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Bob's Corner 3rd Edition

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 20:32, Apr 02 2010

Colling?s Corner
Third Edition
Written By: Bob Colling

Ohio Valley Wrestling 2005: A look at the Matt Cappotelli vs. Johnny Jeter feud

Johnny Jeter and Matt Cappotelli former the tag team ?The Thrillseekers? in October of 2004. They had their first tag team match on October 23rd, 2004 against Seven and Barrabus on OVW television. The team would quickly get a shot at the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships against MNM on January 8th, 2005 but were unable to win the match as MNM got themselves disqualified. Joey Matthews sent Cappotelli over the top rope to cause the disqualification. However, on the January 22nd, 2005 edition of OVW television, the Thrillseekers would get another shot at MNM and the tag team titles.

Part I: Tag Team Champions
On the January 22nd, 2005 edition of OVW television the Thrillseekers were able to finally beat MNM to win the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships. The popular tag team were able to take advantage of replacing the tag team of Seth Skyfire and Mac Johnson to earn the shot. Previously, MNM had taken out Skyfire and Johnson. Thus, they were forced to take on OVW?s tag team champions in a hard fought title match but weren?t able to win the match. The Thrillseekers claimed their first and only tag team championship in seven minutes of action. Over the next three months, the Thrillseekers would successfully defend the tag team championships and seem to be unbeatable. Thrillseekers would manage to beat all the top tag teams in OVW. Here is a rundown on how their title reign went.
February 12th, 2005: Thrillseekers defeated The Heartbreaker (Heart Throbs)
March 5th, 2005: Thrillseekers defeated The Blonde Bombshells
March 19th, 2005: Thrillseekers defeated The Heartbreakers, MNM and Blonde Bombshells
April 2nd, 2005: Thrillseekers defeated MNM

The champions reign would come to a end however on the April 9th, 2005 edition of OVW television. On the show, the Thrillseekers would lose the titles after ten minutes of action to the Blonde Bombshells. Late in the contest, Jillian Hall would prevent Cappotelli from hitting the double super kick on Chad Tolland. With Cappotelli distracted, the Blonde Bombshells were able to pin Johnny Jeter after Tank knocked Jeter out. How would the Thrillseekers be affected following the title lost? We would soon find out.

Part II: Best Friends going for the same goal
Matt Cappotelli made a comment about Daniel Puder nearly taking Brent Albright on the July 23rd edition of OVW television. Cappotelli hinted that perhaps he was going to be coming for the OVW Heavyweight Championship at some point. During a pull apart brawl, Cappotelli accidentally hit Jeter. Albright referred to Jeter as ?Cappotelli?s partner? which Jeter took exception to that. The seed was planted on July 23rd, 2005 that something may be going on between the Thrillseekers. On July 30th, 2005 Cappotelli decided to book a tag match for the Thrillseekers against MNM, without asking for Johnny Jeter?s opinion on the matter. Jeter again hinted that he was not appreciating the actions of Cappotelli. The fact that Cappotelli had a number one contenders match against Ken Anderson to get a shot at the OVW Heavyweight Championship surely didn?t help anything.

The Thrillseekers vs. MNM match in July 30th, 2005 was given two stipulations. The first being that the winners would earn a tag team title match in the future. The second being that the winner of the fall would earn a OVW Heavyweight Championship shot. The Thrillseekers would defeated MNM in a exciting twenty five minute match. The finish would see Jeter and Cappotelli getting simultaneous pin falls on Matthews and Nitro. There is a flaw here as Cappotelli was actually the legal man, thus should have been the man to get the title shot.

With Cappotelli and Jeter on a roll, a horrible event would take place on July 31st, 2005. During a OVW house show, Matt Cappotelli would break his leg during a match with the Blonde Bombshells. With Cappotelli out injured and expected to miss eight weeks of action, Jeter was awarded his title shot against Brent Albright on August 6th, 2005. For a couple of weeks leading into the match, Jeter had been just known as ?Cappotelli?s tag team partner? instead of a former OVW Heavyweight Champion back in 2003. With his chance to prove that he is just a bright future star as Matt Cappotelli, could he win the OVW Heavyweight Championship on his own?

