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Deaths in Wrestling

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 02:51, Jan 23 2006

By Wacko Bob

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Wrestlers have done a lot to entertain fans over the years. In a world where big bumps and sacrificing your body is a must. Some today only do it on the weekend and have to work 3 matches and only get $150 and that's not enough to cover charges that would come from a Doctor. So a lot will go on hurt with there day jobs and there work on the weekend. Wrestlers over the years that have made the money and have a promoter like a Vince McMahon have been able to get some relief. But this relief has come a a price with some getting addicted to the pills given to them by a Doctor. And for some they get injured in the ring dying in the ring. Wrestlers like Gary Albright and Mike Dibiase have been guys who have died in the ring.

Before going on with this column I think its important to bring up one more death that happened in the ring. Owen Hart was one who died with out wrestling. He was one who has to be the biggest victim of the ever hype for more spectacle. Working under a mask as The Blue Blazer he was to descend from the rafters on a cable. A stunt that went wrong and he went falling about 70 feet into the ring. Owen Hart was a guy that made his fame by showing the style of his wrestling family and that's by wrestling in the ring and he was lost in the ring without wrestling. So there is things that happen that's more then just a wrestler dying in the ring wrestling.

Back to the issue at hand. The effects of deaths over the years in wrestling have shown that it has came from wear and tear for the most part. Guys like Chris Candido and Eddie Guerrero would be prime examples of all of this with the recent loss of these to stars. Chris Candido was a wrestler in pain taking pain killers and getting blood clots during an operation to take care of a leg injury. Was this something that should've been checked out long time ago? Maybe! Did the pain killers have something to do with this? Maybe! But the point is wrestling like him never get checked out health wise by the promoter and only get sent out to work.

Eddie Guerrero is one that has had a history of drug problems. Between taking steroids and prescription drugs over the years did catch up to him. Even after being clean for some years his health did take a turn for the worse. And in the end we lost a wrestling superstar in the best time of his career that fans loved. Eddie Guerrero is not alone in this as guys like Road Warrior Hawk would get clean and have the same fate himself too. And other like them as well would go through this too.

Wrestling has taken its toll on a lot of stars and in ways brought out the worst in guys too. Some stars go into wrestling against there will and some do it because its what they love. But with Promoters it all seems to came with a price too. And wrestlers try to do things to enhance themselves in ways they never thought they would too. Not caring just to make it some wrestlers became miserable while doing it. While some others lived high in the horse doing it. So the question can be made weather or not promoters are taking care of the wrestlers like they should and like some want to claim.

Stars lost that were still active like Brian Pillman, Kerry Von Erich, Mike Von Erich, Moondog Spot, Luis Spicolli, Rocco Rock, Bobby Duncum Jr, Eddie Gilbert, and Mad Mikey(aka crash holly) are also wrestlers that are more victims of this that has made them more unhappy and even lost there lives do to drugs.

With all these losses of great wrestling superstars and Eddie Guerrero being the most recent of these guys that's no longer with us. This has forced WWE to enforce a new drug policy that will get stars checked out. But! Will this be enough to get guys on the rite track? I think wrestlers should be insured as well as taken care of with an injury that will help them not to have to deal with pain only fighting it with drugs that has become common sense that they would abuse.

What ever the case may be there's already a bunch of deaths do to all this. And with his untimely losses of life in wrestling I do feel that it is time to give security to more then just promoters. Buddies have taken a toll of the superstars of today and that's going to make them the steroid and drug users of tomorrow. WWE is trying to fix this since all the losses wrestling has gone through. But its a long road with something that's a start but could be much more.

Its amazing to to see the stars we lost and to see that stars like Kevin Von Erich, Billy Graham, Jake Roberts and Scott Hall still alive today. And I hope the get clean if there not clean already and living long and healthy lives. But those are guys in wrestling if all clean that could be a big help for stars still looking for a way to go on. Billy Graham is one guy who is already doing this and would be the best guy to talk about all his near deaths experiences and he's the one who has admitted to drugs and steroids being the issue that has cost him more then any promoter would.

In the end only time will tell if WWE and Vince McMahon are going through with the rite steps that will make other promoters follow this lead. In the end a lot of the wrestlers are the ones who make this choice weather they will do drugs or not. But now its going to be up to the promoters to make a balance happen in wrestling that maybe was never ever there too.

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