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Wacko Bob shootin with the Flea

Posted in Fan Shoot Interviews by Jack at 14:05, Mar 02 2006

The first in a series of shoot interviews with IYH message board fans conducted by Wacko Bob.

[wacko bob] 8:34 am: Welcome to the first IYH shoot interview series. Today we have as our first guest IYH fan from day one The Flea
[wacko bob] 8:34 am: Welcome Flea!
[TheFlea] 8:34 am: Thank ya' Bob. My pleasure being here
[TheFlea] 8:35 am: I'm dedicating this shoot to Mr. Barbie Richards
[wacko bob] 8:35 am: Okay to start this interview out. How did you first discover IYH?
[TheFlea] 8:36 am: Well, it was a dream I had. The goat with a thousand young told me about this new show that would knock my shoes off and roll my socks up
[TheFlea] 8:37 am: So I sold my cattle, bought a computer and the rest is history
[wacko bob] 8:37 am: Did you know any of the host before the show started?
[TheFlea] 8:38 am: I had already known Jack and OIB but the first time I heard Barb, it was true love
[wacko bob] 8:38 am: Did you send him flowers?
[TheFlea] 8:39 am: Years ago I had saved Inchers life during the great blizzard of 98. That's pretty well documented
[wacko bob] 8:39 am: so you're his hero too?
[TheFlea] 8:40 am: Yes, you could say that
[TheFlea] 8:40 am: He gave me two of his sisters for that
[wacko bob] 8:40 am: great! Does he have any more?
[TheFlea] 8:41 am: You gotta' Wait for a big snow storm to find that out Bob
wacko bob] 8:41 am: great
[TheFlea] 8:41 am: Did you bring scones?
[wacko bob] 8:42 am: Yes I did only for you
[TheFlea] 8:42 am: Good man
[TheFlea] 8:42 am: Jack and I have been bitter rivals for decades
[wacko bob] 8:42 am: I heard it had to do with your wife there
[TheFlea] 8:43 am: Fiancee actually
[TheFlea] 8:43 am: Jack had run off with her leaving me at the altar
[wacko bob] 8:43 am: OH!
[TheFlea] 8:43 am: He was 9 at the time
[wacko bob] 8:43 am: how old was she?
[TheFlea] 8:43 am: I've never forgiven him
[TheFlea] 8:44 am: 25
[wacko bob] 8:44 am: And how old were you?
TheFlea] 8:44 am: 18
[TheFlea] 8:44 am: We still have duels with edged weapons whenever we meet for holidays
[wacko bob] 8:45 am: So she took a guy half your age.
[TheFlea] 8:45 am: Yeah she liked them young and with big hats
[wacko bob] 8:46 am: and beards at the time too
[TheFlea] 8:46 am: Thanks for opening painful wounds Wacky Bob
[wacko bob] 8:46 am: have a scone
[TheFlea] 8:46 am: Thank you. Yes he had a Gandalf beard at the time
[TheFlea] 8:47 am: He was going to give it to me as a wedding gift
[wacko bob] 8:47 am: Okay on to IYH now
[TheFlea] 8:47 am: Along with a cask of amontillado and a crate of Armenian dwarves. Sorry
[TheFlea] 8:48 am: Yes so I listened to my first show
[wacko bob] 8:48 am: When you started with the show and the board. what was it like to see with the way it started to grow?
[TheFlea] 8:48 am: I was hooked.
[TheFlea] 8:49 am: Well after the Hackenshmitt show That's when I sent tickets to Barb for the south of France
[wacko bob] 8:49 am: you were the fist of the originals! And what did you think of the begins with the first crowd that joined from gir?
[TheFlea] 8:49 am: We bathed in kir and I would trim his toenails. Oh those were happy times Bob
[TheFlea] 8:50 am: Sorry
[TheFlea] 8:50 am: Yes they were just starting to get their wings
[TheFlea] 8:51 am: In all honesty I didn't know what to think of the hardcore GIR folks
[TheFlea] 8:51 am: On the old IYH board, before moving to AW
[TheFlea] 8:51 am: I knew the strict Headers
[TheFlea] 8:52 am: Once they moved it took some time to get used to the many varied folks over there.