Part III: Success is more important than friendship
On August 6th, 2005 Matt Cappotelli was cutting a promo about his injury and how it was devastating to him to be unable to compete for the OVW Heavyweight Championship. During the promo, Johnny Jeter cut Cappotelli off and began to cut a very heel like promo on Cappotelli. Jeter wanted to know what he was suppose to do. Was he suppose to not go after the OVW Heavyweight Championship because Cappotelli was hurt? Jeter was beginning to be more vocal about his displeasure with his partners words and seemingly unintentional actions of holding Jeter back. Jeter claimed that Cappotelli was selfish and isn?t supporting him. If the tables were turned, Jeter would have been supporting Cappotelli going for the OVW Heavyweight Championship.

?Just because your career is dying, doesn?t man my career has to die with you? Jeter?s harsh words towards Cappotelli. Brent Albright, the OVW Heavyweight Champion, would just cause the tension between Jeter and Cappotelli to reach higher levels. Eventually, Albright would challenge Jeter to a title match that night! After such a heated promo, and his chance prove to his partner that he is a champion, could Jeter back up his words and win the OVW Heavyweight Championship once again?

Johnny Jeter challenged Brent Albright moments later for the OVW Heavyweight Championship and after a distraction from Mr. Anderson (Kennedy) and Daniel Puder, Jeter would manage to pin Albright. After the contest, Jeter celebrated his win by telling Matt Cappotelli that he told him he could do it. Jeter would say ?I don?t think I need you anymore? and proceeded to hit Cappotelli with the championship. Jeter would last say that he ?rides alone and dies alone?. The championship and the desire to be successful on his own lead to Johnny Jeter turning on his good friend.

On the August 13th, 2005 edition of OVW television Johnny Jeter had his first interview since his heel turn on Matt Cappotelli. Jeter points out that he was the legal man when it came down to the number one contenders match. Jeter was tired of being Matt Cappotelli?s ?bitch? and says it is his time to shine. Jeter likes having the spotlight on him as he is the OVW Heavyweight Championship. Jeter would proceed to tell Vincent McMahon to call him up to the main roster because he sick and tired of living in Louisville, Kentucky. Jeter would have a rematch with Brent Albright on the show for his first title defense. Matt Cappotelli would come out sitting ringside to watch the match. Late in the match, Johnny Jeter ended up going to the floor and super kicking Cappotelli after kicking away his crutch. Jeter would hit Albright with the chair to lose the match by DQ. Jeter proceeded to viciously hit Jeter with a steel chair several times. During the attack, several girls were screaming in fear for Matt Cappotelli. Several OVW wrestlers ended up coming out and stopping the attack from continuing. Matt Cappotelli was heavily busted open due to the attack.

The following week on August 20th, 2005 Johnny Jeter made it clear that he was still upset about all the attention that Matt Cappotelli was still getting. Jeter proclaimed that Cappotelli would never be able to wrestle again thanks to his attack last week. Brent Albright would come out during the interview and claim that Jeter is a coward. Jeter and Albright would have a pull apart brawl as several wrestlers and officials came out. Elijah Burke would be vocal about what Jeter did to Cappotelli and says that Jeter ?broke the code?. Burke would tell Jeter that he hates is guts for what he did. Burke assured Jeter that he is going to take the OVW Heavyweight Championship away from Jeter. Jeter would act remorseful and apologized to Burke. As Jeter went to walk away, he would hit Burke with the OVW Heavyweight Championship and run to the back.

Later on the August 20th program Matt Cappotelli would call into the show. Cappotelli says that he has been in the hospital for a week and has been trying to get out of the there. Cappotelli would talk about getting the stitches out of his head. Cappotelli talks about his leg breaking being a accident while what Johnny Jeter did was strictly intentional. Cappotelli proclaimed that he would return and find Jeter. Jeter would storm out to ringside and cut another promo. Jeter once again mocked Cappotelli by stating that Cappotelli is a cripple and that all the attention should be on the champion, which is him. Dean Hill, the announcer for OVW, lost his temper and began to call Jeter a ?asshole?. Hill would storm out of the arena by even saying ?fuck you? to Jeter. The camera man would also walk out on Jeter. Al Snow would take off his watch and bracelet and stalk towards Jeter. Brent Albright came out and brawled with Jeter as several OVW wrestlers tried to pull them apart. Jeter was able to smash a chair over the head of Albright as the wrestlers held him back. Jeter would end up being surrounded in the ring by all the guys who came out. However, a OVW official would come out and tell everyone to leave but Jeter. The official would slap Jeter several times in the ring and would proceed to beat Jeter up with several right hands. Jeter would manage to hit the backstage official with his belt and even whipped him with the belt! (the official was Danny Davis, I believe)

