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In Your Head - Believe It Or Not

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 19:38, Jan 13 2011

by TC Anderson

The listed professional wrestling myths are just in fact that, a myth. A myth is an improbable story, almost always including incredible or miraculous events, that have no specific reference point in time or history. In Your Head nor any of In Your Head?s affiliates proclaim any of these statements to be fact. Each myth referred to is the majority opinion of the inyourheadonline.com Headyverse and for all intent of this forum should be used for entertainment purposes only.

Believe it or not: Vince McMahon once raped his female referee?

Rita Chatterton who was the WWF's first female referee alleged that she was raped by Vince McMahon in the back seat of his limousine.

Chauffeur Jim Stuart corroborated Chatterton's account and filed a lawsuit of his own, alleging that, during his WWF employment, he had been forced into witnessing the commission of crimes. The cases were either dismissed for lack of evidence or settled out of court.

Fiction: I highly believe that WWF Referee Rita consensually had casual sex with Mr. McMahon and once all the allegations about the steroid trial begin to surface in the early 1990?s contacted Chauffeur Jim Stuart and came up with the accusations. I believe also that both Rita and Jim Stuart got quite the nice settlement from Vince, and then split it amongst themselves never to be heard from again.

Believe it or not: Dusty Rhodes booked Rick Steiner to beat Ric Flair in under 20 seconds at Starcade 88?

Fiction: With an overwhelming response from the IYH Headyverse, no one in their right mind believes that even Dusty would book this kind of finish, especially during this time frame. I for one personally think that Dusty Rhodes himself actually started up this rumor just to get the boys talking during a time when Ric Flair was in control of the book to gain clout in positioning himself backstage with WCW.

Believe it or not:Sid Vicious crapped himself at Wrestle Mania 13 in his match against the Undertaker?

Fact: 66.6% of the Headyverse agree that this one actually took place. I have personally taken the 21 minutes and 19 seconds of film from the match breaking down each and every frame to determine the exact moment of impact (much like the JFK assassination footage). At precisely the 19 minute and 17 second point of the tape the impact, if you will, occurs.

For those of you who still may doubt, you will notice Sid?s left butt check going back and to the left? back and to the left?. back and to the left, also at this very instance from the hard camera angle you will notice the Undertaker turn his nose and gag almost to the point of vomiting. Just at that moment Bret Hart does his run in, turning inconsistently on the ring apron from the horrendous smell, and giving Sid a variation of the ?Stunner? on the top ring rope to avoid any more contact than necessary from the foul odor coming from Sid?s tights. Then we have the final and conclusive clip that proves the fact, the modified Tombstone Pile Driver in which Sid clasps both legs tightly to ensure that none of his excrement escapes onto the Undertaker. So there you have it, overwhelming video evidence of Sid Vicious on the grandest stage of them all, with the green apple splatters.

Believe it or not: Jamie Dundee pawned his USWA Tag Title to buy crack?

Fact: Another overwhelming response by the Headyverse, Jamie Dundee did in fact sell his half the USWA Tag Team Title to buy crack.

Being from the Memphis area I went out first hand to uncover the exact details of such a transaction and unearthed a bit more than I expected.

My first stop along my investigation brought me to the home of Jerry Lawler just off of Walnut Grove Road, but I was promptly asked by two Memphis Police officers to leave the site. At first I found this to be a hindrance, but upon speaking to one of the officers and informing him about what I was trying to uncover, the Officer (name withheld for legal purposes) gave me a big break into the investigation. ?Boom Boom?.

My next stop was Platinum Plus, a local strip club recently closed down in Memphis for ?unethical operations?. Upon arrival I was very disappointed to find the building closed down with the doors chained, and with a notice on the door stating ?Seized by the FBI?. Then I caught my next break, written in red lipstick on an archway was ?For a good time call Boom Boom 901-568-14*3? .

After placing a call to Boom Boom who agreed to meet with me off the record in the parking lot down the street of Title Max, I was given the name of ?Scooter? who apparently ran the Title Max Pawn shop. Once inside he collaborated the entire incident, showed me pictures of himself with the title, and a copy of a $5000.00 check written by Jerry Lawler to repurchase the title which had written in the bottom left corner of the check ?For ½ of the USAW Tag Belt?.

Believe it or not: In the early inaugural years of TNA, Bert Prentice helped some of the talent acquire ?other? bookings?