[wacko bob] 8:52 am: Myself included along with others like AA and Duckman really just some of the best for a core group for you to be around.
[TheFlea] 8:53 am: I think that most of the fans had started as GIR and or WNL fans
[wacko bob] 8:53 am: What do you think of them all
I know I was GIR along with Jack
[TheFlea] 8:54 am: Yes, AA ,you, RRs Stash, Casinoman, Joe from up the river....
[TheFlea] 8:54 am: I liked most of them from the get go.
[TheFlea] 8:55 am: You see I wasn't ever around the internet talk show scene before
[TheFlea] 8:55 am: It was all new to me
[wacko bob] 8:55 am: What did you think of the first group of IYHers that started?
[TheFlea] 8:56 am: Loved them! Still do. You got the vibe from early on when Neallee was on GIR as the guest host
[TheFlea] 8:57 am: Then when Jack called in WNL and defended Angle, you could tell he knew his shit and was passionate about it.
[wacko bob] 8:57 am: Thats true
[TheFlea] 8:58 am: When they started to get the feel of the show you could just feel them getting more and more comfy with the concept
[TheFlea] 8:59 am: Incher started coming out of his shell and Jack and Barb got a little polish
[wacko bob] 9:00 am: How did your friendship with AA get started?
[TheFlea] 9:00 am: After the first bunch of show you couldn't ignore that they had something special
[TheFlea] 9:00 am: Well someone had sent her photos of me in the shower and she was like "GODDAMN!!!!!"
[TheFlea] 9:01 am: No . She started on the WNL boards
[wacko bob] 9:01 am: I think I had gotten some too. LOL
[TheFlea] 9:01 am: I heard I had given you penis envy, sorry Bob
[wacko bob] 9:02 am: yeah!
[TheFlea] 9:02 am: Well they kind of gave her the cold shoulder over there.
[TheFlea] 9:02 am: So she came over to the IYH board and we just clicked
[wacko bob] 9:03 am: And with you she seemed to gel well as one of her best friends.
[TheFlea] 9:05 am: Where were we?
[wacko bob] 9:05 am: on AA
[TheFlea] 9:05 am: Oh yeah.
[TheFlea] 9:06 am: So we were both goofy and shared a lot of the same interests
[TheFlea] 9:06 am: Just meshed well together
[TheFlea] 9:06 am: She'll always be my lii' sis
[wacko bob] 9:07 am: What about you and Buck?
[TheFlea] 9:07 am: Buck's got it
[TheFlea] 9:07 am: He's destined for greatness
[TheFlea] 9:07 am: He doen't even know it yet
[TheFlea] 9:08 am: He and Barb are both young men that can be as great as they want to be
[TheFlea] 9:08 am: Limitless potential
[wacko bob] 9:08 am: In what fashion?
[TheFlea] 9:08 am: Brilliant minds. Clever creative and spirited
[TheFlea] 9:09 am: You can't put a price on that
[wacko bob] 9:09 am: what about the rest of them?
[TheFlea] 9:09 am: That's true from me. No goofin' around
[TheFlea] 9:09 am: From the heart
[wacko bob] 9:10 am: tell me what you think of them. Yes! from the heart
[TheFlea] 9:10 am: Well(The Flea lights a smoke) I hate the fuckin' lot of them.
[TheFlea] 9:10 am: Who were we talking about?
[TheFlea] 9:11 am: Rest of the fans?
[wacko bob] 9:11 am: the ones that make up the IYH fans
[TheFlea] 9:12 am: Oh! Yeah well I love all those freaks idiots and perverts
[wacko bob] 9:13 am: how about Duckman?
