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Interview Recap - Prince Nana

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 09:08, Jun 27 2011

Written by: Bob Colling from Wrestling Recaps

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Jack welcomes the leader of the Embassy in Ring of Honor, Prince Nana. Nana will be appearing for ROH on June 26th live on their IPPV, Best In The World. For more information on the event go to www.rohwrestling.com or www.gofightlive.tv It is surely going to be a great event!

Jack asks about the Manhattan crowd, since the event will be taking place in Manhattan, NY. Nana knows what the fans want and ROH is the best at delivering for them.

Jack brings up TNA and their “Wrestling Matters” catchphrase but it’s mostly talking. Nana says it’s disappointing but mentions that ROH is a company where wrestling matters.

The main event match between ROH World Champion Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards is discussed. Nana will be watching the match closely for sure.

Rhino will be making his debut for ROH with Nana in his corner as Rhino represents the Embassy to take out Homicide. Nana asks why he should have respect for a “common thug” like Homicide. Nana took matters into his own hands and brought in Rhino to protect him from Homicide and take him out of ROH for good. He thinks Rhino is a great fit for the Embassy noting that he is a former World Champion (ECW and TNA) and is in great physical condition.

Nana’s lawsuit is brought up. Nana is suing Homicide and says he is going to bring an end to him in Manhattan on June 26th.

A caller named Yolanda calls in and wants Nana to right a book for the men who are scum and lazy. Nana tells us that he is going to one day write his knowledge down in a book. Nana tells her he will send her a text with his room number, which she responds “I would love to take that ride.”

Gene the drunk calls in and says that Nana is not a real prince. Gene mocks Nana but Nana comes back with a comeback saying he saw Gene’s wife on the Discovery channel!

Joel asks about Bison Smith, who Nana loves. Nana says he is doing great things in Japan and other countries. “You never know, he could pop up one day in the future.”

Nikhil asks who is Nana’s favorite person to have ever managed during his career. Nana picks Jimmy Rave as his favorite but also names Alex Shelley who had a great impact on the Embassy. Nana credits his new guy, Tommaso Ciampa as a guy who has great drive and is looking for championship gold.

Jack brings up Colt Cabana and what Nana thinks about him. Nana laughs when he sees Cabana in the ring and says no one cares if he is best friends with CM Punk. Nana doesn’t believe Cabana will be beating Ciampa at Best In The World on June 26th.

Nana likes the IPPV concept and thinks it’s a great way to market the product.

ROH is now associated with Sinclair Broadcasting and has a television deal, which Nana believes the fans should be looking forward to.

They talk about the card for Best In The World.

Colt Cabana vs. Tommaso Ciampa w/Prince Nana

Generation Me (Young Bucks) vs. Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly (this will be a DVD Exclusive)

Homicide vs. Rhino w/Prince Nana in a no holds barred street fight

Mike Bennett vs. Jay Lethal (Lethal’s return to ROH after several years)

Steve Corino w/Jimmy Jacobs vs. Michal Elgin w/Truth Martini

Christopher Daniels defends the ROH Television Championship against El Generico

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Haas & Benjamin) defends the ROH World Tag Team Championships against the Kings Of Wrestling, Briscoe Brothers and the All Night Express in an elimination match.

In perhaps the most anticipated match in ROH history, the American Wolves collide when ROH World Champion Eddie Edwards defends against Davey Richards

Will Kevin Steen make his return to ROH?

There is only one way to find out who wins and if Steen shows up… buy the IPPV on June 26th! The show starts at 4PM ET. Head over to www.rohwrestling.com or www.gofightlive.tv

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