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Interview Recap - Bill Goldberg

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 01:03, Nov 27 2005

By Neal Jones

Bill Goldberg was the 2nd guest this week on In Your Head with Elix Skipper in the first. Both are available for listening at http://www.inyourheadonline.com

Bill was greeted by the hosts. Goldberg wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Goldberg talked about his new clothing line which is available at www.billgoldberg.com right now there is a flaming skull logo and he says more will come out soon as well. The year one automotive website along with his gym's website will be offering them for sale. And eventually in stores.

Goldberg talks about training for MMA still. But he is getting too old to ever do a match. He also says most of the guys are his friends, but he would do an exhibition with one of the guys. They compare UFC and Pride. Saying Pride is more of a big event type deal. Jack brings up the Pride show where they called him a former football player instead of wrestler. Goldberg had never heard this before. Bill says they are turning more into pro wrestling because MMA understands they need characters to sell not just matches.

Automaniac his show on the History Channel is brought up. Bill says he enjoys it and doesn't have to get beat up while doing it. He hopes it is on another season, maybe even another channel.

Bill talks about Sgt Buddy Lee Parker. And the fact he was the most influential to him in his early stages. Bill says you really cant compare the Power Plant and NFL Training Camp. He says Power Plant was more demoralizing.

Jack asks if anyone can do the spear like him, Bill says you'd have to ask the fans. He says ask Russo. Bill said the most fun guys to spear was Kanyon and Chavo because of how they took it.

Being too stiff with guys is brought up. Goldberg says guys did complain. But you are in the wrong business if you cant take it.

Jack asks what guys really helped him out. Goldberg says a lot of guys did like Hennig, Nash, Buddy Parker, Arn Anderson. Barbie asks if looking back can he see anyone who offered advice but had ulterior motives. Bill said 99% of the people had them. But still a lot of people were genuine and some weren't.

Bill says he misses the pop from the crowd. He enjoyed the whole entrance coming to the ring with the walk and the fireworks in WCW. OIB asks if he missed the big entrance in WWE. Goldberg says definitely. He said WWE wasn't going to carry on an entrance like that because they couldn't have him get more over than certain guys there.

Barbie asks if there was a federation with no politics involved would he still be wrestling. Bill says of course. If their was a company with only business on their mind and not such a detrimental atmosphere like the last place he was at he'd be there.

OIB says one of the last dream matches is Austin vs Goldberg, and will we ever see it. He says he doubts it. He heard Austin is going with Hogan at Mania. He isn't sure Austin could handle a match with Goldberg physically. And there wont be that risk involved with Hulk Hogan. Goldberg said he would even take a stunner if they could make that match. Goldberg says he guarantees with 100% he couldn't take care of Austin in the ring and not hurt him. He added he could also guarantee 100% if he didn't want to take care of him he could do that as well.

Jacks asks it was true that WWE wanted him to stop using the Jackhammer. Goldberg says he knew they were trying to take a crap on his character when they wanted to take away one of his finishing moves. He said it made no sense.

Bill says they were intentional in not using the Goldberg character right. WWE knows how to promote guys. Bill says the time he speared Rosie through the barricade was his idea. And one of the few times he got over on RAW. Bill talks about the Elimination Chamber and how it showed if they let him come up with own stuff eh could get over big. That WWE would never come up with stuff like that on their own for him.

Jack mentions the recent Magnum TA interview where he stated Charisma was the maine attribute needed to be a main star. And asks Bill if some fans put too much emphasis on in ring wrestling. Goldberg agrees. And brings up Hulk Hogan. Saying he was the biggest star ever but can't wrestle. Goldberg admits he cant wrestle but he had something that made the fans crazy. Goldberg says his claim to fame wasn't being the man of 1000 holds like Dean Malenko. The fans wanted to see him smash people.

OIB asks about transition from Wrestling to Movies. Goldberg says he is trying, he says Rock has done but he is just trying now. He says it is easier since it isn't live like Wrestling. Bill is appreciable of any role he can get. Santa's Slay is brought up. Goldberg says the DVD version will be an unedited version. The hosts talk about enjoying the movie, as a tongue in cheek fun cult classic. Goldberg says he met his wife on the set.

