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Interview Recap - TNA's Lance Hoyt

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 09:03, Jul 20 2005

by Neal Jones

TNA's Lance Hoyt was welcomed to the show by Barbie Richards. This interview was conducted right before TNA's No Surrender, which is playing all month on replays. Check www.tnawrestling.com for more information.

Lance Talks about teaming with the Naturals to take on Team Canada.

Jack asks if he wrestled before TNA. Lance says hes been wrestling for 5 years now. Mostly in Texas for PWA in Arlington.

Lance was wrestling as Shadow before TNA. They renamed him Dallas. At first Lance wasn't happy about changing his name from Dallas to Lance Hoyt. But the way the fans latched on to his name its been a lot of fun. And if he ever becomes a huge star in the history of wrestling it will be cool that he uses his real name.

Lance talks about the Hoyt chants. He says not to be cocky he wasn't surprised it happened.

Lance talks about teaming with Kid Kash. He says Kid really took him under his wing and taught him a lot in the business. They got along well, and the styles meshed well. He sees Kash as his mentor who helped him a lot.

Jack asks if he was worried about getting lost in the shuffle when Kash was let go. Lance was caught off guard when he read it online. He worried about it for a little bit. Lance talks about the night Candido went down in the ring, and he picked up some confidence from the back when he was able to continue the match.

Lance talks about the Kash team and where it would of gone. He says they would of had to give them the title eventually. They were put on a pre-show match at one PPV, and it was so good they realized they shouldn't of been left off the PPV show itself.

Lance talks about Politics in the business. Lance says it not just wrestling its everywhere in life.

Lance compares Nashville to Orlando. He likes both. He says there was a more committed crowd in Nashville. Orlando has a lot of different fans, coming from the park.

Lance talks about TNA needing some Hoyt merchandise.

Jack asks if TNA should concentrate on building new stars like Lance, Abyss, Daniels, AJ, Shane, Monty Brown etc or bring in established stars. Lance says you have to concentrate on the new stars, they are the future of the business. But you cant forget the past. Both are needed, but you cant ignore looking to the future.

Barbie asks about the recently released WWE talent. Lance mentions Rhyno coming in. But doesn't know about the rest, he concentrates on what he's doing.

Jack asks if the boys see the WWE guys coming in as taking their spots or as heaping the product. Lance says if they come in and help TNA grow its a positive thing. But if they just bring in anyone who has a little bit of a name and put them over the guys who are already there and busted their butts for TNA its a negative.

Lance talks about liking to work with the smaller guys. He says its good for the fans seeing different styles in one match. Lance talks about wrestling AJ. And the fans get to see the high flying and the big man spots. Lance talks about wrestling Paul London in Texas being one of his better matches.

Jack asks if the TNA locker room watches the matches when they are going on. Lance says that's one of the best parts of TNA. Is the locker room watches almost the entire show.

Barbie asks if they were shocked when he pulled off the moonsault. Lance says he first used it at Victory Road PPV for TNA. But he's been doing it for a while. Lance says he is a big man but he can move, which is good for the TNA crowd who like the x division style.

They mention www.tnawrestling.com and the internet Impact shows. They asks Lance about a TV deal. Lance says he hopes so, the office told them when it comes they will let the talent know. But not until its official. Barbie asks what day and time would be ideal for TNA. Lance says everyone would love to go head to head with Vince and beat them. But its also important to find your own spot. Vince has really cemented Monday as WWE's spot. He just wants a good national cabel deal and a good day for their own in prime time.

Lance compares Dusty to D'Amore as bookers. Lance says they are completely different styles but both are great for the business. Dusty was the one who came up with the name change. And D'amore is about the future of the business.

They ask some questions from the IYH interactive message board at www.audiowrestling.com Flea wants to know if all Texans are over 6' tall. Suzy asks about his eyes, and if his female fans comment on them. Lance says he has had comments on them before. Joe From Toms River asks if he considers himself the modern day Kevin Nash and what big men influenced him. Lance considers himself the modern day Lance Hoyt. He tells a funny story of Nash telling him he hopes he has the same success as him with less injuries. Lance says he was always a fan of Nash and Undertaker. He says Sting was his biggest influence to be a wrestler. Jack brings up the moonsault being bad for the knees. Lance says he takes care of his knees.

Jack asks who he would like to feud with. Lance says Raven since he has the title. But there are a lot of guys in TNA he could have a good run with.

They ask about rib stories. Lance talks about being a travel buddy with Monty Brown. And the cool nicknames the boys have come up with for them.

In closing Lance wants all his fans to come to Orlando to support him and TNA. And visit www.lancehoyt.com

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