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Interview Recap - Gabe Sapolsky

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 08:16, Nov 13 2010

By: Bob Colling from http://wrestlingrecaps.wordpress.com/ (Over 550 shows reviewed including, WWE, TNA, ROH, WCW, ECW and other independent companies!)

Former Ring of Honor booker and current booker of Dragon Gate USA Gabe Sapolsky joined Jack, OIB and Barbie Richards on In Your Head this week.

DGUSA has a iPPV taking place Friday October 29th, 2010 named the Bushido Code of the Warrior. For more information please go to

http://www.dgusa.tv/ to order the iPPV tonight visit http://www.gofightlive.tv/

Sapolsky tells fans that the iPPV is the first iPPV for Dragon Gate USA. Gabe says that they are going to put on a show that fans will remember. He hopes that fans will give them a chance. He does believe that iPPV is the future of the business.

Gabe says that if fans like great athletic wrestling then DGUSA is the company for them. They aren?t going to insult the fans intelligence. Gabe mentions that they have the top stars from Japan working in the states. Gabe hypes up that Homicide, Austin Aries and Jimmy Jacobs among others will be on the show.

Joel asks if there are any wrestlers that Gabe would hire for DGUSA from Japan. Gabe says that they are going to stick to the 10-15 wrestlers from DGUSA they use as the point of DGUSA is to promote the Dragon Gate wrestlers.

Jack talks about sumo legend Akebono being on the DGUSA show. Akebono will be teaming up with Brodie Lee on the pay per view. On Saturday in New Jersey, Akebono will be wrestling Brodie Lee!

OIB asks if the rumors of Paul Heyman trying to get Gabe into TNA with him were true. Gabe admits their were some talks but says he wasn?t going to do anything to leave his post in DGUSA. Gabe believes that Dixie Carter dropped the ball by not giving Heyman the same role Dana White has for UFC.

Gabe does still talk to Paul Heyman frequently and says that Heyman has moved on to the UFC world.

Jack brings up the Larry Sweeney story where Sweeney got beaten up driving the ring truck for DGUSA. Gabe says that Sweeney was never directly involved in the ring crew process for DGUSA.

Gabe says that Jon Moxley remains him a lot of CM Punk circa 2003. Gabe hypes up a lot of the talent for DGUSA and says that they are happy with guys they have right now and aren?t looking to bring other guys in at the moment.

Gabe says that Austin Aries will have a open microphone for the pay per view.

Barbie brings up Sami Callihan and puts over the promo Sami delivered as a introduction to the character. Gabe admits that he wasn?t high on Sami but says Sami continues to get better. Gabe puts over the promo as being very creative.

Jack talks about the free viewing of a DGUSA show from last year. Gabe says they got a great deal of positive feedback from the fans. Gabe strongly believes that live iPPV is the future of the business.

OIB asks what Gabe thinks of Vince Russo?s booking. Gabe doesn?t really know what kind of restrictions of politics that Russo has to deal with.

Barbie asks who does Gabe believe will have a breakout 2011. Jon Moxley, Riccohet, Chuck Taylor and Brodie Lee are mentioned as guys who Gabe sees to have a huge year in 2011. Gabe says that it taked 6-12 months for guys to get over and several DGUSA wrestlers are in that timeframe.

OIB asks if Gabe would ever return to ROH. ?Na.. that would take a lot of changes. That boat has sailed.?

James calls in and says that he believes that wrestling needs more characters. Gabe plugs CHIKARA as being a good company for characters.

Riren asks if Delirious ever had a big role in the ROH booking process. Gabe says he didn?t but that he took advice from all the wrestlers as he believes that is important.

Gabe plugs the iPPV and goes over a few matches that will be apart of the DGUSA show. Gabe believes the show will be very entertaining and that the show has a little bit of everything for the fans. Gabe also plugs the Rahway, New Jersey show on Saturday which is the final show for DGUSA for 2010.

Gabe says that Kyle O?Reilly is allowed to work for Evolve since signing with ROH. O?Reilly is on the November 20th show.

For more information please visit: http://www.dgusa.tv/ to order the iPPV tonight visit http://www.gofightlive.tv/

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