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WSU 8/6 Live Event Review

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 22:59, Aug 15 2011

by Taso the Greek

Last Saturday night I decided to take the little lady out for a special evening! I tricked her into the car and then drove her to Union City, New Jersey, for Women Superstars Unscensored 8/6 Double DVD Taping! I am kidding, in fact, I knew that my girlfriend, and that women in general would probably enjoy an all-girls show than a show that has men on it. If she didn't like the wretling, she would talk about what the women are wearing, or how "fit" certain ladies were. WSU has something for everyone, from great wrestling, to beautiful women, to a hardcore edgey feeling. And lastly, you can't go wrong with two dvd tapings at one time. We made it in time for the first taping, but WSU held a meet & greet and I suggest people try and get their early to say hello to the wrestlers and chill out. The food is good, all kinds of fare from hot dogs to hot Spanish food. We set up seats in the front row and I got to sit in between my lady and Sweet-Azz Yolanda. I was set.

DVD Live Results Taping 1

Niya vs. Allisyn Kay vs. Tina San Antonio vs. Marti Belle ( 4-Corner match to become #1 contender to the WSU Spirit Championship) Allisyn Kay and her buddy Jessica Havok are making a lot of noise in WSU at the moment. They cut some nasty and threatening promos leading up to this event. Niya brought her high energy style, and then the Belle Saints brought the drama. Allisyn Kay & Niya burned the brightest in this match, with the Saints unable to get it together, and when they turned on each other it made it easier for

Allisyn Kay beats down Niya for the win

Allisyn Kay to pin Niya after an overhead backdrop suplex. Jessicka Havok came out to congratulate Allisyn Kay, but then Alicia came out to crash the party and they went at it. Alicia got a few shots in with a singapore cane. I wasn't thrilled with many of the nights promos, but I wasn't dissapointed either. I felt that way all night about almost everyone, but I was glad that they all did get to express themselves and cut into each other. Tina and Marti are leading toward a feud, as they have not been getting along for a while.

Nikki Syx (c) vs. Barbie: (NYWC Starlet Championship): I like that NYWC ladies are on WSU cards and we got a title match too. Nikki Syx is pretty good, looks tough, I like her style. She kicked Barbie's ass, with a piledriver for the finish. Basically in a nice little match.

Jana & Jessie "Bonesaw" Brooks vs. Jennifer Cruz & Monique w/Rick Cataldo: Cataldo, the boy diva, is pretty funny and a good manager. I was very surprised and happy to see Bonesaw live, as I have seen her on SHIMMER dvds. She is as tough as she looks. Jana tapped out Monique the tag team title shot for this match. I am becoming a Jennifer Cruz fan. Cataldo brought heat to his team, and Monique is also good in her role. There was also some dissension in the group, which was happening a lot the whole show. jana got the win over Monique for another nice match that lead toward the second PPV.

Serena Deeb vs. Annie Social was a great match. The chopped each other to bits. Srena hits hard and so does Annie, making this a tough battle of two tough women. I noticed Annie's chest had a long scratch mark, and after the show, I saw a picture of her chest and it was bloody and raw and bruised like nothing I have ever seen.

Annie Social after her match with Serena.

Impactful moves in this match, and Serena finished the match off nicely with a spear. I like Serena's spear, it looks good. After the match, Serena says she is the greatest wrestler in the world. It sounded a little too much like CM Punk's recent promos. Maybe she should have said "best womans wrestler". She wants a shot at the world title. Rain came out! I am a big fan of Rain, as she is one half of the first womens indy match I had seen on a CZW how vs Lacey years back. And she keeps getting better, and is fun when she gets to speak as well. She said that SHE deserved a shot for the world title. So we get another match set-up for the second show, and a solid two opponents for Serena this night.

Serena versus Annie

Sassy Stephanie (c) Amber of the Boston Shore: ( WSU Spirit Championship ) Amber is quite annoying on the mic, and there was a ton of New Jersey versus Boston shit-talk through out the whole night. Seems like everyone hates New Jersey. Sassy and Amber are both solid in the ring. Sassy wins the match with the "Kiss my Sass".

