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Transcript of Jesse Neal Call In

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 07:26, Feb 11 2011

by Crystal in Denver

Jesse Neal Recap

By: CrystalInDenver

After the interview with Ron Hall, the producer of Memphis Heat, Jack and OIB come on to inform the Headyverse as to why Wildcat Chris Harris also known as Braden Walker. To summarize the reason that Chris Harris did not come on the show was that Chris Harris confirmed the interview for February 9th on January 22nd. Then went on to claim he never heard of the interview, even though he confirmed weeks in advance and had called Jack's home. There was an exchange of emails between Jack and Chris, and even a phone call from the current promoter that Chris works for right before the show (which caused the show to start late), that led up to Jack explaining to the IYH listening crowd the events that unfolded. As Jack and OIB were talking to caller Crystal, Jesse Neal of TNA fame decided to call in and interrupt the caller, Jack and OIB to defend his friend Chris Harris. This transcription is the events, word for word (to the best of my ability), of the exchange between Jack, OIB and Jesse Neal. Jesse Neal is talking in the background as this exchange starts.

Jesse: This isn?t Sean, this is Jesse Neal from TNA Wrestling if you want to talk to me.

Jack: Alright cool. How you doing Jesse?

Crystal: I?ll let you guys talk to the guy from TNA. You guys have a good night.

Jack: You too Crystal, good talking to you. Alright, we got Jesse Neal here on the line.

Jesse: I?ve been listening to your show, and when you telling my boy Sean he?s sucking everyone?s dick.

Jack: Is that why you?re in a good mood?

Jesse: No, and if you were standing in front of my face you wouldn?t be fucking saying that to cause its people like you give everybody a bad name, and I?m not going to get mad or yell, or anything like that, and yall have only 3 people listening in the entire country.

Jack: If we only have 3 people, why do you care?

Jesse: I want to face the fact that all three people and you and whoever is talking, that he is doing a good thing for you.

Jack: Yea, Ive been promoting this on my website and facebook.

Jesse: I heard you guys were doing that, that?s awesome and I want to thank you for that and Chris Harris is a good friend of my mine and there must have been confusion on him getting on here. I know he did the WWE thing and we are all human, we are all just trying to make a dollar here.

OIB: Is he in tears right now?

Jesse: And give everyone bad names.

Jack: And that?s why I brought it up cause of his bizarre behavior. That?s why I tried calling him and I copied all the emails. On how January 12th is when I emailed him and on January 22nd he replied back. And then all the stuff tonight.

Jesse: Then there must have been some confusion cause Chris Harris is a really good guy and in person, he must have confused it and didn?t do something. He is actually a loyal person and he is very reliable if you want to know the truth. And where ever they know on the internet ahead of time, they don?t know jack shit. They can talk shit about me cause honestly I don?t care. But I wanted to state the fact that Chris Harris is a really good dude.

Jack: That?s cool.

OIB: And if you haven?t noticed we haven?t had good dealings with him so far.

Jesse: He is kinda of a douche sometimes and you gotta punch him but he isn?t sucking dick in my house. Maybe sometimes you should watch who you?re talking to.

Jack: Honestly, the guy called me and we were prepared to go live on the show here and we got the producer for Memphis Heat the documentary. So I was trying to prepare and they guy kept calling me and I was talking to him like a normal person like you and I are talking now and he was just like started yelling at me. So I hung up on him, he kept calling me back and started calling me names. So I called him back.

Jesse: Yea, I heard that and he was here. You have to understand Chris Harris is a friend and we are the type of friends where we stick by each other and no one talks shit about each other. And that?s one and we are loyal to each other. I mean we?re not fucking bull shitting and we?re not talk behind someone?s back. We?re actually friends ya know.

OIB: Did you tell him to stop calling, I mean, really that?s kind of childish. He has been calling him at his house, Chris Harris, I mean the Wildcat, how do you explain that?

Jesse: I didn?t hear a single word you just said.

Jack: He was just hanging up on me.

OIB: Yea, how do you explain that?

Jesse: Who was calling whose house?

Jack: Chris, he was just calling my house last night and hanging up.

OIB: Strange.

Jesse: He was hanging up at your house.

Jack and OIB: Yea.

Jesse: I don?t anything about that.

OIB: You?re blindly defending the man here.

Jesse: Strange things.

OIB: It is, he is calling people and hanging up. That?s kinda like Michael Meyers kind of stuff.

Jesse: Micheal Meyers, now you?re just being fucking retarded.

(Jack and OIB laugh)

Jesse: And giggling like a little school girl. Ahhh, you know what I look like, you know where I am at. I would love to fucking meet you one day brother. I?d love to shake your hand and look you in the face, that would be awesome.

Jack: Are you trying to win yourself a copy of Chris Jericho?s Undisputed?

(Jesse and OIB laugh)

Jesse: What?s that? I?m trying to win what?

Jack: Are you calling in to try and win yourself Chris Jericho?s Undisputed hardcover autobiography?

