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Interview Recap - Colt Cabana

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 21:47, Feb 17 2006

By Neal Jones

"Classic" Colt Cabana was the guest on www.inyourheadonline.com with your hosts Jack, Barbie and the O.I.B.

Colt was welcomed to the show. He gets into a short conversation over In Your House PPV's with Jack. Noting it was the start of PPV's not being cool anymore.

Jack asks about the polka dot tights Colt just sold on www.coltcabana.com. Colt mentions he sells memorabilia on there from time to time, including his original Second City Saints bloody tights from his cage match with Austin Aries.

A fan asks how hard is Nigel Mcguiness's head. Colt tells a story about Nigel's head butts being so hard they make loud thuds.

Jack asks if Colt was a wrestling fan before he got into the business. Colt says of course, he says everyone loved Hulk Hogan, Dusty, Don Morocco, Orndorff, the Killer Bees etc but he also loved guys like Barry O, SD Jones and Barry Horowitz. Colt says anyone who was in wrestling was cool to him. He mostly saw WWF as a kid but would watch anything that was on TV.

Colt talks about comedy in wrestling, he says it's a great thing. He says imagine if Kobashi farted in his match with Samoa Joe. Comedy makes a tense moment funny and memorable.

OIB asks about Road Stories in Steel Domain with CM Punk. Colt mentions his shoot interview at www.rohwrestling.com and he tells a lot of road stories on there, it is hard to come up with them on the spot. Jack mentions the Harley race puking in Punk's car from the shoot.

Colt talks about loving to talk with X-Pac, because he can tell all kinds of crazy stories and ask questions about guys in the business because he knows X-Pac will never remember it.

Rick from the message board asks if Colt ever stretched Samoa Joe. Colt mentions Samoa Joe once ate a bible while skiing. Colt says he always had good matches with Joe and enjoyed them but he never stretched him. Jack informs Colt that Samoa Joe put him over big on his appearance on IYH.

OIB asks who Colt's favorite guy to work with. Colt says he likes working with Gabe Sapolsky, Cornett and Heenan. Johnny Kid, Doug Williams, Storm were guys he liked wrestling in the UK. Nigel and Punk are guys he likes working with in the USA. Colt says almost everyone in ROH he enjoys working with.

Colt is asked if he has had any strange encounters with fans. Colt talks about being on a plane with Mayor Marion Barry, and over hearing his phone call with some woman.

Colt talks about enjoying wrestling for Zero One. He thinks he put on a good show in Japan and the fans remember him now when he goes back.

Jack asks how Colt would compare the wrestling fans. Colt says wrestling fans are wrestling fans. Japanese fans are more respectful, USA Indy fans have more d***heads. Colt also mentions message board fans being very negative for the most part. Jack informs Colt www.inyourheadonline.com has the best message board fans.

Colt talks about going to England soon, and having some tag matches planned with the Rottweilers.

Jack asks if Colt has had any talks with TNA. Colt says he won't say they have never talked but nothing productive has ever come from it. Colt talks about his match with Eugene for WWE recently which you can watch on www.coltcabana.com. Colt would like to be in WWE one day, if they would make him an offer he thought was good. Colt mentions he was contacted by TNA to be on the internet poll, but he was on his European tour.Jacks asks if he'd prefer to be in the x-division/cruiser weights or heavyweights. Colt says he would fit in the X-Division since it's not about weight, but he's not sure comedy fits in the x-division.

Last week's guest Homicide is brought up. Colt says Homicide is disrespectful, and Colt is a good citizen and a role model for kids.

OIB tells Colt he has a magnificent hair line. Colt says he is always ribbed about going bald. But he is glad he has thick hair. The recent Olympics incident is brought up, where an athlete tested positive for steroids for using Rogaine. Colt says people get mentioned for using steroids, but people like himself don't get praised for being clean. Jack asks if he ever gets picked on for not being a drinker/drug user in wrestling. Colt says no, he is a fun guy and people think he is high or drunk all the time, but he has never done any drugs.

Jack asks if guys who were fans before wrestling have a better chance of making it than guys who didn't like wrestling. Colt says this is something he feels strongly about. He doesn't like guys who fall into wrestling because they failed in something else. Colt says it really gave him an advantage in training because he watched wrestling since he was a kid.

Backyard wrestling is brought up. Colt says everyone who loved wrestling did some form of backyard wrestling. He never ahd a league or did anything crazy, but would play around in the backyard or at recess. Colt says if you do it, just have fun, don't claim to be a pro wrestler or use barbed wire etc.

Jobber calls in and asks if Colt was a big fan of Hulkster. Colt tries to do a Hogan promo, but changes into a Macho Man promo. Jack asks who Colt's favorite promo guy is. Colt mentions Piper and Dusty. Saying Dusty was so good because he got to the point and was entertaining, but Piper was his favorite.

The message board asks about his recent ROH vignette with CM Punk and if it will continue. Colt says Punk wants to still be a part of ROH but he signed with WWE. Colt wants to establish himself as his own wrestler and do his own thing.

Jack asks what guys has he never wrestled that he would like to. Colt mentions Steve Gray and American Dragon, along with the top WWE guys. Barbie asks is he has an ultimate goal in wrestling. Colt says to make a living in wrestling and be able to send his kids to college from the money he made in wrestling. Colt says he would like to wrestle into his 50's because he loves it, not just make his money and leave. Colt say he is a mark for tradition and everyone who came before him.

Colt talks about his training center he would like to start.And maybe bringing back the carnival aspect to wrestling, traveling the country with a ring putting on shows in little towns when he is older.

Suzy asks where did the "Good times, great memories" come from. Colt says it was a saying he and his friends would say and he brought it to wrestling.

Colt closes by thanking his fans for listening and to visit his website www.coltcabana.com and to send him a worthwhile message and he will reply.

IYH was also joined by GIR's Phantom, who plugged Mysteries of Wrestling Solved and talked about the IYH vs GIR feud.

To listen to this hour long interview including other topics such as
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