[TheFlea] 9:14 am: RRs Stash, Casper, PH420, Rogue, Ducky, yourself all super good people
[TheFlea] 9:14 am: Duck's the man
[TheFlea] 9:14 am: He surprises people by being a lot smarter than he wants you to know he is
[TheFlea] 9:15 am: Talented dude
[TheFlea] 9:16 am: Big fan of comicbooks, horror stories and Elric. That always earns extra points with me
[TheFlea] 9:17 am: Stash and Incher always amaze me by knowing crazy factoids as well
[wacko bob] 9:17 am: Is there others you can describe to me as far as the IYH fans.
[TheFlea] 9:17 am: I guess you could say that about all the fans
[TheFlea] 9:18 am: You can't pigeonhole them. They are a very diverse and bright group for the most part.
[TheFlea] 9:18 am: The new group of kids are the same way.
[TheFlea] 9:19 am: Junk, Jobber and that lot.
[TheFlea] 9:19 am: Wonderful people, one and all.
[TheFlea] 9:20 am: I'd like to see more of Ron and Glenbo
[TheFlea] 9:21 am: I figured when we moved the role play game here they'd come along more
[wacko bob] 9:21 am: Who do you think has it all going for them in IYH?
[TheFlea] 9:21 am: I was just on Walkies show last week talking about how you and Glenbo made for one of my favorite IYH experiences
[TheFlea] 9:22 am: As far as fans?
[wacko bob] 9:22 am: As far as contributers to IYH
[TheFlea] 9:23 am: You and Bard always bring the good stuff
[TheFlea] 9:23 am: Junk has been a great addition as well
[TheFlea] 9:24 am: If we could get TJ off his lazy ass and have him draw some more stuff, that would be nice
[wacko bob] 9:24 am: Oh yeah WWE junkies
[wacko bob] 9:24 am: What do you think of the new people on IYH?
[TheFlea] 9:24 am: Tyler's also the unsung hero
[TheFlea] 9:25 am: Ty guy never gets enough credit
[TheFlea] 9:25 am: Another guy that is brilliant but doesn't realize it
[TheFlea] 9:26 am: I forgot RE,XT, Walkie and some others
[wacko bob] 9:26 am: I agree there.
[TheFlea] 9:27 am: Everyone brings something to the mix
[TheFlea] 9:27 am: Shinma
[TheFlea] 9:27 am: I know I'll forget someone
[wacko bob] 9:27 am: Okay on to the wrestling
[TheFlea] 9:27 am: Some bring a wealth of knowledge and history
[TheFlea] 9:28 am: Others a great passion for it and some the voice of reason
[TheFlea] 9:28 am: Sure
[wacko bob] 9:28 am: Who was the wrestler you first saw when you got into wrestling?
[TheFlea] 9:28 am: BRB need a refill
[wacko bob] 9:30 am: okay
[TheFlea] 9:30 am: I'm thinking about becoming the new spokesman for Elexa condoms
[TheFlea] 9:30 am: I think the first guy to grab me was Flair
[TheFlea] 9:31 am: I had watched WWF but nobody really moved me
[TheFlea] 9:31 am: When I first saw NWA I was blown away
[TheFlea] 9:31 am: Early 80s
[wacko bob] 9:31 am: So you were more of an NWA fan
[TheFlea] 9:32 am: I enjoyed the WWF but it was kind of a time killer more than a can't miss thing
[TheFlea] 9:33 am: Even before I was a "smart" fan I could tell most of the WWF guys were going through the motions
[TheFlea] 9:33 am: With Flair, Blanchard, Rhodes, Magnum and those guys I couldn't
[wacko bob] 9:33 am: You also talked about the UWF and World Class alot too.
[TheFlea] 9:34 am: Right. It was just so much more physical
[TheFlea] 9:34 am: They were just superior showmen at that time
[wacko bob] 9:35 am: that they were
[TheFlea] 9:35 am: You had a few that were like that working for Vince but not many
[TheFlea] 9:36 am: Guys you just never knew if they were really beating the crap out of each other or not
[TheFlea] 9:36 am: You could see it with the crowd in NWA and UWF
[wacko bob] 9:37 am: World Class from like 84-97 seemed to have a good thing going. What made the World Class great and what made it Trash too?
