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Interview Recap-Stan Lane

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 08:24, Mar 18 2006

By Neal Jones

Stan Lane will be part of the Capitol Legends Fanfest August 11th to the 13th at the Double Tree Hotel in Rockville, Maryland. 30 total legends will be appearing including The Midnight Express, Jim Cornette, Bobby Heenan, Bret Hart, Jim Neidnhardt, Ivan Koloff, Stan Hansen, Tony Atlas, Masked Superstar, Rocky Johnson, Rick Martel, Baby Doll and many more. For more information please visit www.capitollegends.com.

Stan Lane says he is looking forward to this year's fanfest. This will be first time ever that all 3 members Stan Lane, Dennis Condrey and Bobby Eaton along with Jim Cornette will be together at one time for a Fanfest to tell stories and meet the fans. Stan says anytime Cornette is there it's a great time.

Stan says he has been to these before, they are always a great time to see the fans. Stan says it is a lot of fun meeting the fans, back in the 80's they really didn't communicate with the fans. Jack asks if it was weird talking to the fans at first with out kayfabe. Stan says not really, sometimes he misses the days when more people believed or let them themselves believe. Stan thinks the fans for the most part were always "smart" to the business, but wanted to believe it in.

IYH caller Casinoman asks Stan about the infamous "Sharp Dressed Man" videos with the Fabulous Ones. Stan laughs, and remembers doing music videos with Steve Keirn with Jerry Jarrett to ZZ Top videos. Stan remembers the territory being great and flying on the personal jet. Jack asks if Stan still has the videos. He says he does, and should switch them over to DVD.

Jack asks if Stan would ever want to do a Fabulous Ones reunion. Stan says they had one planned for Memphis, and that Steve is now an agent for WWE and couldn't make it. So he tagged with The Fabulous Jackie Fargo vs Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Hart.

OIB asks a question from the IYH message board fan Ash Matthews, what was it like being trained by Ric Flair. Stan remembers meeting Ric while he was working as a bouncer at a night club, they hit it off and exchanged numbers. Stan believes he's the only guy ever trained by Flair. They would train in the back yard in the dirt, and Ric would bring guys over to stretch him including Big John Studd. Stan says it was a fun time.

Jack asks about the Stan Flair name. Stan says Ric gave him his blessing to use the Flair name, they never decided on if he was going to be his brother or cousin or what. Stan decided it would be best to use his own persona for the longevity of his own career.

Stan says there was never any animosity between he and Dennis Condrey for being the new Midnight Express member. Stan says he jumped at the opportunity when Dusty offered it.

Jack asks for a good Cornette story. Stan says he has many. Jim is afraid of insects and flying. Stan says Cornette drives across country now instead of flying to do shows. Stan mentions Jim took a 2 or 3 day trip to be part of the recent legends PPV taping. Stan tells a funny story of Jim sleeping on a plane with a People's Magazine in his hands, Stan replaced it with a Hustler magazine so it looked like Jim was just staring at the centerfold.

Jack asks if Stan was aware of AMW. Stan says he believes so, but wasn't aware they do a version of the "Vegomatic".

Stan talks about his brief run in SMW. Stan said it was a lot of travel in the mountains, and the fans there were the type to knife you. Stan says he was just burnt out, so he left the territory and the Heavenly Bodies tag team.

IYH caller Katie asks about working with the Road Warriors. Stan says they were big and stiff. He enjoyed working with them, and misses Hawk to this day.

Jack asks how the Fanfests are different than a regular wrestling show. Stan says it is much more intimate, and personal. The fans get to interact and hear stories and get autographs. Stan says it is fun for the wrestlers too, getting to meet the fans and the boys they haven't seen in years. Stan says a lot of guys are crippled up from all the years in the business, and it's nice to see these guys again because you never know when it will be the last time.

Stan says he had a great time and thanks the hosts and to visit www.capitollegends.com.

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