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Interview Recap - Ox Baker

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 09:01, Jul 20 2005

by Neal Jones

Ox Baker comes on and talks about The NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest August 19-21 in Charlotte, North Carolina. More information can be found at http://www.nwalegends.com/ . Ox says this is his first year at the Fanfest. Baker claims they wanted a sell out so all the fans wanted to see a glimpse of the loud mouth of wrestling Ox Baker.

Ox says Dusty Rhodes for years said he hated to be known as the 2nd best talker in all of wrestling. But with Ox around Dusty had to be #2.

Jack's computer goes down, and Ox berates him about the cheap computer.

Ox talks about his love for the fans and the love of the fans for him . One time on a radio show he mentioned he loved peanut butter cookies on a radio interview, and the fans sent him boxes of them. Now hes crunching on cranberry pancakes after mentioing pancakes on an interview.

Ox says he started in 1964, and a lot of the wrestlers thought fans were stupid. But he always loved the fans, and that was the secret to his long time success.

Jack asks is the women liked the mustache and eyebrows. Ox says he had to grow them so people would be scared of him. Plus the loud voice helped his character.

Ox says he will sign pictures and pose for pictures for the fans at the NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest http://www.nwalegends.com/ August 19-21.

Ox talks about being known as the world's ugliest wrestler. The hosts asks Ox about never winning a world title, and he says he won 3 world titles.

Ox talks a bit about the Von Erichs, and Kevin never learned how to wrestle. Fritz was a good wrestler, but he says all the kids were mediocre.

Ox talks about his first meeting with the Road Warriors. And they wouldn't talk to most people, but they wanted his picture. Ox says they were the toughest tag team ever in wrestling.

Ox talks about Ole Anderson. Ole fired him twice for being a lousy wrestler. But he is a friend of Ox's, and he loves Ole because he always tells it how it is.

Barbie asks if Ox thinks he's a lousy worker, and if talking was his strong point. Ox says if you turn on TV now. You see 11 minutes of wrestling and the rest is talking.

Ox talks about training wrestlers. He says young guys ask to learn how to do flips and high flying moves off the ropes. Ox says he will teach the guys how to wrestle, but mostly how to talk on TV.

Barbie asks if Ox ever worked for the WWE. He says he was tagging with Billy Graham as tag champs. And seeing a young Terry Bollea. And he told Vince when he became world champion Hulk Hogan to never let Ox in the Federation, so he didn't feel the heart punch again.

They ask who invented the heart punch, Ox says it was Stan Stasiak. Ox talks about renaming it the hurt punch in his cook book.

Ox says he trained 4 guys currently in the WWE. He talks about a young Undertaker, and his current Wrestlemania winning streak. The Night Stalker who became Adam Bomb aka Brian Clark. And also Big Poppa Pump.

Ox says Vince made more money for wrestlers in the business than anyone else.

OX talks a bit about Taker using the heart punch early in his career.

Ox talks more about wanting to see the fans at the NWA Fanfest http://www.nwalegends.com/

Jack asks if the younger wrestlers showed respect for the older wrestlers. Ox says the new wrestlers are better athletes but they dont know wrestling moves. He says its because they don't have the talent to carry the crowd. So they use sensationalism like tables and big dives outside the ring. Now fans laugh at the wrestlers. Dick the Bruiser would of beat you up if the fans laughed at you.

Ox talks about the big sell outs with Bruno Sammartino, now WWE cant get a half crowd at the Madison Square Garden.

Ox talks about when he started managing, after he quit wrestling in 1989 after his knees were shot.

Ox talks about his new prot?g? Mr. Sexy. Who makes the women faint by walking by and touching them. He wants to bring him into WWE and manage him.

Ox says he will be the first guy to ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame with out ever being in the WWE.

Ox talks about Vince McMahon making stars out of guys who never should of been stars. But its hard for little shows to make any money. And the indy guys still make $25 a show like he did 40 years ago. Jack asks if its bad for wrestling with only one federation. Ox says competition is always best. But the guys he trains want to just be a wrestler. They don't care if they get paid.

Ox talks about Brock Lesnar. And he's surprised Vince is bringing him back, because he normally doesnt give second chances.

Ox talks about being on the Price is Right. And getting a total of 15 cents on the big wheel. And meeting Bob Barker.

Ox talks about Bruiser Brody beating him out for the role in Escape From New York. Then Bruiser gor killed in Puerto Rico. And John Carpenter called him up to replace Brody. Ox was never asked back to Puerto Rico. Ox talks about being in movies before Rock or Hulk Hogan. And he tried out for the roll Hulk Hogan got in Rocky III.

Ox said he was always a heel. He wanted to be a good guy but all the fans always booed him. He would leave a territory once the fans started liking him. And in wrestling and in life there is always the bad guy.

Ox talks about some of the legends in England, such as Big Daddy and Billy Robinson. And wrestling in Australia. And he always enjoyed himself, even if he didn't make the most money.

Barbie reads some questions from the forums, Which you can visit at www.inyourheadonline.com . Bob asks what it was like working Rusty Brooks. Ox says says Brooks was stiff, and said he was the promoter and was allowed to do that. The Flea asks how many men hes killed with the heart punch. Ox says they "say" 2. In reality he never hurt anyone.

They ask Ox if he ever had serious injuries. Ox says he got hit hard several times, but never a really serious injury. Jack asks if the new guys will have shorter careers now with the big bumps. Ox talks about HBK, Steve Austin, Randy Orton, Ted Dibiase all having serious injuries. Ox talks about hearing Mankind having memory loss from the crazy bumps. And the new guys try to do way too much.

Suzy asks where he got the name Ox. He says he went through a big growth spurt and he got the nickname Ox.

In closing Ox offers the hosts a free autograph if the come to the NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest http://www.nwalegends.com/

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