[TheFlea] 9:37 am: It wasn't just a big event to go to. These people genuinely cared what was going to happen
[TheFlea] 9:37 am: World class was the same way early on.
[TheFlea] 9:38 am: The heels there made it for me
[TheFlea] 9:38 am: I always disliked the Von Erich's
[wacko bob] 9:38 am: seems like most of the wrestlers did too
[TheFlea] 9:38 am: But guys like Gino Hernandez and Adams and the Freebirds made me a sucker for that stuff
[TheFlea] 9:39 am: True
[TheFlea] 9:40 am: I always watched the WWF but I never got that crazy about it as I did those crazy southern stuff
[wacko bob] 9:40 am: thats something that they new well
[TheFlea] 9:40 am: I didn't get that jacked up again until ECW
[wacko bob] 9:41 am: Tell me your thoughts about the UWF
[TheFlea] 9:41 am: What a talent pool they had.
[TheFlea] 9:41 am: Watts had an eye for guys that knew the trade
[TheFlea] 9:42 am: You have to give him that
[TheFlea] 9:42 am: There was such a feeling of credibility with that
[TheFlea] 9:43 am: You knew that Tiny Lister was an actor and wasn't this deranged Zeus character
[TheFlea] 9:44 am: You never felt that with the old UWF and NWA
[wacko bob] 9:44 am: what did you think of it when Watts sold the UWF to Jim Crockett and the UWF started to die slowly and not really make it for a real inter-promotional battle ground
[TheFlea] 9:45 am: That was the first great waste of talent and potential I had seen like that
[TheFlea] 9:45 am: I thought it was going to make for new feuds and rivalries like we've never seen before
[TheFlea] 9:46 am: What a shame
[TheFlea] 9:46 am: Besides Sting, did anyone get anywhere?
[wacko bob] 9:47 am: After the fall of the UWF and a few guys went with Crockett. Were you still into it with the NWA
[TheFlea] 9:47 am: I was. It wasn't until later when they changed the product to mirror the WWF that I lost interest
[TheFlea] 9:48 am: I still watched but it wasn't until ECW that I ever had that rush again
[wacko bob] 9:48 am: okay where did ECW really look there best?
[TheFlea] 9:50 am: Well. I didn't see it from the beginning. We started watching late nights when Taz was champ and the Eliminators were the tag champs
[TheFlea] 9:50 am: From the first one I saw I was hooked
[TheFlea] 9:51 am: It had that same feel and griity match quality that the old NWA had
[TheFlea] 9:51 am: It was updated with the times but the formula was the same
[wacko bob] 9:51 am: Who were some of the best you saw over in ECW that really made that promotion as far as the wrestlers?
[TheFlea] 9:53 am: For me Taz, New Jack,Sandman, Sabu, Douglas, Raven. Hell all those guys
[TheFlea] 9:53 am: It left me wanting more and more
[TheFlea] 9:54 am: Then we started getting the old tapes
[wacko bob] 9:54 am: How did you feel when that promotion fell apart?
[TheFlea] 9:55 am: The Funk ,Foley and Mikey stuff was unbeatable
[TheFlea] 9:55 am: They started losing guys to the other promotions
[TheFlea] 9:56 am: Once Taz left it was never the same for me
[TheFlea] 9:56 am: Those old Taz promos were sooooooooo good
[TheFlea] 9:57 am: Same with raven and the Dudleys
[wacko bob] 9:57 am: Okay
[wacko bob] 9:58 am: The Monday night wars
[TheFlea] 9:58 am: Lead me on my man
[wacko bob] 9:58 am: What show did you watch?
[TheFlea] 9:58 am: I enjoyed them
[TheFlea] 9:58 am: I watched both
[TheFlea] 9:58 am: I'd tape one and watch one live
[TheFlea] 9:59 am: I never went as crazy as some people but I enjoyed them and it made a lot of my favorite guys at the time
[TheFlea] 10:00 am: Foley and the Rock and Booker T
[TheFlea] 10:00 am: At that time I was still a die hard ECW guy
[TheFlea] 10:01 am: I was never a huge Austin fan. I liked him but never went apeshit over him.