Gabby Gilbert vs. Violet: Roxxie Cotton, returned to WSU, I think she was a member of the Beatdown Betteies with Annie Social. She defeated Violet after a butterfly submission. Violet is a geeky chicks with glasses.

Brittney Savage vs. Amy Lee in an Uncensored Rules match: They had these long sticks that broke in half when Amy Lee would slap one across Savage's ass. They brawled all around, hitting each other with plunder. Amy Lee pulled out a dildo and beat Savage with that too. My girlfriend thought that was funny. They also used a cookie sheet for some spots, and Amy Lee was kicking Savage's ass most of the match. Amy Lee is one definite bright spot in WSU on the microphone and just talking in the ring. I don't know the guy who manages her, a veterinarian? He didn't help much, as Brittney hit an RKO on Amy Lee for the win. Nice, violent, outside the ring, and fun to watch.

After the match, Amy Lee, who I remember as Pryme Tyme Amy Lee from some crazy women's promotion held in a bar with stripper/wrestlers, announced her retirement. But she turned it around by announcing that she is the new commisioner. She put Savage over and Savage said she was going to change and wanted to go for the title. Good promos from both ladies.

Lexxuss mouths off to the champ, Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Lexus: ( WSU World Title ) This match went 73 minutes long in the boiling heat. It was a good match. Lexxus played it safe at first, trying to play mind games with Martinez. She kept stalling but then they went at it move for move.

Lexxus pounds on Martinez in the corner

This match is touted as "one of the best matches ever in womens wrestling history and many are calling it the womens wrestling match of the year." I would say that I don't know about the record, but the match was damn good and was a real old school match. I think everyone in the building felt for these two women as they tried everything to pin each other. They fought all over the building. They had wrestled a very awesome match that was also hard hitting and stiff. Being there was the big deal for me, I bet people will like it a lot on DVD but live it was insane. I was surprised Lexxus went as good as she did, she impressed me with her fire and endurance. She showed a lot of character. the Latina Sensation is a very cocky and experienced champion, and it was a good chemistry. Martinez won the match with a fisherman's suplex buster, 1 hr and 17 minutes in the oppressive heat.


DVD Live Results Taping 2

At intermission we went out to the car to cool off from the warm bullding, and have a quick bite to eat. We packed a couple of sandwhiches, which was nice and romantic. After we ate, we took a walk to the Union City Diner? Your guess is as good as mine but there is a nice diner near the Ace Arena, as well as a bar. Last time I went to a WSU show I had a boiler-maker at the Hispanic Bar around the corner. It's not named 'Hispanic Bar' but it was filled with nice Hispanic people, hence my nickname. But this time, I took my lady to that nice diner, where I had a coffee, and she had a peppermint tea, and we shared a nice slice of chocolate cake. It was nice, but I was afraid that we would miss some matches, but again, this was a nice little break and I like Union City.

While we were hanging out, two matches went down.

* Annie Social d. Monique via split-legged stunner.

The 'Sugar Freak' Monique

* Post-match, Rick Cataldo calls out Monique and yells at her. Gabby Gilbert interrupt and we have our next match.

* Gabby Gilbert d. Rick Cataldo via top rope senton. After the match, they embrace and Gabby lays Rick out with a flatliner.[1]

The Boston Shore (Amber & Lexus) vs. Jana & Jessie "Bonesaw" Brooks: ( WSU Tag Team Titles ) I caught the end of this match, which saw The Shore retain the titles, but what was shocking to me was that Lexxus had wrestled another match so soon!

Nikki Syxx (c ) vs.. Niya (NYWC Starlet Title) I'm totally digging Nikki Syxx. I am totally digging Niya. Syxx needs maybe a better entrance and to show a little more character. Niya has the right idea, she has a ton of energy. They have a nice match, as Syxx wins via submission.

