Ring tag tourney could turn into the Super 8 of Indy tag team shows. Hack says it used to be all about magazines but now it's internet shows like In Your Head. If the word gets around and the DVD does well, and the matches come off as good as they should then maybe it will.

Jack asks if Hack has had talks with TNA. Hack says he's watched it, and would like to be a part of it, but he doesn't agree with the style. Dutch Mantel has talked to Hack. Ron Bass was disrespected in the TNA locker room. Hack says it's not all about money, he wouldn't want to be part of something if he wasn't happy there.

Jack asks about Hack's first memories of the ECW Arena. Hack rode there with Axl. Hack saw how the fans reacted, and the guys like Sabu were so good at the time. Hack says Todd Gordon had a lot to do with the beginnings of ECW too, not just Paul E. Hack tells a story of the Head Hunters vs Crash The Terminator and Miguel Perez. The Hunters went through the wall, and Abdullah the Butcher was sitting there naked on a chair smoking a cigar, he looked at the fans and just waved. Hack says the ECW Arena was classic.

Hack thanks IYH for having him on, and tells everyone to come see him at the big Lord of the Ring show April 29th in Boca Raton. Hack tells everyone to support the indy wrestling scene. And to visit www.mxpw.net. Hack's last word is for OneInchBiceps to work on those arms.

Visit www.inyourheadonline.com for the entire 40 minute + interview with Hack Meyers. Hack was a genuinely nice and funny guy, many other topics were discussed including wrestlers in movies, his love of horror flicks, his crazy hat, Barbie making tea and crumpets, and a lot of joking between Hack and the OIB. Please join us next week live Wednesday at 6:00 Eastern when we will be joined by former WWE announcer Kevin Kelly.

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