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Interview Recap - Oscar of M.O.M.

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 20:26, Feb 08 2011

by Jason Davis

Oscar, the manager/hype man for WWF legendary tag team Men On A Misson joined In Your Head for a fun filled interview with hosts Jack and OIB.
by Jason Davis

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Jack starts the interview by asking how Oscar got into the buisness. Oscar explains that he was in Cesars Palace while Randy Savage and Vince McMahon were shooting vignettes for Wrestlemania 9. He walked up to Savage and did a freestyle rap, and Savage told him to call the office the next day to see about getting a job and the rest is history.

Jack asks Oscar if he got along with Mabel and Mo. Oscar says it was real rocky for the first few months. Oscar says that their personalities clashed at first, mainly because he liked spending money freely while Mabel and Mo were more reserved in their spending. But, after a few months they became brothers.

Oscar then answered a question about the Kliq, and if there was any heat. Oscar says that The Kliq were very arrogant and thought that they were the top dogs. Oscar tells a story of how they almost came to blows with Shawn Micheals and Kevin Nash. Mabel got extremely sick while they were in Tel Aviv, and ended up passing out backstage. The next night, Mabel was in the shower and The Kliq started harrassing him, and it almost led to a brawl.

A listener calls in and asks Oscar that if PG-13 and M.O.M were in a cage match, who would win. Oscar says that they would squash PG-13, and then went on to say that PG-13, Public Enemy, R-Truth, and John Cena all stole their rapping enterances from Oscar. Oscar says that he could show up at a live event, do a freestyle rap, and be more over than R-Truth. Oscar says that R-Truth needs to rap different songs. Jack brings up that R-Truth did have a new song for a minute. Oscar says that the new song didn't get over because white America doesn't know what crunk means.

Jacks asks if Oscar ever expierenced racism. Oscar said that he is sure it exists, but he never saw it. He got ribbed, but never thought it was done as a form of racism.

Oscar is asked about todays product. Oscar says that wrestling isn't building stars for longevitiy. He doesn't think Kofi Kingston will last more than three years and that the members of Nexus won't last two years. He compares wrestling to music. In music, Justin Bieber is hot right now, but in two years no one will remember him.

Jack asks Oscar if Bam Bam Bigelow had any problems with the Survivor Series match, where there were four Doinks. Oscar explains that during that time, WWF had the most professional working atmosphere he has ever expierenced. Oscar said that he liked working with The Headshrinkers because they made them work. He liked working The Quebecers because of the entertainment value of the matches.

Oscar ends the interview by saying that he has a bunch of tour dates he will be announcing soon, and he will call back with the details.

For full audio please visit www.inyourheadonline.com and live this Wednesday with Wildcat Chris Harris 8PM EST

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