Jesse: You guys are having contest, you?re giving stuff away?

Jack: Uh, huh

OIB: Yea

Jesse: I didn?t know that man, I?m surprised you can actually afford one of his fucking books.

Jack: I didn?t buy it, they sent it to me for free.

Jesse: That?s great, Chris Jericho?s a great guy. I?m sure that books gonna be awesome. It?s gonna be a sellout, but you guys are still fucking idiots. I hope you all fucking read it.

OIB: Did you clear this with Ross Foreman? Did ya?

Jesse: I?m sorry.

OIB: Did you get this cleared with Ross Foreman, he doesn?t like people coming on our shows.

Jesse: I didn?t clear this with no body, this has nothing to do with the wrestling business. These are my boys.

OIB: Still, you?re a TNA personality.

Jesse: I don?t give a fuck if this is a radio show.

OIB: You?re a TNA personality aren?t you?

Jesse: I?m standing up for one of my friends.

OIB: TNA doesn?t like people to come on our show though, that?s why they don?t give us a guest anymore.

Jack: They say we use extreme language.

Jesse: I listen to radio stations on my own. No, no big deal. I don?t have no say so in what TNA allows us to do. I?m not surprised they don?t let us on cause I see why now.

OIB: Is that battleship true?

Jesse: What?s that?

OIB: The battleship stuff.

Jesse: The battleship stuff?

OIB: Yea the storyline.

Jesse: Oh, you mean the USS Cole destroyer, not the battleship? Yes I was on it for 3 years. I was in the military for 4 years. Yes it is true and I lost my best friend in that.

OIB: Hmm, yes, I was just wondering if it was true.

Jesse: Yes its fucking true.

OIB: Oh, ok.

Jesse: Oh, you want to start joking about that.

OIB: No, I was just asking a question.

Jesse: Oh, so you?re gonna start joking about all of our troops that are still over there fighting just like I was over there fighting.

OIB: You?re putting words in to my mouth. I?m not saying that.

Jack: If you seriously think that?s what we?re doing, we wouldn?t be using common sense, are we doing that?

Jesse: I am using my common sense and I am trying to figure out what you?re implying if you?re fucking calling my ship the right one, like a battleship.

(Jack and Jesse mumble)

Jack: Don?t be so defensive. We?re just having fun here, he was just asking if that was true or if that was storyline cause its wrestling, you don?t know.

Jesse: No, everything to do with me is not a storyline. Whatever you?ve heard about me, my whole gimmick, whatever you call it, it?s not a storyline and it?s all true.

OIB: I bet you don?t know that I am the man who came up with the concept for Ink Inc. It?s true.

Jesse: You came up with what?

OIB: I came up with the concept for Ink Inc. I sent two guys with a Mohawk.

Jesse: So you came up with the concept for two to get mohawks and tattoos and live their whole lives (mumbling) .

OIB: We should put them together cause they got mohawks. I said they should put you guys together cause you got mohawks. It?s genius.

Jesse: Wow, that?s an obvious thing, you?re good. You?re pretty smart. It?s an obvious thing there.

(Jack laughs)

Jack: Well they did it.

OIB: Yea, so they must be listening to me.

Jack: Uh-huh.

Jesse: They must have cause they put us together.

Jack: You guys have been setting the world on fire.

OIB: Is Chris Harris around, you should put him on the line.

Jesse: What?s that?

OIB: Would you put Chris Harris on the line? We want to talk to him. We?ll do an interview.

Jesse: Chris, he?s actually not even here.

OIB: He?s not here? Then what?s the deal? We?re not bad guys! We even kinda felt bad cause we know his career ain?t going so hot.

Jesse: You know the funniest thing of everything, everyone?s gonna make fun of him cause of that. But you know, he is still making money off of that. Shit, and how else (mumbles) he is still making money off that. And especially whenever you guys talk shit, it gives him more publicity and they want to get back

on the internet and they want to buy that DVD or whatever the fuck it was, I wouldn?t spend the fucking money myself. But shit, at least he is making fucking money, you know what I mean?

Jack: Its funny, it doesn?t actually exist. So no one can actually buy it.

Jesse: You know what, he should fucking make it, you know how much fucking money he could make off of it.

Jack: Uh-huh. I would do it. Have fun with it. Yea, I asked the guy to come on, I had nothing against him. Just all of a sudden it became this big thing, it was very bizarre behavior. So, well, I thought I would talk about and put it on the show.

OIB: It happens alright, talking about it.

Jack: Mmmhmm.

OIB: Being truthful.

Jesse: Alright, well, it was all fun and everything. You wanna talk to Sean now?

OIB: Nahh, we like talking to you better.

Jack: Uh, Jesse, you got a mohawk.

Jesse: You like talking to me better?

OIB: Yea, you got a mohawk!

Jesse: (talking to someone in the background) They like talking to me better.

OIB: He?s kinda a douche.

(Idiotic heard in the background)

Jack: You?re a lot easier to talk to.