Elix Skipper, Sonny Siaki, and David Young among others who appeared for the booking weren't told they were going to be in gay videos. They wrestled in regular ring gear. The matches weren't in front of a crowd, they were in front a "green screen" where they were told fans would be "super-imposed" later. They were also told they would be sold in Germany...

Fact: If you have never been privy to seeing Bert Prentice in action? well you might be considered one of the lucky few. For those of you unaware, Bert has been a promoter in the south for many years. Most notably he promoted many cards throughout Mississippi and Tennessee including Memphis and Nashville.

Also, in the past he has had working relationships with Jerry Lawler, Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Jarrett. Such relationship brought him into TNA during the early years (I?m unsure at the moment if he is still linked to the company). It?s not been kept a very heavy secret in the industry that Bert is a homosexual.

Such other rumors go into explicit detail about some of the young talent Bert had a hand in bringing into TNA which included Chris Harris, James Storm, Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas? but I?ll save those for another day.

Without a shadow of a doubt with Bert?s given history outside of the business, and his shady booking tactics, I can guarantee Prime Time, Sonny Siaki and David Young had their first unknowingly homosexual soft core pornographic experience at the hands of Bert Prentice.

Believe it or not Tom Zenk and Johnny Ace were bisexual lovers, and were even caught on film?

Fiction: This one stems in my personal opinion from the overall dislike of these two from a majority of the wrestling industry. Tom Zenk over the years has burned bridges from the WWF to WCW and even after his career was done by regularly posting on his own website. Tom?s website which he regularly posted blogs and updates is still up and operational, and after many very critical post suddenly ended without explanation.

The other half of this false facade is Johnny Ace, better known now as John Laurinaitis Executive Vice President of Talent Relations for World Wrestling Entertainment. John himself has not been a very well liked individual in his own right by anyone other than current employees of the WWE it seems. The one and only fact I can find about this myth is that I can almost guarantee that a fan had no hand in this rumor, it was founded backstage within the wrestling industry.

Believe it or not: Bill Watts use to urinate out his Turner office window in Atlanta?

Fact: 100% of the Headyverse agree Bill Watts is guilty of this one. Once again, with my extensive research and hacking abilities, I found secret classified Turner Documents that were confiscated from Bill once he was terminated from the company?
Direct Hits

Elderly Ladies - 10 points
Children - 25 points
Babies - 30 points
Handicap - 50 points
Ric Flair - 100 points
Dusty Rhodes - 5 points ( I couldn?t miss his fat ass)
Ted Tuner - 1000 points
Hank Aaron - 10000 points

Splash Hits Equal To 1/2 Point Value[/tt]

Believe it or not: Bruiser Brody was suppose to do a shoot run in at Wrestle Mania 1?

Fiction: This rumor came at the height of Vince McMahon?s hostile take over of the regional promotions. Many promoters pondered together at different ideas to stop McMahon even going as far as plotting assassination attempts on him, but none ever transpired.

Brody has a long living legend of being a legitimate lunatic and all around bad ass. I wouldn?t doubt that at some point in a full drunken bar that someone brought it up to him about doing a run in at this major event and going after Hogan, wondering if Bruiser had the balls to do it. And Bruiser without a doubt said he would do it in a heart beat. Bruiser had the balls to do it, just no reason to. Even Bruiser was a business man.

Believe it or not: Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart taught Davey Boy Smith how to drug his wife's orange juice right before bed time each night. The next morning their wives would awaken with bloody, sore anuses. It took them a few bloody anuses to realize their husbands were anally raping them.

Also, this was in Diana Harts book.

Fiction: Very few people in the Headyverse buys this one, and not to mention her false biographical book that was so bad it was pulled from the shelves either. The one and only person who read the entire berate that she wrote informed me that it was filled from front to back with far fetched tails and flat out lies. (Special thanks to JasonX) Even Bret Hart addressed some of the issues in his book.

At the time this book came out the Hart family was in shambles first stemming from Owen Hart?s tragic death, then to the death of Stu and Helen, loosing the family home and many other various domestic issues. It seems some members of the family were looking to turn a quick buck at each others expense and Diana was no exception.

Fortunately enough for all involved, the book was pulled from the shelves after only a few thousand copies were sold. If you?re talented, there are various .PDF forms of it in circulation around the internet if your inclined to read it. Or if you?re really eager you can pick a copy up on eBay for a few hundred dollars.

Believe it or not: Diamond Dallas Page ?loaned? out Kimberly to Eric Bischoff to sustain his first major push in his career. EB has been rumored to like watching his wife with other women and the pairing is very popular at a certain Atlanta strip club.

