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Interview Recap - Adam Pearce

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 16:56, May 12 2011

by Nikhil Kalhan

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Jack and OneInchBiceps were joined by former NWA World Champion Adam Pearce.

Jack asked Adam how was the neck doing, after the recent injury he sustained? Adam said he is still waiting for the doctors to allow him to get back in the ring, it?s been a frustration time for him and the worst injury he has had since 1999. His neck is better now than two months ago.

Jack asked did he enjoy wrestling in front of the Fan Fest crowd? For him wrestling is brilliant, because its something he has done and wrestling in front of legends watching him is a real honour. They are true fans watching him and legends who he used to like when he was younger.

Jack asked who do you thinks the champion will be at the Fan Fest? He said he would like to be it, but Colt Cabana is expected to be there and championship bouts are supposed to be scheduled there. Adam would want Colt Cabana to be champion as they have a long past. He enjoyed wrestling Bryan Danielson last year and has appreciated every time he has wrestled him.

Gene phoned in: What is the biggest change in the wrestling business from the 90?s until now? Adam was brought up in Chicago and it was wrestling that wanted him to be part of it, he only watches the mainstream shows if his friends are wrestling, he enjoys ROH. Do you think it?s good to have a gimmick? Adam said its very important you need to project your character to the fans and make money.

Luke phoned in: Will Adam ever face the sheik? One) If he gets cleared for wrestling and 2) the bookers arrange it for them to wrestle at anytime. He would look forward to it. Golden Diamond phoned in: What was the most rewarding part being a booker? Adam said it?s a real tough job and a lot of pressure, babysitting and translating it to action to allow people to buy tickets. The biggest satisfaction if the parents react to the booking and buy tickets. One of his favourite was the El Generico feud in ROH which went on for a year. He enjoyed AWA when he was young with stars such as Hulk Hogan.

Jack asked what advice legends would give him? Adam said he had reviews from the old timers and he broke out in 1995. He said he broke before the internet fans came out into affray. He still wrestles in the old way. With ECW and the attitude era that?s when things went crazy, he familiars his wrestling ability with the old timers.

Jason phoned in: He asked if there was a pay-out for the sheikh to win the NWA title in Florida? Adam said he would be shocked and disappointed if something like that happened. He personally thinks it didn?t happen and the people involved wouldn?t do that.

Joal Gomez phoned in: He asked being a old time wrestler of being the old NWA till now? Adam said there is no comparison, the laws, business is all the same, contractual. Since Jim Crockett left there has been no exposure since and the product hasn?t been allowed to expand because of the tightness in money. But it?s up for the organisation to do that. He said from the inside there business is real the same. Does he dislike any wrestling style? He said one thing he doesn?t like is man on woman violence in wrestling and life. He thinks it?s pretty bad especially to the 18-34 demographic. H has been on brawls he doesn?t think glass should be involved.

OneInchBiceps had a message from the board: LablueGuy asked was Adam Pearce originally meant to be the mouth-piece for the Natural Born Thrillers in WCW? Adam said it was the rumour, but the people he spoke to at the time, he will probably would have given the chance. He said he was at the power-plant twice, thanks to Terry Taylor. At the time firstly in 1999 but didn?t join because he wasn?t ready and the second time because WCW had a lot of problems and was being brought out by WWE quite soon. He said one thing he could have changed he would sign the development contract. At the time: Dusty Rhodes, Sergeant Buddy Lee Parker, J.J. Dillion and Paul Ordnoff were the trainers. He enjoyed it very much.

Jack thanked Adam Pearce for coming onto the show, excellent interview. Meet Jack OneInchBiceps and Adam at the NWA Legends Fan-Fest in August!

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