On the August 27th, 2005 show their was a team meeting with everyone in OVW involved. Dean Hill has put in his resignation, but Danny Davis refused that to happen. Davis said that he is going to make Johnny Jeter?s life miserable. Davis announced a battle royal with the winner facing Johnny Jeter tonight. Deuce Shade would end up winning the battle royal and would face Jeter on the same show for the OVW Heavyweight Championship. The formation of Mr. Kennedy, Daniel Puder and OVW Heavyweight Champion Johnny Jeter was revealed. Jeter claimed to single handily crippled Cappotelli and ended the career of Cappotelli. Cappotelli would return with another phone interview where he announced he will be back in about six and half weeks and made it clear that he is coming after Jeter and his championship. Jeter tried to cut in again but Cappotelli continued to say that Jeter was a prick and that he sucked. Jeter would retain his championship by defeating Deuce Shade after a super kick. Jeter tells Cappotelli that if he wants to fight him he will meet him whenever he wants. Cappotelli revealed that he was in the parking lot and wanted Jeter to meet him there. Jeter would go out and Cappotelli was on top of a car. Several wrestlers came out and Cappotelli would leap off the car onto Jeter!

On September 10th, 2005 Matt Cappotelli sent out a message to Johnny Jeter. Cappotelli talks about going to therapy every day and what Jeter did to him everyday. Cappotelli tells Jeter that he will find Johnny Jeter one way or another. Revenge, Payback, and Johnny Jeter are three things that he says several times.

Matt Cappotelli would get his hands on Johnny Jeter two weeks later on September 24th, but Jeter was able to clip the injured leg of Cappotelli to avoid a severe beating. On the October 1st, 2005 show Matt Cappotelli held a press conference. Cappotelli talked about his former best friend Johnny Jeter turning his back on him some six weeks ago. Cappotelli announced that he will be back and that he will back to take Jeter?s belt. During the press conference, Johnny Jeter showed up and super kicked Cappotelli and whipped him with the championship belt! Jeter busted Cappotelli wide open due to the attack. A week later on October 8th, Jeter was worried about Matt Cappotelli, but Mr. Kennedy assured him everything was fine. When Jeter left the locker room, Matt Cappotelli showed up from behind and viciously beat up Mr. Kennedy with his crutch.

October 15th, 2005 marked a good day for Matt Cappotelli. Johnny Jeter was searching for someone to take out is threat in Matt Cappotelli but was having a hard time finding someone to do the job. First, he asked Jillian Hall to find someone but she refused. Jeter would manage to get Paul Burchill to get the job done but Burchill was attacked by Cappotelli with his crutch. Later on in the show, Johnny Jeter announced that in two weeks his was being forced to put up the championship against Matt Cappotelli. Could Matt Cappotelli get the ultimate revenge over Johnny Jeter by winning the belt, or would Jeter prove that he is and was the better of the two?

Part IV: If at first you don?t succeed, try again.
October 29th, 2005 was the big day for Matt Cappotelli. After being turned on by Johnny Jeter back in August, he had been waiting three months to be able to get his hands on his former best friend. For months leading into the show, Jeter would brutally beat Cappotelli with his championship belt. Cappotelli would take out all of Jeter?s friends making it seem like he would have a one on one match with Jeter on the show. The crowd was hot for this match, as everyone had been waiting a long time to see Jeter go down.

