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Interview Recap - Jake The Snake Roberts

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 00:34, Apr 23 2010

By: Bob Colling from from www.pdrwrestling.com

Jake Roberts was the guest on In Your Head Wrestling Radio hosted by Jack E. Jones, Oneinchbiceps and Barbie Richards at www.inyourheadonline.com

Roberts is suffering from the flu and is miserable because of it. www.jakebytesback.com is his website. Jake occasionally writes a blog on the website. He doesn?t write a lot on the site, though. The last thing he needs is another addiction. Roberts knows that if he gave it time he would become addicted to it.

Jake Roberts will be facing George South for All Star Wrestling promotion. Roberts was surprised to hear that South was actually alive! Roberts says that South is very underrated as a wrestler and a teacher. For more information please visit:

Jake says that you don?t really wrestle the young guys instead you guide them. Jake prefers to wrestle one of the old timers.

Jake believes that the young guys back when he was in his prime where better than the younger guys going today. Back then, you tried to learn and didn?t try to do things that they didn?t have the knowledge to do. Roberts loves wrestling and will always love wrestling. Roberts believes it is a dying art.

Jake says that he would love to teach wrestling but it would have to be the right time to do so. Roberts is retiring from wrestling and chose 2010 to retire as he is too damn old. Roberts wants to raise his grandchildren.

A caller named Carlos asks Jake Roberts if he will ever be back in the WWE. Roberts says ?never say never? but he doesn?t see that happening. Carlos asks Roberts if he would be a on screen character or backstage. Roberts would prefer to be backstage as he doesn?t have the voice for broadcasting. Roberts also says that if he said what he really thought he would get fired!

Jake was booking for WWF during the Attitude Era and did a lot of work around that time. Roberts didn?t talk to Vince Russo around that time as he was busy writing for the magazine. Roberts had quite a bit to do with the Austin 3:16 character and promos. Roberts says that Austin was the Ringmaster when he was talking to him. Roberts told Austin that he was being something that he wasn?t and that he needed to find something that he could do with his eyes closed.

Roberts says that he always doubted himself and that caused a lot of problems for him throughout his career. Roberts says that he always said whatever he had to say in a promo right off the top of his head. Roberts never knew what he was going to say before he said it. Roberts says there are a lot of interviews that choose from when it comes to pick one. Roberts also mentions that he wished he could have had a feud with Mr. Perfect. Roberts loved all the talent in the ring.

Roberts was comfortable wrestling any style as long as they were solid.

A caller named Joel asks Roberts about the DDT and the several variations. Roberts says that when he did it you never got up from hit and everyone knew that the match was over. Roberts says this proves that Roberts was better than everyone else since no one got up from it.

There is a brief commercial as Roberts lost connection with the show!

Roberts talks about building the anticipation before the finishing move.

OIB asks Roberts what is was like to work with Alice Cooper. Roberts enjoyed working with Alice Cooper and he grew up listening to Cooper?s music. Roberts talks about using different lines from rock groups in his promos. Roberts didn?t care who it was, as long as it is good.

Jack asks what Roberts thought about the WWE DVD on him. Roberts thought it was fair at best, because their was plenty of more footage to use. Roberts mentions that he is writing a book and that it will be from the heart.

Jack brings up WCW and asks about the promises he was told before Watts showed up. Roberts says that he would have been the richest wrestler before Bill Watts while he would have been the poorest while Watts was there. Roberts also says that he didn?t need a title to prove he was the best.

Roberts enjoyed his time in SMW and wished that it lasted longer.

OIB asks if Roberts would be interested in doing a NWA fan fest. Roberts would be interested in doing that.

Roberts says that he would have loved to have worked with Randy Orton back when he was in his prime. Roberts puts over his talent and feels that he could have done some things with him. Jack mentions CM Punk but Roberts says that he isn?t high on his list. Roberts says he sees something in him but he isn?t sure what.

Roberts would like to be involved in the WWE Hall of Fame, but WWE has not talked to him about entering the Hall of Fame.

Roberts thought that the Saturday Night Live segment a few weeks ago was good. Roberts says that it is someone else making a buck off his name.

Roberts hypes up his match with George South for All Star Wrestling. Roberts will be there early to sign autographs for the fans.

That?s a wrap.

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