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Interview Recap - Marco Corleone

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 08:32, Feb 07 2011

by Nikhil Kalhan

Marco Corleone aka Mark Jindrak Interview Recap
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Jack and OneInchBiceps are joined by Marco Corleone aka Mark Jindrak for the second interview of the night. Jack introduces Mark to the show and mentions he is making the call in Mexico. Jack asks Mark how he got into Lucha Librador style wrestling. Jindrak goes after being released from the WWE in 2005, then going to Japan scarcely, he decided to try Mexico in 2007 because he knew how big Lucha Libre was, he felt the fans are very passionate about it and various other reasons got him into it. He started off with 2/3 week tours in the beginning, then in February 2007 decided to move to Mexico permantely. Jack asks Mark if he had trouble adjusting to the different styles? Jindrak goes it was different because most matches are 2/3 falls and their matches tend to go longer, he goes Lucha style wrestling suits him better to the WWE and it could have been the right person in the right time and the last foreigner to make it big in Mexico was Vampiro in the 1990?s. He said he took the language very seriously and said he wrestles in USA but the Mexican culture has changed his life completely, as he would be appearing in a Mexican soap opera and is fluent in the language.
Jack asks did WWE change his style in wrestling? Jindrak goes he never knew how to ?work? until OWW, he goes the WCW power plant was never about learning how to wrestle on TV, but was more about doing squats and running and be in the best condition for TV,he goes most of the Power Plant graduates they were very green. Jindrak felt he was lost when WWF picked his contract in 2001 during the Invasion Angle and under Danny Davis and Jim Cornette in OWW he felt his style of high flying was working out for him, because he was a former basketball player and plugs how good his drop-kick is. He goes this helps in Mexico and helps him. Jack asks how the fans reacted to Jindrak, Mark replies saying he was a heel but eventually they liked him a ?friendly giant?, he also said it helped to learn the culture, as he learns Spanish and has a Spanish girlfriend, the fans respected him because of this. Jack asks about the soap opera he is in and what he wants to gain out of it? Jindrak wants to appear more because he quite fluent in Spanish and has appeared in little shows as Marco Corleone and other smaller roles because Mexican TV is big. He goes maybe one day after finishing wrestling he would like a back-up career and maybe TV is his next career.
Jack asks where his new name ?Marco Coleone? came from? Mark goes it originally came from Johnny ?The Bull? Stamboli .Johnny the Bull and Chuck Palumbo came down to Mexico for a tour in April 2006, they were doing the FBI gimmick, once WWE signed Chuck Palumbo again, Johnny needed another partner and out of it the name Marco Corleone was born, Corleone come from the Godfather and he liked it. Jindrak goes he prefers this name to being Mark Jindrak in WWE which was boring and said he liked this new identity which he related to a different person and used it to change the character. He said he took the WWE style and used to mix with the Lucha style, he felt he is really enjoying himself at the moment in the Lucha libre promotion.
Jack asks if WWE ever came to him with a character idea. Jindrak goes he was originally a member and the fourth member of Evolution. He goes they shot vignettes, but last minute he was pulled out and teamed with Lance Cade. He goes near the end of his tenure he was lost in a mix and accepted what had happened, but learnt a lesson, in which he should take the opportunity more seriously and once in Mexico he decided to take it seriously like it was his last match, no crap was taken from him. He goes maybe he was immature when in WWE and is happy he was let go because it was easy for him beforehand and now he had to start and build himself up again.
Jack asks when Jindrak was released by WWE, did that give him motivation? Mark agreed with the question and said it gave him motivation to do better and in Mexico that is what he is doing. He says Japan fans are similar to Mexico because they are rowdy and crazy like European ?soccer? fans. He goes WWE are concentrating are more on Latino wrestlers such as Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio. Lucha Libra are doing the same with American wrestlers, he congratulates Del Rio in winning the Royal Rumble and mentioned he has wrestled him many times beforehand. Lucha are trying to reach out to Americans and give them a place of Lucha Libre.. Jack asks if Lucha Libre can explore the regions for non speaking Spanish fans? Jindrak goes they are on both MTV2 and MTV Base, he goes they film in the Albuquerque Hard Rock Cafe and said season two has not been aired yet..He goes when on the Smackdown brand he would travel with Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero and they mentioned Lucha-style wrestling but he never took a interest. However once in Mexico he fell in love with Lucha Libre, as in its aspects: the masks, the famous characters of the 1980?s such as Randy Savage and Junkyard Dog which he resembled to Mexican legends who wear masks. Lucha Libre is trying to give Americans different styles of wrestling with a variety of mixture of styles of wrestlers; he hyped the roster with Shane ?Hurricane? Helms, L.A. Park and more! A little something for everyone, small, big , highflying and other types.