Jeter showed no fear as he went right after Cappotelli and never backed down from Cappotelli throughout the contest. Jeter would work on the injured leg of Cappotelli whenever they weren?t brawling trading right hands. They really brawled for a good portion of the contest trading right hands showing that this wasn?t a wrestling match, but a fight. Jeter really went to work on Cappotelli leg wrapping his leg around the ring post. Cappotelli nearly won the championship several times but Jeter managed to battle back. Jeter would hit the super kick but Cappotelli was able to kick out as well. Everyone in attendance was standing up for this emotional contest rooting on Cappotelli. Late in the contest, Mr. Kennedy came out but was taken out by Cappotelli with a suicide dive. Kennedy would throw Jeter the championship but was met with a super kick from Cappotelli. Jeter would low blow Cappotelli and hit him with the championship to retain the title!

November 5th, 2005 saw Matt Cappotelli get in his car and attempt to go to Jeter?s house to end the situation. However, Mr. Kennedy prevented that from happening by cutting him off and calling the police. Kennedy had some friends (Tolland Brothers) to attack Cappotelli but Cappotelli had a steel chair which caused the heels to retreat. Johnny Jeter came out of nowhere and would brawl with Cappotelli in the parking lot until they were broken up by wrestlers and officials. It was announced prior to this that Matt Cappotelli would get another title shot next week.

The next week, Matt Cappotelli took on Johnny Jeter in best two out of three falls match for the OVW Heavyweight Championship. Jeter would win the first fall by using a handful of tights when he rolled Cappotelli up. Cappotelli would comeback to win the second fall after Jeter missed a spinning heel kick off the middle rope. Cappotelli won the third fall with a super kick as Jeter came off the top rope. Thus, Cappotelli won the OVW Heavyweight Championship and got his revenge over his former best friend.

Part V: What happened afterwards
To close out 2005, Cappotelli and Jeter would continue to feud, but it had lost a good amount of steam by December of 2005. It looked like Cappotelli was going to start up a feud with Chris Cage after Cage turned on Cappotelli during a tag team match against Johnny Jeter and his new bodyguard Mark Henry on December 17th. Cage nailed Cappotelli with a steel chair and legitimately gave Cappotelli a concussion. When Cappotelli went to the doctor?s for a MRI, a brain tumor was found and Cappotelli was forced to end his wrestling career. Cappotelli would officially retire in February 2006. As of April 2010, Cappotelli has stated that he has finished all of his therapy sessions and doesn?t know where he will go from here regarding his wrestling career.

As for Johnny Jeter, he would get called up to the WWE in early 2006 as apart of the Spirit Squad stable. Jeter was given a cheerleader gimmick along with OVW wrestlers Ken Doane, Nic Nemeth, Mike Mondo and Nick Mitchell. The Spirit Squad would become WWE World Tag Team Champions after beating Big Show and Kane the night after Wrestle Mania 22. In the following months, the Spirit Squad would be involved in a feud with Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Eventually, they would lose the feud and would be literally packaged up and sent back to OVW.

Jeter would compete in OVW for most of 2007 while making a few dark show matches and house show appearances throughout that time. Jeter would be released from his WWE contract in late 2007.

Colling?s Critique: I really enjoyed most of this feud. The hinting that Jeter was starting to get frustrated with Cappotelli?s popularity and the tension between both men, was done very well. When Jeter turned on Cappotelli, the emotion in the arena was presented very well, I thought.

Jeter really showed that he could be a very good cocky heel and over the course of the feud he only got better. Cappotelli didn?t seem to be the best baby face as he seemed to have some trouble cutting a good promo. However, the segments between both men were some of the best segments for OVW in 2005 without question.

Cappotelli losing in the first title match kind of killed the steam for the feud. He lost due to cheating, but people had been waiting a long time for Jeter to go down, so I would have had Cappotelli go over Jeter the first time around. When they had their second match two weeks later, Cappotelli didn?t get that big reception that he should have had gotten.

Johnny Jeter proved to me to be the better of the two. He was the better character and he could get one hell of a reaction from the crowd. I find it to be a shame that WWE didn?t give this version of Johnny Jeter a shot in the WWE.

This was easily one of the most emotional and best angles in OVW?s history. I suggest trying to get the footage to witness some of the best story telling from Paul Heyman.

Feud Grade: B+

Next column: Did Diamond Dallas Page get a fair shot at being the WCW World Champion? A look at DDP's World Title reigns.

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