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Interview Recap-Kip James

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 14:51, Mar 12 2006

By Neal Jones

TNA's Kip James of the James Gang was the guest this week on www.inyourheadonline.com. Which can be heard live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM with Jack, OneInchBiceps and Barbie Richards.

Special thanks to Duckman and Ron Hexe for the new IYH theme song.

Kip James was welcomed to the show, and talks about Destination X TNA PPV this Sunday. He BG James and Bullet Bob Armstrong will take on LAX of Konnan, Machete and Homicide. Kip says he's looking forward to wrestling along with Bullet Bob, he's a guy you can learn a lot from and he's been happy with all the build up on TNA Impact.

IYH fan CJ asks for his favorite road story. Kip tells a story about being on the road with Road Dogg for WWE, when a deer jumped through the window. When Kip called Vince, he asked him "well can't you catch a cab" and they were in the middle of nowhere.

Jack asks if Kip can comment on the Mark Henry meatball incident. Kip says it wasn't a meatball sandwich it was a "crap" sandwich. But Kip says Mark ate the entire thing and didn't complain once.

Kip talks about his website www.theofficialkipsopp.com where you can buy the N.I.N. and other Kip James merchandise.

Jack asks if Kip has enjoyed his stay so far in TNA. Kip said when he first got fired from WWE he wasn't sure what to do. But he didn't realize he was so stressed until he left, and he's having fun again in TNA. He said WWE used to be a lot of fun. Kip goes into the dress code, and says he walked out of the room when they announced it. Kip said the guys travel all the time and it doesn't even matter to the fans if they see guys dressed in jeans etc, they are sued to seeing wrestlers wearing no clothes on TV.

Jack asks what's the status on Apollo. Kip says he is gone from the company, and it's really bad to have guys no show when there aren't a lot of shows per month in TNA. Kip says Machete was in the right place right time.

IYH caller Jobber asks Kip about ribs he's seen played in wrestling. Kip says everything BG does is funny, and he is never in a bad mood. Kip says they didn't stay in touch when BG left the WWE. Jack asks if he was happy to be teamed with BG again. Kip says yes, and was glad they didn't do it right away but they spread the angle out way too long in TNA. He hopes they can get back into the groove of doing their thing again.

Kip says he is happy about the new time slot for TNA. He says people are watching now, but a better time slot brings in new fans. Kip thinks an hour is good, because it keeps the interest of the fans easier.

Jack asks what does TNA need to improve on. Kip says TV production, and how the product is put across on TV. Kip puts over Vince Sahadi, and says the show is good but needs some improvement. Kip says some of the backstage stuff comes off as a high end Indy show. He also thinks the wrestlers need to know they don't need to get every move in every match.

Jack asks about the X division. Kip says it hurts to watch it, they do too much. Kip puts over their talent, and says he's glad he doesn't have to do that to get over. Kip says that's the reason he wears his hair silly, so he stands out with out having to do crazy flips and dives. It doesn't matter if people think it's funny or ridiculous, as long as the fans remember it.

Kip says some guys come to him for advice about getting over etc, but some guys are shy about doing it. Kip is happy to try and help if they want advice.

The IYH message board fans asks about HHH's beard. Kip says it's not entertaining, he doesn't want to get started on him again.

Jack asks if Kip would like to be working backstage someday. Kip says he was promised an agent's job in WWE. Kip says it was straight from Vince's mouth, when he got injured they told him not to worry he always had a job. Kip was fired on his birthday by a phone call.

Kip says bullsh$t when "WWE is a family" is brought up. Kip says WWE is all about making as much money off of you, and they can fire you whenever they feel like it. Kip says WWE being a family is a bunch of crap.

IYH fan Wacko Bob asks if he would ever do a reunion with the Smoking Gunns. Kip says Bart is humongous now, over 300 pounds but he would do it.

Jack asks who got the GLAAD gravy boat. Kip says Chuck got it and put it over the mantle piece. Kip says he wears the head bands for his girl now instead of Chuck. Kip says he put some Mr. Ass shorts on eBay, and they have sold well.

Jack asks about the feud with Stone Cold that never happened. Kip says it was supposed to happen, but it was a kibosh by HHH not Steve Austin. Kip says its all water under the bridge now, but if he ever saw him he'd like to punch him. Kip says HHH never does anything to your face, always behind your back, HHH has his head stuck up McMahon's ass.

Barbie asks if the New Age Outlaws were helped by DX. Kip says they would of been huge with out DX, they helped DX get over. Kip said they saw the NAO were getting so over they added them to DX.

Jack asks about the 6 sided ring. Kip hates it, he says its good for the X Division guys. It is terrible for the big guys. Kip says it's hard to do much in that small ring and the hard ropes.

Kip talks about Team 3D. He says he would like to have a big run with them in TNA. Kip says that's the dream match in the tag division. Kip says AMW are great but they don't have the exposure, and James Gang vs Team 3D is the money feud. Kip says he would like to work with any of the teams, but Team 3D is the money team.

Jack asks who in TNA should be a bigger star than he is. Kip says Bobby Roode is the man, and needs to be out of Team Canada. Kip says AJ, Samoa Joe, Matt Bentley are really good but he really likes Roode because he is more old school and reminds him of Curt Hennig.

Jack asks if the X guys should sell more. Kip says it would be better for them, they wouldn't have to give everything in every match. It hurts them in the long run because people keep wanting more.

IYH fan Hambone asks why the Honky Tonk Man hates Kip so much. Kip says it's because he is so much better than HTM. Barbie mentions HTM saying he wants to laugh in Kip's face, Kip says whatever but he isn't going to beat up an old man.

Jack asks what makes TNA different. Kip says it's an hour and you are on the edge of your seat because so much happens. There is less talk, it's a wrestling show. Kip says its a very fun thing to watch.

Kip says it was real bad when Vince bought WCW. There is nowhere to go, so Vince can offer you less money and make you work more and harder. Kip says a lot of the guys they bring up aren't good anymore they are just big.

OneInchBiceps asks about Fit Finley. Kip really puts him over as a great guy and really tough. Kip says he is a great guy to teach guys moves.

IYH fan Hambone asks if Kip is really an "assman". Kip says he is an ass and legs man.

Kip tells all the fans to tune into TNA this Sunday live on PPV, and all the guys are young and put on a great show. Kip tells everyone he appreciates them, and if you ever see him to feel free to come up and ask him a question.

Please visit www.inyourheadonline.com or www.audiowrestling.com to hear this interview in the archives. Also playing this week are the IYH Year End Awards The Headys. Please join us next wednesday at 6:00 PM Eastern to listen live !!

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