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Interview Recap - Daniel Puder

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 23:41, Jan 26 2006

By Neal Jones

Daniel Puder was welcomed to the show. He talks about being in training for his return to MMA. He will be on Strikeforce, the first sanctioned MMA show in California and the HC Pavilion in San Jose. Puder says they are looking for an opponent. Host Jack volunteers to fight Puder if he wants an easy fight.

The show is headlined by Frank Shamrock vs Cesar Gracie, if you buy tickets from his official website www.danielpuder.com you will get a free t-shirt. Tickets go on sale this Saturday.

Daniel talks about the Puder Knockouts. His group of hot women on his website.

Jack asks what made Daniel decide to get back into MMA. Daniel says it was his first love. He talks about his trainer Frank Shamrock in MMA. And Dreamer, Al Snow and Danny Davis in wrestling. Daniel tells a story about Snow and bill Demotte beating up Chris Narocky and Justice during the Tough Enough training for not listening.

Daniel says he was in talks with several MMA and Pro Wrestling companies after he left WWE. He says Strikeforce gave him a good deal.

OIB asks a question from the IYH message board, what ribs were played on him. Puder says he never got any ribs played on him.

When Kurt Angle is brought up Daniel says he wants to beat the hell out of him. He says at Strikeforce he is going to wear a t-shirt that says "I beat up Kurt Angle" on the front and back.

Jack asks if there was a lot of backstage turmoil over the Kurt incident. Daniel says why am I not on TV now, who did I piss off ? Daniel says you can watch his video of him in OVW on www.danielpuder.com and it shows he was doing well. All his trainers Al Snow and Tommy Dreamer were happy with his progress and he did everything he wanted. When he left OVW, Dreamer told him he was screwed.

Daniel says Kurt's arm couldn't of gone any further. He was trying to pull his arm out of socket. If he had another few seconds Kurt would of tapped. And his shoulders were not on the mat when the ref counted Puder out.

His time in OVW is discussed. Daniel says he learned a lot in his time there. Jack brings up Ken Kennedy, Daniel says they tagged in OVW and were roommates. OIB asks about Jim Cornette. Daniel says Jim thought he was a little crazy. Dan says Cornette was a cool guy, but didn't like Daniel doing the MMA gimmick. Puder wanted to be different and not do the same things as everyone else.

Jack asks if Daniel decided to leave or if he was let go. Daniel says WWE wanted him to move to Atlanta and take a paycheck of $750 a week. Dan says that was a cut from $5000 to $750 a week. Jack asks about the "Million Dollar" contract. Daniel says the contract was guaranteed for $250,000 for one year. Daniel says he's talked to his lawyers about it.

OIB goes back to Kurt Angle, and asks if he said anything backstage to him. Dan says Kurt yelled at him backstage saying it was supposed to be a wrestling match not a submission match. Daniel says Kurt broke Norocky's ribs in the match before it, and no one wanted to get in the ring with Kurt besides himself. Jack asks if there were any rules they went over before hand. Daniel said WWE always told them they cant touch the wrestlers and the wrestlers couldn't touch the tough enough guys.

Puder says he was glad he didn't win the competition to dress like a woman. Daniel jokes that was the only contest the Miz beat him in. Daniel says he would beat Miz in 30 seconds in an MMA match. Dan says Miz was a cool guy, but Miz didn't like Daniel personally. Daniel talks about the other contests on Tough Enough. He tells some entertaining stories about the Mae Young stuff.

Jack asks if he wished they showed more of the training. Daniel says he won most of the training regiments, except Miz was a better in ring worker because he ahd prior training.

Daniel agrees with Jack about the problems with Tough Enough. Daniel says it will be hard to do another one after they fired their Million Dollar winner. Daniel says Miz was winning the votes up until the Kurt incident. Daniel says if they do another TE, its the biggest bullsh!t in the world.

OIB asks if WWE wanted the Miz to win since he already had a following from being on MTV. Daniel says he knows for a fact they wanted Rodheimer to win it all. WWE thought he'd be a big time heel. Daniel says Rodheimer is loaded so he doesn't need the money.

The message board asks Daniel about the Royal Rumble and the stiff chops. Daniel said they beat the hell out of him. Dan says he was grateful to be able to be in the ring with Eddie.

Daniel asks who the hosts think is going to win the Gracie Shamrock match. Jack goes with Shamrock. Daniel talks about being trained by Frank, and is picking him. Daniel mentions Royce Gracie coming back to UFC vs Matt Hughes.

Daniel mentions having talks with Pride, K1 and other companies in Japan. Daniel says after his MMA career he wants to go back to school and then run for Governor for California.

Jack asks if Daniel ever had any problems with Bob Holly. Daniel says Bob took him under his wing, and he would be the last guy in WWE he'd want to pick a fight with.

The plug the big Strikeforce show at the HC Pavilion in San Jose, California headlined by Shamrock vs Gracie March 10th !! And Daniel thanks the guys for being on and will return to IYH after the show.

All this and much more including Daniel Puder's non profit organization where he helps sick children.

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