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Interview Recap - Charlie Haas

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 09:02, Jul 20 2005

by Neal Jones

The hosts congratulate Charlie on his recent wedding to Jackie Gayda. And then say sorry for the recent firing.

Charlie says he came home from his honeymoon and found out they were fired. They were on their honeymoon that weekend, Tuesday after the 4th of July they got the call they were both fired.

Jack asks if they were surprised. Charlie says it was a shock, he didn't see it coming at all. He says if he wasn't training and working hard all the time, absorbing knowledge from the agents then he would say yes he deserved it. But he worked too hard.

They asked the reason why he was fired. He was told it was all creative. They didn't have anything for Charlie Haas. So they let him go. On the web they said it was due to character conflict.

John Laurenitis is helping him get booked overseas. and they told him to do well in his singles career and they may bring him back. Charlie hopes they get a new creative team soon.

Charlie says he never ahd a problem with Laurenitits. He says Jim Ross with Brisco was the one who got him and his brother hired.

Barbie asks if WWE advised him to stay clear of TNA. Charlie says the WWE legal department told him he cant go to TNA for 90 days. But he can work anywhere else in the country or overseas. Charlie would love the opportunity to work for TNA. Bringing up they put more focus on in ring wrestling. Charlie says it would take him time to get used to the 6 sided ring. He likes the TNA talent, and would love to work a program with AJ Styles. He says he's a fan of TNA, and just a fan of all wrestling.

Jack asks about Jim Cornette's firing. Charlie says Cornette really helped him in OVW after his brother passed away. Helped groom him to be ready for WWE. Charlie says they should of used his talents better. Charlie thinks it will hurt WWE because all the top guys are students of Cornette and Danny Davis. Charlie thinks its ironic that Paul E is writing OVW now.

Jack asks if he got along with Paul Heyman. Charlie says he always got along with everyone except Dave Lagana. Charlie says he doesnt belong in the business, once he's gone Smackdown will be a better show. He says Paul Heyman was great to work for. He said Paul wrote the Haas, Jackie, Dawn Marie story line. Then when he was replaced with Lagana he came up with a dumb ending for it and just ended the entire story. Jack asks if he knew where it was going. Charlie says Paul had it all planned out, but Lagana had no idea what to do. Charlie says anyone out there do not hire Dave Lagana, he's terrible.

Jack asks if it was weird starting a new tag team with Shelton after his brother Russ passed away. Charlie says he wanted to finish what he started, and he thinks Russ brought them together. That he and Shelton clicked right away, and more than just a tag team but as friends.

They ask if it was nerve racking going from OVW right to Smackdown TV as Team Angle. Charlie says he had no doubt in their work. And working with Edge, Benoit and the Guererros just clicked.

Charlie talks about bringing guys up too quick from OVW. And also says the veterans in WWE really help you come along, working with guys like Bob Holly. They ask him his thoughts on Bob. Charlie says Holly is an old school veteran who take no "stuff" from anyone. And he's another guy they never do enough with, and he's put his time in WWE and deserves more.

Jack asks if they ended the Team Angle too soon. Charlie said they ended it way too soon. They could of had the tag team have a long run like the Hardy's or Dudley's. And he expected them to have a feud once they ended the team.

Charlie talks about having fun with Rico. And they could of done so much more with the tag team and story line. And the locker room was shocked when they fired Rico.

Charlie says he knew Jackie since OVW, and they became a couple after being paired on TV.

Charlie talks about why they bring guys up too quickly. He says its the downfall of creative. They are desperate ti find the next Austin or Rock or HHH. And they bring the kids up too quick, and when they dont get over they bury them or fire them. Charlie says they have to look back at guys like HHH, that it took years for him to be a main event guy. It took Benoit 17 years to make it. Charlie says back in the day you'd be in the business for 15 years before making the main event.

Jack asks if WWE needs more developmental systems. Charlie says definitely. And they also need competition. Charlie says there has to be places for the kids to develop. Besides OVW in the North East is the best place for smaller territories.

Barbie asks if any of the WWE writers are from wrestling or are all Hollywood writers. Charlie says only Michael Hayes has been in wrestling. He puts over Brian Gerwertz for having a track record with guys like Kurt and the Rock. Charlie says back in the day when guys retired they would become the guys who wrote and booked.

Charlie talks about guys like Arn Anderson and Dave Finley could be used more than road agents. A guy like Arn could help the guys with promos.

Charlie talks about being a fan of all wrestling growing up. He took some stuff from everyone and made his own style. Charlie said if he could pick 2 guys it would be Arn and Finley who tried to be like.

Jack asks about hiring the Diva Search girls and firing all the women who can wrestle. Charlie says its a joke.

Charlie talks about Tough Enough. He says he cant fault the kids for trying it. If anyone is to fault it would be WWE. He says it was a lot easier for them than a guy like him or Eddie. Charlie talks about the newest Tough Enough. And Daniel Puder just wasn't ready for WWE yet. Jack asks if he has an attitude problem. Charlie says he doesn't know him well enough.

Charlie talks about Matt Morgan. Charlie says the guy is huge. And guys like him and Haas can wrestle in Japan and prove themselves like the A-Train is doing now. He's heard WWE might want to bring him back. He mentions Rico retired from wrestling.

Charlie wants to prive himself. And shove it to creative. He would like to be in TNA in 90 days.

He talks about maybe wrestling in ROH, and working in smaller Indy's like Jersey All Pro and ECWA. And focusing on being a single star.

Charlie tells the fans to check www.haasofpain.com to see where he will be.

Charlie talks about the morale being scarey when they fire so many guys at once. It brings everyone down. No one like to see anyone lose their job.

Jack asks Charlie for good road stories. Charlie says what happens on the road stays on the road.

In closing Charlie thanks his fans, and to check his website www.haasofpain.com for details on his future. And hopes TNA will have a TV deal soon. He also says his wife Jackie has a lot of bookings including some vs Nidia from Tough Enough.

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