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B. Brian Blair & Mikey Whipwreck

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:14, Aug 19 2010

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We opened the show with B. Brian Blair. Topics include:
- Wrestling in Japan
- Breaking into the business in Florida
- The Killer Bees gimmick
- Masked confusion
- The Iron Sheik drama
- The Hart Foundation
- Jim Brunzell
- His platform for State Rep Florida State House District 47
- For more information on Brian's campaign please visit:

In the 2nd hour we were joined by Mikey Whipwreck. Topics include:
- TNA EV2.0
- Hardcore Justice
- Dixie Carter
- Paul E. and what he could do for TNA
- Music in ECW
- WCW stint
- Bobby the Brain Heenan
- The influence of ECW good and bad
- One Night Stand
- ECW on SyFy
- Tajiri & Father James Mitchell
- Working with Terry Funk, Mick Foley, Sabu, Justin Credible, Little Guido etc.
- Tons more !!
- For more information on Mikey's wrestling promotion please visit:


In the pre and post shows we talk about the rasslin, including:
- NXT and the eliminations
- Becky Bayless going to TNA
- RAW and the Nexus rebuild
- Summerslam and the return of Bryan Danielson
- WWE.com leaking the news
- Tons more so check it out !!

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