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Ryan Shamrock

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:41, Apr 29 2010

We opened the show with Ryan Shamrock aka Alicia Webb. Topics included:
- Her start in wrestling, and what she feels about it
- working for WWF
- The Undertaker licking her leg
- being "sacrificed" on RAW
- Luna Vachon
- Chyna and HHH not liking her
- Ken Shamrock and incest angle rumors
- Val Venis and his movies
- Vince Russo
- going to WCW
- Symphony with Maestro
- Lizzy Valentine
- X-Pac
- AAA in Mexico
- Juvi incident including Waltman crapping in his bag
- Shawn Michaels in Playgirl and tons more !!

In the 2nd half we took calls and went over the week in rasslin including:
- WWE Extreme Rules PPV
- Jim Ross TNA rumors
- Shelton Benjamin, Mike Knoxx, Funaki, Mickie James and Jimmy Yang firings
- TNA Impact
- Ric Flair vs Abyss
- Hulk Hogan and his HOF ring angle with Flair
- AJ Styles vs RVD
- The Draft and who went where
- Ted Dibiase looking for his new Virgil
- Tons more !!

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