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Interview Recap-Dennis Condrey

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 23:38, Mar 03 2006

By Neal Jones

Dennis Condrey was welcomed to the show and talks about his upcoming match where he and Bobby Eaton along with Jim Cornette will take on The Powers Of Pain Barbarian and the Warlord for SCW's March Madness. March 4th, in Lenoir, NC at the Mulberry Recreational Center. For more information about this card including other legends such as Dusty Rhodes, Jerry Lawler, Ricky Morton, Demolition Axe, Greg Valentine and Rick Steiner please visit www.southernchampionshipwrestling.com

IYH caller Katie asks about the Scaffold Match with the Road Warriors. Dennis says he was trying to forget that match, but it was a scary night. The scaffold was moving back and forth. He and Bobby had told Crockett it wasn't together properly, and they had a new crew put it together again before the match. Jack asks about the newest one they had recently. Dennis said it wasn't as high so it was a lot more fun. Dennis talks about Bobby and Cornette going to the hospital from taking that big fall.

Jack asks what teams he had worked with that are overlooked. Dennis mentions the Armstrongs, the Lightning Express, The Fantastics and now the Dudley Boyz who they have worked with a little recently.

Dennis talks about always wanting to work with the Midnight Rockers, since they stole half of their name. Dennis says he saw RAW, where Marty almost kissed Vince's ass. Dennis says Marty was always a free spirit who didn't like to be told what to do, and Shawn was the opposite. Jack asks if they ever met or talked. Dennis says Shawn Michaels talks well about him in his book. Dennis says he always knew he had something going for him.

Jack asks what their favorite double team move was to do. Dennis says the rocket launcher, and they still do it today, Jim Cornette named the move.

IYH caller asks what Dennis felt like when he heard Road Warrior Hawk passed away. Dennis talks about wrestling the Warriors, and that originally they were supposed to work with the R&R Express in the Scaffold Match. But something happened for the company to put the R&R on the back burners, so they went with the Road Warriors.

Dennis says he enjoyed working with everyone when asked who his least favorite team to work with was. Dennis says they took pride in having great matches with guys they were told they couldn't.

IYH fan Jobber asks for a funny Jim Cornette story. Dennis says there are so many. He tells a story about the fans giving them a hard time, and Dennis went to punch the guy while he was putting the window up. And Dennis was starting to get dragged by the car, because his arm was caught in the window.

Dennis mentions the Legends PPV coming up soon. Dennis, Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane with Cornette vs The Armstrong Brothers with Bobby Heenan.

IYH fan wwejunkies.com asks where he got the Lover Boy name. Dennis says he didn't give it to himself, he had a lot of female fans following them and holding up "Lover Boy" signs.

Jack asks how much did Cornette add to the Midnight Express package. Dennis says a lot, he remembered him when he was just a photographer and knew he could cut a promo.

Dennis talks about working with Bill Watts (IYH's guest last week). Dennis says he enjoyed working for him, some people didn't like him. But he was straight forward and told you what he wanted out of you.

Jack asks if they work as face or heel now. Dennis says they come out as heels, but the crowd wants to cheer them. Dennis says its a new crop of fans who appreciate what it takes to be a heel. He enjoys talking with the fans now, Dennis talks about in the old days Bill Watts would fire you if you lost a bar fight because they wanted everyone to defend the business. Barbie asks what Cornette did in a bar fight. Dennis says Jim would go and eat pizza he didn't go to the bars, he doesn't like alcohol around him. Dennis tells a story about getting into a fight with power lifters in a bar, including knocking their teeth out.

Dennis says the new wrestlers either don't know how or just don't do it. But they don't tell stories anymore in matches.

OIB asks which version of the Express did Dennis prefer. Dennis says he and Bobby, they don't even need to communicate, they know what the other is thinking.

Jack asks what Dennis thought of the Bart Gunn Bob Holly Midnight Express. Dennis said he ahd no problem with it. Jim Cornette told him in advance and said sorry he couldn't say no to WWF. Dennis says he knows the guys have to do what they have to do.

Dennis says he has heard some rumblings about the Hall of Fame for WWE. He was recently added to the Hall in his home state.

Jack asks if the younger guys on the indy cards ask him for advice. Dennis jokes they sign more autographs in the locker room than for the fans. Dennis has a ranch and does the wrestling for fun on the weekends. Dennis says ROH is really special to him. All the guys show a lot of respect. Dennis mentions his shoot interviews at www.rohwrestling.com.

WWEJunkies.com asks about Jim Crockett. Dennis says he was really hands on, and would give you the shirt off his back. There isn't many promoters left like him, and he made Dennis a lot of money.

Dennis says he knew WCW wasn't going to last. He talks about being voted down to leave WCW to go to WWF. That's when he left the business.

Jack brings up the Midnight Express vs Original Midnight Express feud. Dennis says he started Paul Heyman in the business for Verne Gagne. Dennis says Paul asked him to work for ECW. But he was snowed in, and was replaced by Terry Funk. Dennis says there's talks of he and Bobby vs Stan Lane and Randy Rose with Paul E. matches on the indy scene.

Jack asks if Dennis would like to work behind the scenes in wrestling. Dennis says he really would, and heard there might be something for him coming up.

IYH fan RickRudesMustache asks if Dennis thought Stan Lane filled his shoes well. Dennis says most people don't know he used to team with Stan Lane. Yes, Dennis says he was a good replacement.

Dennis plugs the March Madness show this Saturday, for more information please visit www.southernchampionshipwrestling.com

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