The first caller for Mark Jindrak was Fontanna: How did he rate his time in WCW? A great experience. He goes Vince Russo has his critics with booking but he gave him his chance and most of the guys who graduated from the power plant and gave him TV appearances. He thanked him for the TV opportunity, a blur as he was very ?green? but glad he did it as it gave him his first steps into wrestling. Jack asks Mark how he rated Paul Orndoff and Sergeant Buddy Lee Parker as trainers? He goes Ordnoff was very experienced as he had runs with the long time greats and Sarge was a Sarge, but goes they were all in great shape. However the power plant as a whole missed the real point, as it was more on fitness and how to work, which never worked when on TV. Fontanna also asks : If given the chance could you better in the WWE? He goes 50/50 as maybe he needed a kick in the @$$, as he become more focused. He goes if in the WWE again he would do more because he has learnt and matured.
We are joined by another caller IYH?s very own luchadore El Santo Loco, Mark and El Santo greeted each other in Spanish. El Santo asks: The difference between CMLL and AAA? Jindrak goes CMLL is a better company then AAA as its more properly ran and popular. CMLL is normally in bigger arenas compared to AAA, he goes for three years he was there and in March 2009 he went to AAA, he stayed for one year but never liked it, he regretted leaving CMLL as its more traditional Lucha Libre and AAA was more a ?WWE mess?. El Santo asked another question: Why never in CMLL or AAA they are no subtitles for non Spanish understanding fans? Jindrak goes they try but it doesn?t work because AAA has bad timings in the slots on USA TV, he goes both production quality is also so bad and is a reason why WWE get 10.0 ratings instead of CMLL and AA which gets 3.0 and 4.0?s.WWE is aired in HD while AAA sstruggle with camera work,its obvious you would watch a multi billion company. He says Lucha Libre is becoming bigger and its a mass improvement compared to the others. El Santo asks one last question Marco Coleon?s Favourite CMLL opponent? He goes he enjoyed wrestling with Dos Caras Jn aka Alberto Del Rio.
Jack ask?s any chances of a mini-Marko? Jindrak goes one day he wants to see a midget with blonde hair.
Nikhil from England asks Mark Jindrak his thoughts on Luther Reigns and Kurt Angle? He praised Angle for being one of the very best and is a machine, he felt privileged to be around him. Nikhil asks one last question: His thoughts on Lance Cade? He goes he was gutted that he passed away and it was a tough year for wrestling. He goes for himself as Luther Reigns had a stroke, Garrison passes away and Solid his Lucha Libre partner in season one was shot in November, overall a tough time for him this year in regards to his tag team partners.
Joal Gomes calls in from Portugal. He asks what were his thoughts in wrestling for Hustle? He goes he liked Hustle and enjoyed wrestling in Japan due to the money, crowds and matches. His second question was : His thoughts on Matt Morgan and did he think he would evolve into a top star? Mark praises the blueprint as he was pure athletic, as he was 6ft 10,young,healthy and a great worker..He goes it was a shame his WWE stint was bad but now he is becoming a top start in a growing company in TNA.
Onceinchbiceps ask a message from the message board. Stay Puft: Do you think Mark Sanders could have made it in the WWF? Mark goes he was a average wrestler but could talk and cut promos well. He thought he could have gone further. Jack asks Marks thoughts on Sean O?Haire? Mark goes it?s been a while since he spoke to him, however he goes it was a shame his push in the WWE fell through and wished him luck wherever he was. Jack asks if Kevin Nash was Helpful? Mark goes Nash was brilliant. He said Nash coached them in and out of the ring and bonded with the young WCW guys. Nash was nothing but helpful a cool guy and very helpful for tips as he watched the power plant graduates matches and critiqued them. Jack asked: Did you get any hazing from WWF guys after joining from WCW? Mark goes a little hazing from JBL and nothing to serious happened. Jack asks if Mark owns his own figure personally? Mark goes no he hasn?t, but wants to buy one eventually adding to his collections. He plugs them, buy them at Wal-Mart and Toys R Us! Jack asks has there been any idea if Jindrak was asked to wrestle in a mask? He goes no as he was foreign and preferred that and goes if girls are attracted you there is no point, because females are a popular aspect of the Mexican wrestling population. He was happy to be unmasked, he goes more popular and more money and without a mask he achieves that. Jack asks if there hints of jealously of being a top star? Jindrak goes there could be but not sure as he wrestles very well and no one can complain about him because he he is very good at what he does.
OneInchbiceps asks a question from the message board. The Bob: What were your thoughts on the ?Reflection Of Perfection? Gimmick on Smackdown? He goes he enjoyed it and loved working with Teddy long, he goes he was mainly on Velocity and said some of best work was being someone apart from Mark Jindrak, a different character. Jack asks any ideas of having a side kick Kravo (Godfather)? He goes if possible it would be a great idea a relative or cousin, Shawn Stasiak was mentioned who works in Dallas now. As he has a similar built to him.
Jack finished up by plugging the Lucha-libre website and Mark plugs the upcoming tapings and hype?s the roster which will be appearing. 19th February Albuquerque and 20th February Utah. Jack thanks him for coming for. Mark thanks everyone for the questions .Jack says more Lucha stars will be appearing on InYourHead soon and finishes up the excellent one hour interview.
Nikhil Kalhan
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