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Interview Recap - Joel Deaton

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 00:33, Apr 01 2011

by Nikhil Kalhan

?The Outlaw? aka Thunderfoot#1 Joel Deaton Recap
By Nikhil Kalhan
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Jack and the OneInchBiceps were joined by ?The Outlaw? Joel Deaton aka Thunderfoot #1.
Jack asked Joel did he prefer to work with or without the mask? He preferred not to wear it; Dusty Rhodes gave him in the gimmick in 1984 in the NWA. Dusty did it to give him a push and put JJ Dillon as his manager. He was pushed on TV and house shows but mainly used to put people over. He didn?t mind wearing the mask, but preferred not to wear it. Jack asked his thoughts on Dusty Rhodes? Joel goes he never had a problem with Dusty and was a great guy when working in Charlotte at the time. Dusty treated him well even though he wasn?t part of the ?kliq?. He kept him earning a living for several years and worked in the Florida territory under him.
Jack asked Joel his thoughts on JJ Dillon? Joel goes he was a great person and he worked with him for several months, he worked with him near the formation of the 4 horseman and himself was on the shortlist but eventually dropped because Ole and Arn Anderson, Ric Flair were chosen.
Jack his thoughts on Buddy Landell? Joel goes he was young and ready to go. A great character and handled the business pretty well even though he went off the road a few times due to partying but everyone else did. He worked with the top guns at the time with Ric Flair and drew money and kept him in there for years until they fazed him. He was over in the mid Atlantic territories. Buddy was a great on the road, he shared a flat with him alongside Cowboy Bob Orton and others. He praised Charlotte for being the biggest territories but also praised Georgia and Florida. He learnt allot in Charlotte as it had tremendous challenge, he stayed for six years.
Jack asked if he had any memories of the late great Sir Oliver Humperdink? Joel called him a sweet guy and a great person, he said that Sir Oliver offered him to stay at his flat when in Charlotte. He was a real warming person and gave him advice and a mentor to him. His times around him were great memories and a smart person to the business.
Jack asked his thoughts on Ole Anderson? He has nothing against him and politics was a problem and politics gave him a job in San Antonio where Tully Blanchard also started. OneInchBiceps had a question from the message boardpec Sun asked his thoughts on the territory system? Joel goes the territories was brilliant because you could move and work away round the whole system. There were places to go for everyone even if you were learning. Nowadays there is only WWE,TNA and a few Indies. It?s in bad shape from previously when he wrestled. Jack asked was the style of Japanese harder then American? Joel goes when he went Japan all politics was throwaway and learnt how to properly wrestle. It was more physical and demanding style, however he always tried to do his best in the ring. He took the same ethnic when he went to Japan and got called back for a 10 year run. He saw incredibly wrestling. He said Jap v Jap matches were easily the best and it was just utter brilliance. A incredible and breathtaking feeling to him. The crowd were ruthless but if you put your heart in they would cheer you even if you won or lost, babyface or heel.
Jack asked if he keeps up with the current product. Joel does it once a month if he has the time. He goes they are drawing and making allot of money, he is glad they are making the living. Its different now than before in his time.
Jack asked if he wrestled either Japanese or American wrestlers? Joel goes he did both and 85% of the time he was either in the semi or main event. Mostly teaming with Stan Hansen, Terry Gordy( best wrestler ever in his opinion),Steve Williams but also occasional tag matches with Japanese superstars. He called Stan Hansen a great person, wanting to always fight in the ring and fire him up, he taught him the style and different motions. He praised the people for being with him in Japan, thats is why he loved going over there.
OneinchBiceps had a question from the message board: President Clinton asked who loaded the boot first himself or the Iron Sheikh? He goes he was not too sure, Dusty gave him the gimmick and talked to him about it. He agreed with the idea but had all the ideas for it. He never got any help for the gimmick. He thought it was over but it was never pushed because there were other top guys which kept him in the middle. It was just to put people over here on the House shows and TV. The territories had stars Such as Ricky Steamboat and the 4 Horseman. He never complained because there was so much great talent and he was happy to have a job.
Joal Gomes from Portugal called in and asked Joel Deaton his thoughts on Kento Kobashi? Joel Deaton said Kobashi was training for his first match hen he arrived. He called him a unbelievable talent and when he got his first win it was brilliant. He was great worker, person, friend and worked with him over a hundred times in tag matches. He has so much respect for him. He then asked his thoughts if he had worries when doing certain botches just like Misawa in his matches? He goes it happened over a thousand times and gets worried when people land awkwardly, as it could happen to him, it was scary watching Misawa being dropped so many times. He praised Miaswa for being a brilliant worker and business man. He was scared allot in case a injury occurred to him as well as others in Japan.
Vann asked why was it the Thunder foots not Thunderfeets? He goes because one boot was loaded. Jack asked his thoughts on Ron Garvin? He called him a hardworker and real tough son of a gun, he reminded him of Chris Benoit. He said Ron Garvin was very over and he leant allot from him, a good friend and helped him if needed.
Jack thanked Joel Deaton for coming on. Joel said if he wanted more news call him up and arrange another interview. He enjoys doing it and thanked IYH for the opportunity to speak.
Interview Time: 57:08
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