Fact: Well, sort of fact that is. An overwhelming majority does believe that at some point DDP and Eric decided to trade wife?s, or at least let Kimberly join in on the action at the Bischoff house. Whether or not it was in return for Page?s sudden initial push is up for debate.

Eric and his wife have an established relationship, and Eric has a taste for attractive women. Each allow the other to be promiscuous, or so many in the industry have revealed through out the years. Even Eric has himself confirmed these rumors.

Page has been accounted for as being for lack of a better term ?wild? when it comes to his out of ring activities such as running various night clubs. I can honestly say that I believe Kimberly had an intimate encounter with at least one of the Bischoff?s? which one will be left a mystery until certain photographs hit the web.

Believe it or not: Virgil pulled out his slong and laid it on Pat Patterson's desk during an interview, which afterward he was hired on the spot?

For those of you who still may doubt the Headyverse, allow me to put this into prospective for you. Virgil, Shane, Vincent? what ever you would like to call him is not what I would call a ring technician. Let?s face it, the most important thing about his career was the fact that he was used as a pun when creative decided on what to name him. Whether he was a knock at Dusty Rhodes, Vince McMahon, or Shane McMahon one thing is for certain he couldn?t talk, had no great look to him per say, and he would be very fortunate if he could wrestle his way out of a paper bag.

Now imagine this same individual seeking employment with the largest and most profitable wrestling company in the world. Pat Patterson gets the luck of the draw in this interview, and behind closed doors, well the rest is history?..

Believe it or not: Dynamite Kid broke his niece's knee caps to collect insurance money?
It's rumored before he came to the states the girls father either Dynamites brother or brother in law, held her down while Dynamite took her knees out with a hammer so they could collect some much needed insurance money.

Fact: In a mixed response it?s was hard to fathom that even Dynamite could be as sadistic as this? then the Headyverse realized they were talking about Dynamite Kid. Through out the years from wicked ribs to spousal abuse Dynamite pulled very few punches (and yes the pun was intended).

Dynamite has gone on record with his tell all book about a lot of horrible and horrendous things he did throughout his life, but he left this one out. My personal opinion is that this story was first circulated when he was writing his book, and an editor decided it held little merit to the story being told (especially given the fact at all the other sick and twisted things he had to include) so it was left out.

And if you think that Dynamite might feel just the slightest bit of remorse for this or anything he?s done over the years then think again. Tom Billington has stated that ?he regrets absolutely nothing from his life and career and if he had it to do all over again he would do everything the same way.?

Believe it or not: Randy Savage had sexual intercourse with an underage Stephanie McMahon in the early 90's thus taking her virginity and also getting on the bad side of Vince McMahon which ultimately lead up to Savage's termination from the then WWF. To this day he is still said to be on Vince's bad side.

Undecided: With the Headyverse 50/50 on this myth its difficult to say there is one hundred percent truth to this statement. This is where my investigative skills come into play. Randy Savage last appeared for the WWF in November of 1994. Stephanie McMahon was born in September of 1976, so this would put her at just turning eighteen years of age. A visibly distraught Vince McMahon announced live on television that Randy Savage had not resigned with the World Wrestling Federation, thanking him and wishing him well in his future. (see link)


I know that in this current age and time Vince McMahon making an announcement like that wouldn?t be a rather big deal, but in 1994 Vince and the WWF rarely let anyone in behind the curtain. At the time of this announcement it is my personal opinion that if something had transpired between Savage and Stephanie, Vince was completely unaware. Vince was outright shocked in my opinion that Savage left the WWF. I believe they had already agreed on a contract, just to have Savage at the last minute walk away and sign with WCW.

Given the heat that Vince McMahon has felt for over a decade towards Randy Savage I can only come up with two theoretic scenarios. One, Vince held legitimate heat for over a decade because he felt Savage turned against him aligning with Ted Turner and WCW at the last minute. (If that was the case then why have so many who have done the same thing been welcome back with open arms by Vince?) Or Two, Randy in fact had sexual encounters, if not a completely hidden relationship with Stephanie McMahon. Once Stephanie turned 18 she wanted to tell her father and make the relationship public. Savage, whether in fear of Vince, the statutory issues, or just in an easy escape from the thought of an actual relationship with Stephanie, hightailed it out of Titan Towers with Slim Jims in tow.

This one I?ll leave up to you. Remember, if you would like to take part in any of these polls check out the links to the message boards. Vote and give you?re opinion and be sure to check out future In Your Head Believe It Or Not articles.


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