[wacko bob] 10:01 am: That I understand!
[TheFlea] 10:02 am: I liked him better in WCW to be honest
[TheFlea] 10:02 am: When the gave him the green light to say "Ass" on TV he got really annoying to me
[TheFlea] 10:03 am: His promos were just "I'll whoop yer' ass. You're an ass. Kiss my ass...
[wacko bob] 10:04 am: lol
[TheFlea] 10:04 am: I wasn't real smart on the biz. Still not. I knew the name but I was more like okay let's see what happens
[TheFlea] 10:04 am: I despised DX
[wacko bob] 10:04 am: no way!
[TheFlea] 10:05 am: They came off as cry baby weenies to me
[TheFlea] 10:05 am: When Jack, Ron and I saw them at the Melody Tent in Hyannis, against the Nation Of Domination. We were the only people cheering the Rock and Simmons
[wacko bob] 10:06 am: Well with The Rock you could see why
[TheFlea] 10:07 am: But I loved the Mankind and Rock stuff that Russo had part in so I had mixed feelings
[wacko bob] 10:07 am: Would you say that Russo was a difference maker at that time in WWE?
[TheFlea] 10:08 am: He was probably part of it. I can't say I liked everything in WWE at the time so like I said I have mixed emotions on him.
[wacko bob] 10:09 am: How about when he was in WCW?
[TheFlea] 10:09 am: The Rock looked over at us and gave us a nod that day. 3 People out of a thousand that could see greatness
[TheFlea] 10:10 am: Sorry just a side note
[wacko bob] 10:10 am: thats cool!
[TheFlea] 10:10 am: Same thing. Mixed reviews
[wacko bob] 10:10 am: Its all good stuff!
[TheFlea] 10:10 am: I loved the double J stuff
[wacko bob] 10:10 am: Me too! And I think we are apart of a minority there
[TheFlea] 10:11 am: I hated the short matches and a million senseless run ins
[TheFlea] 10:11 am: My attention span isn't that short. Give me a good build up and a long running feud that makes sense
[TheFlea] 10:12 am: That's what I enjoy
[TheFlea] 10:12 am: I think he made great use of some of the talent
[wacko bob] 10:12 am: I was that way too and in WCW you saw that with DDP and Savage feud and Sullivan and Benoit too
[TheFlea] 10:12 am: He also wasted a good group of it as well
[TheFlea] 10:13 am: The Sullivan vs. Benoit stuff turned Mrs. Flea into a fan
[TheFlea] 10:13 am: That was great!
[wacko bob] 10:14 am: At that time I was big on WCW even as a Russo fan with him in WWE WCW had my attention.
[TheFlea] 10:15 am: When they were doing a lot with the cruiser weights and some hardcore matches I enjoyed it.
[wacko bob] 10:16 am: Where did WCW go wrong to where they fell and never regained balance to you?
[TheFlea] 10:16 am: I can't say I was in love with the product but I enjoyed it and was very sad when it fell apart
[TheFlea] 10:17 am: They seemed to lack direction and motivation at some point before the end. They would change storylines week after week and it became to random for me
[TheFlea] 10:18 am: I need some stability in my show
[TheFlea] 10:19 am: When Hogan, Russo and JJ did the shoot angle. Oh man I ate that up
[wacko bob] 10:20 am: What was going through your head when WCW and ECW went under and you only had WWE. how did you feel about it all when they did the invasion on WWE?
[TheFlea] 10:21 am: I was hopeful at first. As soon as I saw Vince using it as a stepping stone for Austin I knew it was doomed.
[TheFlea] 10:21 am: It was the old If you don't learn from the past you're doomed to repeat it" going on
[wacko bob] 10:22 am: It really seemed like they used WCW and ECW with WWE talent.
