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Interview Recap - Chavo Guerrero

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 22:13, Jan 11 2010

By: Bob Colling of http://chroniclesoftna.proboards.com/

Chavo Guerrero Sr. Interview Recap
By: Bob Colling of http://chroniclesoftna.proboards.com/

To listen to the full interview go to http://www.InYourHeadOnline.com

Jack, OIB and Barbie welcome everyone to the show with Chavo Guerrero Sr. Chavo?s throat is bothering him so he is a little bit raspy but can still hear him well. Chavo will be at the Wrestle Reunion event January 30th and 31st, 2010 in Los Angeles Ca. For more information please visit:

Chavo says that people don?t really remember him from his short Chavo Classic run in the WWE since it ?lasted only about four months?. However, people still recognize him and tell him stories. Chavo says that it means a lot when fans bring something to him from awhile back. Chavo proceeds to really put over the fans.

A caller asks if Chavo will be joining Hector and Mondo. Chavo says that Hector is involved with TNA and Mondo is involved with making movies. Chavo does believe that both men can still wrestle. He doesn?t believe that they will join forces, at least not in the future. Is Chavo trying to get into TNA? Find out by listening!

Chavo did watch both WWE and TNA on January 4th. Chavo believes that competition is a great thing and makes everyone better. When asked about his thoughts on the TNA programming, Chavo gives an honest answer? tune in to hear it for yourself!

Chavo has a hilarious exchange with a caller from El Paso regarding the caller going to a ?snob school?. Chavo says that he is writing a book and that there are plenty of stories from his El Paso days.

Jack asks Chavo?s opinion on Roddy Piper both inside and outside of the ring. Chavo tells Jack that Piper was never a wrestler but rather a brawler. Chavo also talks about how they had a three year program and they wrestled every week. Chavo mentions a time when Piper brought out a donkey! This stories has to be heard as it is absolutely hilarious!

Chavo says that Piper did get his butt kicked from the fans for some of the things in did in the area. Chavo also brings up his first break in LA and how the booker wanted him to be champion but people considered him too small. Chavo tells a story where he fought Ernie Ladd and how nervous he was.

Chavo always preferred to be a heel. ?I love getting the people mad at me. I am natural baby face.? Chavo talks about wrestling talking too much and how boring it can get. Chavo gives a very honest opinion on Evan Bourne and his lack of promo skills.

A caller talking about Chavo?s time in Mid-South wrestling where Junkyard Dog wore a sombrero to the ring! Chavo tells a story about taking JYD?s chains before another match. Chavo discusses guys like Konnan who he believes is ?hot shotting? his current territory.

Barbie asks Chavo if their were any Mexican wrestlers that never made it back in Chavo?s day. Chavo says their was plenty of talent who didn?t make it. Chavo believed that most guys weren?t able to adapt to the American style. Chavo really puts over Rey Mysterio Jr. as being able to succeed.

Chavo really lashes into Mil Mascaras but says that he is a friend of his. Chavo says that Mil was the first guy to put himself ahead of the other talent and demand a plane trip and not caring about the rest of the boys. Mil would also get all the woman. Chavo continued to say that he had the perfect gimmick and looked great. However, Mil would always do the same moves and that is why he doesn?t draw anymore.

A caller asks what country is Chavo?s favorite to work in. Chavo says that he really enjoyed working in Japan because he got paid really well. Chavo says that the United States was most likely the worst paying country he worked for. Chavo tells a story about a time he worked for the Von Erich?s.

Jack asks if Chavo if he thinks Bill Watts is a racist. Despite Watts being a friend of his, Chavo says ?I always thought he was a racist. He treated me well though?.
A caller asks about Chavo?s son Chavo Guerrero Jr. and if he likes how Chavo is being used by the WWE. Chavo simply says that he is getting paid and getting exposure. He doesn?t like the storyline and thinks that Chavo Jr. feels the same way.

A question from the forum asks if Chavo ever had a confrontation with Bad News Brown. Chavo laughs and says that the person must know something. Chavo tells a very good story from Japan that involves a shower! Has to be heard to be believed.

Jack asks if Chavo had ever gotten in a fight with any other workers but Chavo talks about some of his favorite wrestlers to work with. Bob Backlund, Dory Funk Jr., Jack Briscoe and Ric Flair are mentioned.

Chavo never had any Samoan fans when he worked with Peter Maivia. Chavo says the fans there are beautiful. Chavo says that Pat Patterson was a great performer, as well. Chavo tells a funny battle royal about Pat Patterson.

Be sure to check Chavo out at the Wrestle Reunion and go to his website http://www3.to/chavosr

For Wrestle Reunion information go to http://www.wrestlereunion.com

To listen to the full In Your Head Interview head on over to InYourHeadOnline.com and you can also check out their 5+ year archive which include interviews from Scott Hall, Chris Jericho, Tammy Lynn Sytch aka Sunny, Terry Funk and many more, Upcoming Guests include Rock Riddle, Bill Apter, Sheik Bashir and many more weekly Wednesdays at 8:05PM Eastern.

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