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Xtreme View : What Was The Point

Posted in Xtremeview by Jack at 21:11, Oct 26 2009

by Jason "Xtremefalls" Simmons

What was the point?

So once again we have a new World Wrestling Entertainment Champion in John Cena. After wrestling a 60 minute Iron Man Match Randy Orton dropped the title to John Cena again! Now lets be honest here the majority of the Internet at least is sick to death of the John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, and Batista's never ending feud that has continued now for the better part of half a decade. I also think the regular common fans are starting to tire of the situation as the buyrates have fallen. Every time they created a new main event feud the crowd reacts in a positive way so why do they continue?

The reason is simple the top guys in the company are two close to the boss period and that's not a knock on Triple H's marriage to Stephanie McMahon. That's a knock on the company period. Back in 1993 Hulk Hogan finally lost his grip on Vince McMahon and he finally begin to change for the future. However with Triple H being in the family and him obviously being best friends with Shawn Michaels its got to be hard to just tell them no. When that grip will break and someone will finally tell them enough and they need to start doing positive things for the future who knows? There have been strides however to Triple H's and HBK's credit to make new talent and with some fine tuning they could probably be more effective.

Regardless WWE needs to push younger talent harder when Edge suddenly beat John Cena for the WWE title in early 2006 it not only made Edge a much bigger name but it helped all around. John Cena got more over, the ratings went up, the buyrate for the rematch went up, and WWE was a very hot topic. Same with Jeff Hardy when he finally broke through and won the title it helped the product all around. If WWE would allow a bigger group of guys into the Main Event it would probably raise ratings and buyrates and allow people like John Cena not seem stale and boring.

However lets get to my main point of today which is why in the blue hell did we need to continually switch the title off Cena and Orton? Randy Orton was in the middle of a three month reign and then he dropped the title to John Cena. Okay that was fine whatever your Champion great, you do a rematch and then move on. That would all be too simple though for the WWE because less then a month later Randy Orton beats John Cena for the Championship. Then less then another three weeks later John Cena beats Randy Orton to win the title. What did any of this actually accomplish?

Absolutely nothing is your answer because it just made everything involved less over. If the only way you can get heat for a feud is passing the belt back and forth don't you think there is a problem? This isn't the only time this year that WWE has done this. CM Punk and Jeff Hardy did this earlier this year which wasn't as bad but again not necessary. Randy Orton lost to Batista in a Cage Match even though Batista was injured and they knew he was getting surgery. What did it accomplish? Nothing! So now Randy Orton is a six time champion and Cena is a seven time champion and does anyone see them as any bigger of a deal? No because there reigns don't mean anything. Just because during the attitude era you could switch the title every 2 or 3 months and it wouldn't hurt the show doesn't mean you can now!

Wrestling is in need of going back to the basics that has made WWE in the past and others in the past successful. Give a guy a championship belt and build him as a big deal! Don't just drop the title every month because its just hurting the belt and the wrestlers. Yokozuna in 1993 held the belt for 9 months and when he finally dropped it to Bret Hart it was a big deal. When Cena held the WWE title from Wrestlemania 21 to when Edge screwed him over 10 months later it was a big deal. So learn from the past and see that if you build something fans will care and if you don't and bury the title and the people holding it they won't. Its that simple!

That's all for today Feedback will be answered negative or positive.

Jason "Xtremefalls" Simmons

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