[TheFlea] 10:22 am: Soon after that I became disinterested and I'd have it on as surface noise while I'd read a book.
[wacko bob] 10:23 am: Did the NWA-TNA get interested at all?
[TheFlea] 10:24 am: Oh yes. At first I was very excited about that.
[TheFlea] 10:24 am: I like the show but it isn't what I had hoped for completely
[wacko bob] 10:25 am: I know for me it was like a return home after so many years away with that NWA name
[TheFlea] 10:25 am: With both shows now I pretty much tune in to catch my favorites
[TheFlea] 10:26 am: I'll watch WWE to see Angle, Benoit, Eddie(RIP) , Samoa Joe, Sabin and those guys
[wacko bob] 10:26 am: last wrestling question I have
[TheFlea] 10:26 am: Sure
[wacko bob] 10:26 am: What show would you say is the best one to watch today?
[TheFlea] 10:27 am: You get less garbage on TNA but as long as Flair, Benoit and Angle are on WWE I'll watch both
[TheFlea] 10:28 am: I guess I'd say WWE for now
[TheFlea] 10:28 am: Smackdown for me
[TheFlea] 10:28 am: Benoit, Angle, Mysterio and Orton
[wacko bob] 10:29 am: I wish I could say the same because I really think Smackdown treated on the same level as RAW it would show that it is the more solid show.
[TheFlea] 10:29 am: I just don't like half the Raw roster. They don't interest me
[wacko bob] 10:30 am: Okay to start on the close of this interview.
[TheFlea] 10:31 am: Good thing I'm getting paid by the hour here
[wacko bob] 10:31 am: Give me your IYH top 10 best and worst.
[wacko bob] 10:31 am: have an extra scone
[TheFlea] 10:32 am: Wow
[TheFlea] 10:32 am: Hmmmm
[TheFlea] 10:32 am: Best. 10 Listening to Stan Hansen
[TheFlea] 10:33 am: 9 Jimmy Hart
[TheFlea] 10:33 am: 8 Getting to talk to Watts. That was cool
[wacko bob] 10:33 am: just give me the best only
[TheFlea] 10:34 am: 7 Gary Hart, mad cool show
[wacko bob] 10:34 am: that I agree with.
[TheFlea] 10:35 am: 6 When paul Bearer said the "You suck one dick..."
[TheFlea] 10:35 am: Cracked me up
[TheFlea] 10:35 am: 5 You and Glenbo that day. Classic paring of opposites
[wacko bob] 10:36 am: but a great guy that brought it all together
[TheFlea] 10:36 am: 4 Funks promo. Just awesome!
[TheFlea] 10:37 am: 3 When Barb sang to me.
[wacko bob] 10:37 am: he loves flea only though
[wacko bob] 10:37 am: or is it buck?
[TheFlea] 10:37 am: He better!
[TheFlea] 10:38 am: I think I make his top 10
[TheFlea] 10:38 am: 2 Blanchard show. I loved that one. Class act
[wacko bob] 10:39 am: I met him once and what a great human being.
[TheFlea] 10:39 am: 1 TA interview that one was perfect. I listened to that one over and over again
[wacko bob] 10:40 am: if The Flea were to leave IYH tomorrow. How would you want to be remembered?
[TheFlea] 10:40 am: I would have had a much tougher time picking the worst 10
[TheFlea] 10:40 am: Hmmmm
[TheFlea] 10:41 am: As a satanist prick that hated every man woman and child that had the misfortune to ever be around him
[TheFlea] 10:41 am: I'm the Flea nd I'm a practicing druid
[TheFlea] 10:42 am: Nah. I guess as a guy that stayed loyal and never tried to hurt anyones feelins too badly
[wacko bob] 10:42 am: This has been The shoot interview.
[wacko bob] 10:42 am: And I would like to thank Flea for all his time he gave.
[TheFlea] 10:43 am: Thanks Wacky Bob. Now be sure to copy this one!!!!!!!!!!
[wacko bob] 10:43 am: Good work my man
[TheFlea] 10:43 am: It was fun chief

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