Jesse: What?s that?

OIB: That Sean dude, he?s kinda a douche.

Jack: Obviously, we?re not seeing eye to eye but we?re having a civil conversation here Jesse.

Jesse: Somewhat, we?re having a little conversation here, that?s true, it?s pretty entertaining to be honest with you.

Jack: And we have Troy, the Flea calling in, he?s saying he is enjoying it.

Troy: Yep. I just wanted to call in defense of you guys, cause I?ve known John (OIB) for five years and I?ve known Jack, since his existence.

Jack: (laughing) Mmmhmm.

Troy: And they are both really sweet guys. And you know, anything that has gone wrong, don?t think like, they are being vindictive, or anything like that.

Jesse: Well, the only thing that really irks me, cause I really didn?t care, whatever. I mean, radio hosts, their gonna talk their whatever. And I want there, I didn?t see the emails, so I don?t know the whole story. So I don?t know anything about it. The only thing that ticked me off is when you actually said something about Sean sucking dick in somebodies house and that was my house.

Jack: Oh, well, yea, that was an off the cuff statement.

Jesse: I mean he wasn?t

(Mumbling between Jack and Jesse with OIB laughing)

Jesse: If Shooter Storm wants to carry my bags and suck my cock that?s my business.

(OIB, Jack and Troy laughing)

Jack: I don?t blame the man.

Jesse: He wasn?t, ok? And that?s when I wanted to get involved. I think it?s just bullshit. Cause, I mean.

Jack: Really, he called me up and was really rude to me and calling us marks and get these guys on here so we can talk to wrestlers and feel cool and he said he was in a room full of marks right now so it was something I threw out there.

Jesse: Yea, yea he was trying to put himself over, but that?s what promoters do. That?s what they suppose to do, aint they. Basically what he was doing, he was trying to take it a step further and protect his boys that are on his show. And I don?t blame him, cause there?s a lot of shitty fucking promoters that don?t even give a fuck about us. Im still fucking heavily working the indys right now, busting my ass. Im in the business still, getting a lot of work right now. So Im still busting my ass and helping out whenever I can and he is actually one of the good ones. You know what I mean?

Jack: Yea, and at the same time someone is insulting me, don?t you think I should stand up for myself and stand up for my show, I?ve been doing this for 6 years and had over 300 guests on the show, Kevin Nash and Shawn Hall, Mick Foley.

Jesse: Exactly what he just did in my living room.

Jack: What was that?

Jesse: Particularly, my dicks bigger than yours. It don?t matter how big your dick is, it?s how pretty it is. You know what I?m saying?

(Jesse laughing)

OIB: You got any tattoos?

(Jesse mumbling)

Troy: This has turned out to be a much more entertaining show. You guys could keep this going for an hour or so.

Jesse: See I called in, I?m helping shit out.

Troy: See you should stay on, I gotta go, I love ya guys, thanks bye.

Jack: Sean should have had Jesse call in and that?s all good, it?s like a big love fest here.

Jesse: See you should thank Sean now, yea, well, Shooter Storm, I don?t call him Sean, that?s fucking retarded name.

OIB: Yea, and Shooter Storm is great.

(OIB laughing)

Jesse: Alright man, I just wanted to call in and talk that shit and everything.

Jack: Alright

Jesse: Ya?ll do your show and have fun with it, just for the record, Chris Harris is a good guy, Shooter Storm, he?s just helping out his boys. He?s promoting a great show and it?s really good. So, you know, teach ya promoting the show for him and stuff, so, you know, who the fuck knows, whatever happened with that whole confirm this, confirm that.

Jack: We should have your partner on the show.

Jesse: What?s that?

Jack: We?ve had your partner on the show.

OIB: Shannon Moore

Jesse: Which partner?

OIB and Jack: Shannon Moore

Jesse: Oh, hell yea, how did that go? Was that good?

Jack: Yea, it was very good. It?s on the archives up there. And we just had Matt Hardy on here recently. So yea.

Jesse: That?s good, he helped me out a lot.

Jack: Alright. It?s all good there Jesse?

Jesse: Yea man, it?s all good. I just wanted to come in and say, say my peace ya know. You know how it is, you know what I mean.


Jesse. I gotta stand up for my boys.

OIB: Now could you say you?re Jesse Neal and you?re listening to In Your Head Online dot com?

Jesse: Oh, now you want me to promote you, shit.

OIB: Come on now man.

Jesse: (In the background) This guy wants me to promote his sht. He wants me to say the line.

OIB: Oh, don?t ask Sean. He doesn?t know.


Jesse: I don?t know, I don?t think. I?ll tell you what, This is Jesse Neal from TNA, watch Impact Thursday nights on Spike at 9 o?clock.

(More mumbling between Jack, OIB and Jesse)

Jack: Alright, see ya Jesse.

And there ends the insanity. I hope you enjoyed this full transcript and recap as much as I did.

- Crystal In Denver

if you use any of this please credit www.inyourheadonline.com

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