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5 Tips For TNA

Posted in Xtremeview by Jack at 22:46, Mar 08 2010

The Xtreme View by Jason Simmons

Just hours before the so called "Monday Night Wars" of 2010 are about to begin. On one side you have the juggernaut of the World Wrestling Entertainment who 9 years ago finally put World Championship Wrestling out of business after 2 years of dominating the ratings in the original Monday Night War. On the other you have TNA Wrestling a company that has been working for 8 years to become a legit success. Now lets start how we got to this moment.

TNA Wrestling ventured into serious Wrestling Television in 2004 when they joined Fox Sports Net in 2004. They obviously struggled on the small network so in June of 2004 they dropped off the network and went dark for 3 months. Finally they took advantage of a good situation when Raw was moved off Spike TV to return back to the USA Network. They opened on Spike TV in late 2005 with a strong .8 rating and over the years something strange happened. Whether it was when they moved to Thursday night at 11pm or then to Prime Time at 9pm or even when they moved to 2 hours the ratings rarely ever changed. The 1.1 to .8 ratings seemed to plague the organization for years and to make matters worst they had a nail in the coffin on his way.

When TNA signed Kurt Angle in September of 2006 many thought this would be the start of the new era in TNA Wrestling. Why is this you ask? Simply Angle while a toxic property was still the biggest story to hit Wrestling in years. However when Kurt Angle signed with TNA another Toxic Wrestling Property was brought into the company and that person was Vince Russo. Since that moment until January 4th 2010 the total crap that company produced was laughable. The booking team under Russo, Jarrett, and Mantel did more destruction to the product then many could possibly dream of. However on January 4, 2010 the Bishoff and Hogan era of TNA began and now on March 8, 2010 they are hoping to strike gold again like they did in 1995 with Nitro.

So now if they want to succeed here are 5 tips that will hopefully allow them to rebuild the Monday Night War and maybe take us into a new era of Professional Wrestling.

1. Stop taking pot shots
The constant shots at WWE are getting old. Someone once said act like you been there before and time after time TNA fails to do this. They usually come off like complete losers when they take shots at WWE. Whether it be the embarrassing cookie video where they were trying to act like big shots by showing footage WWE said they sue if a WWE Wrestler appeared in the video so TNA showed the video but blurred out the faces of the WWE stars making the whole act counter productive. Especially when TNA was walking around with Cookies and balloons. Then you had VKM with the former New Age Outlaws constantly calling out Triple H and Shawn MIchaels by there real names and of course they never answered them or mentioned the challenge. Worst they went to a WWE House show and never a TV Taping so again they came off like losers who didn't have the pair to actually threat the WWE. So here's an idea if you must attack WWE on your TV why not be creative with it? Any moron with a Youtube account can create footage of themselves saying the WWE sucks. Better yet if you think WWE is that bad then why not show the fans why?

2. Announcing
For the love of god Tazz is the most over hyped announcer in history. The guy sucks and I'll always stick to that thought. He is more gay jokes then actual insight to the show and combined with Mike Tenay its just painful to watch. I was never a true Don West fan but he was improving before being removed and compared to Tazz I'd rather listen to West. As for Mike Tenay I think he's proven why in WCW he was just a color commentator and not fully play by play.

3. Be different
I will never get the idea of trying to be TNA. Thats all TNA has seemed to want to be over the past 4 years. That's not a goal you want to succeed at because everyone will ignore you because there is already three brands of the WWE. So why not take WWE's negatives and make them your postives? Hell they used to and that's the scary thing. When the Cruiserweight Title was falling apart the X-Division was thriving now its a joke. Why not rebuild the brand and use it? Again why not push the Knockouts when the Raw Woman's Division is terrible? Why not rebuild the Tag Team Division while WWE's is rebuilding its own Division? You go into a war with strength against there weakness not go into a war with weak vs. weak.

4. Figure out a figure head and stick with it
Who the hell is running what part of TNA? On Impact you have Hogan, Bishoff, and Carter all being figure heads and quiet frankly I have no clue who calls what shots. If Hogan disagrees with Bishoff's idea does that mean he can cancel it out? That's terrible booking and confusing. Also who's running what needs to be stopped by TNA. I really don't care who's in charged of the company and the constant angles about who's in charge of whom is just getting boring in TNA.

5. Finally stop bringing in the flavor of the month.
Tonight we are expecting the returns of Sting, Jeff Hardy, and Rob Van Dam after January 4th you had the returns of Hulk Hogan, Waltman, Flair, Hall, Morley, Jordan, and the Nasty Boys. Why? At some point hiring the flavor of the month is just doing that hiring the flavor of the month. You do not need to sign a new star every week because eventually you need to be able to compete with the WWE. Right now TNA's Roster seems huge and with only two hours of TV every week and complaints of the older stars already starting signing more "big" names is probably the worst idea TNA could have.

Simply these our simple steps that many would just call commonsense but regardless TNA if you want a war you better be ready to play. Don't throw stones in a glass house and expect it to just blow over when you tumble this time. TNA is officially out of every damn excuse they've ever had and trust me there have been many. Now your on Prime Time Monday Night's against Raw and if you get blow out and destroyed you have no one to blame but yourselves.

This is just my opinion and I'm Jason "Xtremefalls" Simmons until next time

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