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Interview Recap - Kevin Thorn

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 00:07, Oct 07 2009

By Andrew Pritchard

Kevin Thorn
By Andrew Pritchard

Kevin Thorn (Now Seven Thorn) joined the In Your Head crew for the September 30, 2009 edition of In Your Head Wrestling Radio, Jack, One Inch Biceps and Barbie Richards conducted the Interview.

To listen to the full interview go to http://www.InYourHeadOnline.com

Jack opens up with asking Kevin what the difference between working in front of an English Crowd and working in front of an American Crowd, Thorn says that in America everybody is spoiled because there is a wrestling show every weekend in small town USA, the calibre of the count isn?t the greatest, and in the UK they have a lot of shows but they are usually imports and they aren?t so spoiled by American Wrestling like they are in the States, Fans in the UK he claims are the greatest as they understand that the wrestlers have travelled as far as they have to get there, he says British fans are great as far as being receptive and appreciative, Thorn says in the United States the hardest drink on the menu is Pepsi Cola and a Hot Dog, in the United Kingdom it?s a full pub & fish and chips the whole nine yards.

Jack asks about the Vampire Gimmick whether it was something he thought up or something that someone else thought up for him, Thorn says that he?d been off for a while and WWE released him at the time and him and Tommy Dreamer had been great friends for a long time and basically called him and said ?they are going to hire you back? they have this deals on Sci Fi and Sci Fi wants basically Aliens or Zombies or Vampires, and he said what do you think you can do and Thorn says he said he?s always dug Vampire stuff and always thought it was cool and said if he came aboard he could do this Vampire stuff, Tommy said alright and said he?d throw that out to them and all of a sudden it came into play with the Zombie and pulled the Alien crap and Macho Libre and one thing lead to another and all of a sudden it was like here?s your 15 seconds of fame and he was like Oh Crap what am I going to do. So along with Paul Heyman they were like we?ve gotta make this good unless I?m not gonna lie for them like here he is and Thorn said Heyman came up with some good ideas bite clubs were popular and at that time they were 3 years ahead of the game, and Thorn said technically we knew Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries were coming and once WWE were ahead of the game, and you know its like 4 years after Facebook has come out they are going to come with the WWE Universe and at this point in time they were a head of the game, and 2 years later it was ?I don?t want Vampires anymore? since Vince didn?t get it.

Kevin Thorn also talked about his time in OVW, FCW, his planned feud with The Undertaker, Mordecai, New Breed vs. ECW Originals and much much more.

Remember these are just highlights to listen to the full In Your Head Interview head on over to InYourHeadOnline.com and you can also check out their 4+ year archive which include interviews from Blackjack Mulligan, 4 NWA Charlotte Legends Fanfest shows, Scott Hall and many more, Upcoming Guests include, Scott Hudson, Shelton Benjamin?s Mama, Rock Riddle, and on October 7, 2009 The Nature Boy Buddy Landell will be on the show at 8:05PM Eastern.

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