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Interview Recap - BG James

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 12:18, Jan 28 2010

By: Bob Colling of http://chroniclesoftna.proboards.com/

Jack, OIB and Barbie Richards are quickly joined by BG James better known as Road Dogg from his run in the WWF from 1995-2001. James is happy to be joining the program.

To listen to the full interview go to http://www.InYourHeadOnline.com

BG James brings up his participation in the legends mania event taking place on March 12th and 13th. James mentions that the whole Armstrong Family will be in attendance. www.legendsmania.com for more information. The events will be taking place in Georgia.

BG isn?t disappointed that he didn?t use the Armstrong name, but rather is glad to been able to get over on his own and need to use the last name that his father made famous. BG is happy to be a Armstrong.

A caller asks if there is a match that stands out to him to which BG mentions the dumpster match from Wrestle Mania XIV. BG believes that match was a defining moment in his career and his tag team partner Billy Gunn. BG says that was a great stepping stone for the New Age Outlaws. BG says that it is true that he convinced Vince to not the stunts in rehearsal to see if it was safe enough for Cactus and Terry to take the bumps. BG puts over the fact that Vince and Shane do some crazy bumps and says that they impressed the boys in the back.

BG puts over Terry Funk as being the toughest guy he has ever worked with in his career. Jack and BG do their Terry Funk?s impersonations. BG says their were several times when he didn?t want to do some bumps because they were too dangerous.

A member from the board asks what does BG think of DX today. To find out what BG said? listen to the interview!

Jack asks if BG had talked to the WWE about returning to re-join. BG says he did but it ?wasn?t meant to be?. BG also doesn?t believe that you burn bridges in the wrestling business.

BG says that DX may have been a rip off of New World Order. BG mentions that half of the Kliq worked in WCW and the other worked in the WWF. BG doesn?t see it as a rip off, but rather just people in the same group working in different companies. BG puts Eric Bischoff as a smart man. BG worked as a agent for the TNA Genesis, but it was only for the that show.

Jack asks if anyone got mad about the pump handle slam and the taunt that BG would do before performing the move. BG tells a hilarious story about what he and fellow wrestler said about the situation. BG remembers seeing Test do the move in a powerful way and he knew he couldn?t do that so he made it easier for himself.

A member from the board asks where was the ?With My Baby Tonight? angle was suppose to go. BG says that a In Your House in 1995 their was suppose to be a three way dance between himself, Jeff Jarrett and Shawn Michaels. BG went in a different direction and the angle went south. BG believes that at the end of the angle he would have defeated Jeff Jarrett to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship. BG says that he made a mistake in not going with the plan. BG says that he last sang the song during a Canadian trip.

In a hilarious turn of events, Barbie Richards begins to SING the ?With My Baby Tonight? song. Has to be heard, as BG puts over Barbie?s singing ability.

Jack asks BG is doing health wise, and BG says that he is doing well. He does ?feel my age? (BG is 40). BG says that he is too old to get in the ring with the young guys, as he isn?t going to be like a Ric Flair, because he simply can?t.

A member from the board asks what BG what he thinks of the Armstrong Curse. BG believes that was Bobby Heenan just making some great commentary. BG believes it is a blessing to have the Armstrong last name. BG would be interested in doing commentary, but he doesn?t know if he would be good at it.

A caller asks if BG thinks TNA focuses too much time on competing with the WWE. BG believes that they do but he doesn?t know if that is necessarily a bad thing. He does say they will need to focus on their storylines and their own product.

Jack asks if their was suppose to be anything more with the VKM tag team. BG talks about invading the WWE house show. BG basically says that TNA dropped the ball with the angle as they never followed up with the things they were doing. BG did have a good time doing that angle.

BG tells a funny story about trying to get a photo with the Four Horsemen at a event in Charlotte, North Carolina last year. Did BG end up getting the photo after all the trouble it caused? Listen to the interview to find out!

A member from the board asks what was BG favorite moment from Attitude Era. BG mentions taking finishers from Steve Austin and just taking finishers. BG had a great time during the Attitude Era. BG says that Vince Russo wrote them into a lot of scenarios but they would adlib their own way. BG says they would try to make each other laugh. BG puts Chyna over as a funny person and quick witted.

BG has to cut the interview short as his kids are getting home, but promises that he will be back.

BG James will also be appearing at Legends Mania in Atlanta, Georgia March 12-13th, 2010 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel.
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