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Interview Recap - Tully Blanchard 2010

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 11:34, Jul 16 2010

By: Bob Colling from http://wrestlingrecaps.wordpress.com/

Tully Blanchard was the guest on www.InYourHeadOnline.com

Jack, OIB and Barbie Richards are joined by Tully Blanchard. Blanchard will be appearing at the NWA Legends Fanfest. For more information go to www.nwalegends.com. Tully jokes with the guys about their introductions to the show.

Tully talked about being the baddest bad guy and how he has been told that he was the heel that made people hate the Horsemen because it was hard to hate Ric Flair. Tully also credits Gordy Solie with helping him learn how to work.

Tully says that he had to always reinvent himself to be different from the other wrestlers because he wasn?t the biggest guy in the locker-room. Tully doesn?t believe that the newer wrestlers don?t have people showing them how to work. Instead, they just do over the top moves. Tully says that the believability of the NWA in the 1980?s is greater compared to today?s product.

Tully had to adjust to the work ethic that the WWF had back in 1988. Tully mentions that he and Arn first worked with the Rockers. Tully knew that Shawn Michaels would be a big star in the business because of his look. Tully also says that Michaels wanted to learn and change his look.

Tully mentions several names that he would ask to critique his matches that included Dory Funk, Terry Funk and Harley Race. Tully talked about wrestling Dory for the NWA World Championship in San Antonio, Texas. Tully says that thirty minutes into the match he was winded and made sure that would never happen and got in shape right after the match. Tully says those type of guys weren?t around for the transition and thus the style of the business has changed.

Tully doesn?t know why wrestlers do not listen to the old timers of the business. Tully talks about Greg Price trying to get NWA New Beginnings starting.

Jack brings up Phil Shatter and Tully says he sees a lot of ability in him.

Tully just did what he had to do when the fans cheered him instead of booing him. He wouldn?t try to get the fans to hate him. Just go out to the ring and do what he had to do.

Tully is looking forward to his father getting inducted into the NWA Legends hall of fame. Tully believes that his father didn?t get any credit for the things he had done. Tully talks about running a show on the USA Network and learning all the things it took to make a successful wrestling show.

Jack brings up the Hall of Heroes and Tully jokes about the Fargo Brothers speech about who made the most during their careers. Tully mentions that the last Hall of Heroes was his first banquet. Tully talked about a fun time with Arn Anderson and how funny Arn Anderson is with one liners. Tully talks about Ole Anderson and doesn?t believe that Ole likes him all that much. Tully believes it is a shame that Ole holds a grudge but still respects him. Tully jokes about having a rough time working with Ole in cage matches as it wasn?t easy.

A caller named Tony calls in and asks Tully about Ric Flair?s comeback to TNA. Tully doesn?t have a opinion on it as he doesn?t know what Flair?s needs are. Tully says that Ric Flair is the only person to get the type of send off he got the night after Wrestle Mania 24 on RAW. Tully says that moment was a spectacular moment to be apart of. Tully wasn?t surprised that Flair got that type of sendoff.

A caller named Jason asks about Gino Hernandez. Tully talks about asking Gino to come down to the Carolinas with him but Gino was happy where he was. Tully believes that some of the things Gino did outside the ring affected his in-ring work.

A caller named Jai asks about drug testing and asks if its fair. Tully says that Vince McMahon can run the company any way he wants. Tully says testing for drugs manages to keep some egos in check. Tully says drug testing is a policy and not fair or unfair. Tully is asked about a union and says that every time that a union has tried to start up, it has been stopped. ?If it were going to work, it would have already worked?.

OIB asks a question if the schedule in NWA or WWF was worse. Tully thinks for a moment and says they were equal. Tully talks about the differences between the schedules but says working every night is tough no matter where you are.

Tully says that the WWF was not a tag team orientated company when they got there. Tully and Arn had to show everyone that they were there to make everyone look good. Tully also talks about the tag team Demolition.

Barbie asks about the multiple man tag team matches. Tully says those type of matches were chaos.

A caller named Brandon asks about the Crockett Cup tournament. Tully talks about going to finals a lot and getting beaten every time. Tully recalls having some really good matches with Luger. Tully says that being Luger?s partner was ?unforgettable? experience. Tully says it was easier to be press slammed by Luger rather than teaming with him. Brandon also asks about Tully?s feud with Dusty Rhodes and their first blood match. Tully says that the match was a very big one for the show.

Barbie asks Tully about managers and their place in the business today. Tully doesn?t have much of a opinion on that because there are not many managers in the business right now.

Tully talks about how championships meant something back when he was wrestling in the 1980s. The importance of the belts was based upon the performance of those who held them.

Jack asks about the difference between Dork and Terry Funk. ?They were like night and day?. Tully says that Terry would do anything while Dory would be the wrestler of the two. Tully thinks that he wrestled with Terry Funk better than he did with Dory Funk. Tully also talks about his Slamboree 1994 match with Terry Funk. Tully didn?t know that he was suppose to lose until the day of the show and didn?t think he was getting paid enough to lose in Philadelphia.

Tully agrees with Jack when he says that too many near falls can hurt the overall match.

Tully never heard anything about HHH wanting Ric Flair to bring in his Four Horsemen members to work a War Games match when Flair turned on HHH during the Evolution era.

A caller named Carroll Crockett calls in and thanks Tully Blanchard for everything he has done for the business.

A caller named Joey asks Tully about his legacy and what Tully hopes his legacy is. Tully says that people still remembering you after twenty years is a legacy of its self. Tully doesn?t remember most of the things he has done when people come up to him and ask him about matches or promos Tully was apart of.

Tully talks about who will be at the NWA Legends fanfest and that closes out the interview!

Please visit http://www.NWALegends.com/

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