Sassy Stephanie (c ) vs. Allisyn Kay: ( WSU Spirit Title ) No-contest!? Jessica Havok brought her big mouth to the ring and starting a rant about the WSU roster. She said the girls never gave them rides, never offered them a place to stay, and were genrally not nice. I don't know about this reasoning. The three of these ladies drive from Ohio to the east coast for WSU, and basically feel under appreciated. They said a ton of bad stuff about New jersey, and hey, I agree. I like Union City, but the rest of it is a shit-hole. Still, hating New Jersey is a good enough reason to create a stable and for Sassy Stephie to turn her backs on the fans? The MIDWEST MILITIA was born right in front of my eyes as Havok brought the three together to take over women's wrestling. Havok told the ladies to end the match and not fight, thus screwing the fans.

Sassy Stephanie & Allisyn Kay vs. The Belle Saints: So the Belle Saints come out and saythat it wasn't fair that they had just wrestled for Spirit Title match and now these two were not going to have a match. So we had a tag team match instead and the Militia wins it, and then Marti goes off on Tina. She says she is going to tell everyone a big secret about her tag partner at the 11/19 iPPV. She's gonna shoot, brother! This was OK, and it sets up another angle for the next show.

Serena Deeb vs. Rain: I honestly don't remember how this ended but I believe Serena hit Rain with a Spear. At this point all the matches were breaking down as The Boston Shore attacked Serena & Rain. I am quite sure this match ended with a no-contest as well because of interference from the tag team champions but I can't remember The Shore challenged Rain and Serena, who agreed to the match. At this point I want point out that the ladies of WSU use the term 'bitches' a lot.

Brittney Savage vs. Jennifer Cruz w/Monique & Rick Cataldo: Cruz was acting very tough and also a little cocky, which cost jher in the end, because she had a lot of interference being run from her pals at ringside. It all blew up in Cruz' face when she lost via ace cutter anyway. I liked this match, especially the end, where Savage hits everyone with the ace crusher. So, more dissension in the ranks between tag team partners.

Jessicka Havok w/The Mid-West Militia vs Alicia w/Mercedes Martinez (Last Woman Standing Match): They used tables, doors, chairs, the furniture, a metal gate, and eventually fought in every corner of the building. There was some real hate going down between these two bitche'errrr� I mean, ladies. The water bottle to the head spot is becoming big all over wrestling, thanks to R-Truth I guess. Alicia set up doors inside the ring and sent havoc through one with a cross-arm power bomb. This was pure anarchy, and with Martinez and The Militia at ringside, it made for even more chaos. I remember at one point Alicia goes flying through a table that was set up in the corner. Alicia got the upper hand but then Kay attacked Mercedes on the outside while Stephanie attacked the referee!

The Midwest Militia beat down Martinez and Alicia.

That's cool, I think the women should hurt the referees more often, they usually suck. But the Mid-West Militia just starting beating the shit out of Alicia & Martinez. Jessicka Havok whipped out a towel and was trying to suffocate Alicia with it, when Brittney Savage ran out for the save. Brittney Savage hit Kay with a steel chair and hit the ace cutter on Stephanie. Jessicka Havok escaped. They all started yelling and cutting promos on each other and the term bitch was tossed around a lot tonight. This set-up a match for the 11/19 iPPV! Team WSU vs The Mid-West Militia has been signed.

PRYMETYME AMY LEE came out and announced that as the WSU Commissioner said she wasn't going to let these bitches, The Midwest Militia, run roughshod over WSU. Lee announced on 11/19/ the 6-woman tag was signed, but it would be in a WAR GAMES match in a STEEL CAGE! Amy Lee said she was going to skull fuck someone, I don't remember who. She probably meant everyone in the building. It was crazy.

After the taping was concluded, a special ceremony was held for Amy Lee, as WSU officially gave her a send-off due to her in-ring retirement. [2] This was very nice and I am glad Amy Lee will still be a part of WSU as commissioner, because she's fun to listen too on the stick.

Overall, a very good show ! I am looking forward to the Wargames match in November. WSU has sold me on returning again to their events for so many reasons, but the best part is the action in the ring. Everyone gave their all to make this show good and it was very enjoyable.

[1] credit: www.diva-dirt.com
[2] credit: www.declarationofindependents.net

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