Jack asks if Bill ever worries about something happening to him similar to the Warrior DVD. Goldberg hadn't seen it. The guests go over how they buried Warrior on the DVD. Bill doesn't believe that will happen to him.

OIB and Bill talk about working with Jean Claude Van Dam. Goldberg says he was easy to work with, but he wasn't used to guys really hitting him.

Goldberg gets into his Japanese experiences. He says it was freaky not having responses at first. He says it was more fun working there. Barbie asks if you need to trust your instincts more with out the crowd responses. Goldberg says that's the best advice he can give anyone.

Jack brings up the match where Regal was said to make Bill look bad. Goldberg says who knows. He would let guys do moves to him on Nitro. And Bischoff would say he was crazy when he came back to the dressing room. Bill says he felt guilty that guys who had been in the business for so long losing so quick, so he would let people do anything because in the end he would go over big.

Barbie asks if their was any one guy who got the most out of the Goldberg character. He says Hennig, Hogan the NWO and Hall. The Raven match is brought up when he won the USA Title. Goldberg said Raven is a great worker and very smart. Jack brings up the Steiner matches, and that he was a guy people believed could hurt Goldberg. Bill agrees, and says that's why Scotty and The Giant were so much fun to work with. Goldberg talks about being the only guy who could walk around the ring with Big Show. jack brings up Brock, and Goldberg puts Brock over. And was behind him following his dream.

Bill is asked to compare Bischoff and Russo. Bill says you cant compare the two, and he has said about as much bad as he can say about Russo. Goldberg says Bischoff's run started going down when Russo was thrown in the mix.

The heel turn is discussed. Goldberg says it was a horrible way to do it, but he would of loved to be a heel. Bill hated the character going after Duggan who had cancer, when he the person had a young cancer patient in the back watching him.

Goldberg talks about enjoying watching wrestling growing up but he didn't aspire to be a wrestler. He enjoyed watching Texas Wrestling, The Road Warriors and his favorite was Bruiser Brody. Bill said if he was a heel he would of worked like Brody.

Jack asks if Goldberg is surprised to see Bischoff working for Vince McMahon. Bill says Eric would do anything for money. Jack asks what it was like when he heard WWE bought WCW, he said he wanted to puke.

The Invasion is brought up. Goldberg says nothing against Booker T etc but they needed to bring in the big stars for it to really get over big. Bill says the ego played such a big part in the whole thing. He says it was doomed since the beginning. With out the whole package what do you have ? Goldberg says it just wasn't smart to take a buy out of a contract to go and work. Jack says DDP did, and it didn't work out well Goldberg agrees. Goldberg says DDP had a passion to wrestle, he did too but he also thought of it as a business. Bill says he may have done a similar thing to play in the NFL longer if he could have.

Jack asks about the XFL. Goldberg thought it was ridiculous. He was happy it gave people jobs. But the product itself was bad.

IYH fan RavenEffect asks what his favorite match was. Bill says winning the belt over Hogan, other than that any time he worked with Hennig or Sting.

Barbie asks what is next for Bill Goldberg. Bill says maybe TV producer. And talks about Joes vs the Pros next month on Spike. Three average Joes vs Sports Icons in a 10 week series. Bill says there are some out of the box stuff, first there are sports stuff then events like ball room dancing and figure skating. Bill mentions some other names on the show like Clyde Drexler, Karl Malone, Bo Jackson, Jim McMahon, Hershel Walker and Jerry Rice.

IYH fan JeffHardyLover asks if the sparks hurt his skin. Goldberg says if burning holes in his trunks is any indication it probably wasn't good for him. He says he thinks the worse effect it will have on him are on his lungs.

Goldberg thanks all the fans out there, and the hosts of the show.

The entire 40 minute interview is available
for listen or download at http://www.inyourheadonline.com and
http://www.audiowrestling.com . And join us live next week for Lex Luger and Goldy Locks

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