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Interview Recap - Babe the Farmer's Daughter

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 12:49, Sep 26 2009

by Eboney

by Eboney

Babe the Farmer?s Daughter interview recap from www.InYourHeadOnline.com conducted by Jack E. Jones, Oneinchbiceps and Barbie Richards.

For people who are interested, Jack officially introduces Babe the Farmer's Daughter around the 51:48 minute mark. Babe tells the IYH crew thank you and says she's doing fine.

Jack's first question is if Babe still goes by Babe. "Absolutely. More than Ursula. I don't know who Ursula is. Babe is so much more fun."

Jack then asks about the origins of the Farmer's Daughter name. Babe isn't really sure about where the name came from. It's an old name from movies. Babe then talks about Babe Richardson, a big sports woman back in the 1940's. She thinks it's a good question, but really can't answer it.

Jack says they never found out who the farmer was. Babe jokes with "You don't want to meet anyone is who is a farmer's daughter' dad. Him and his shotgun."

Jack asks if Babe got along with any other farmers' daughters. Babe says yes and mentions how she is looking for Amy and Sally since they have lost contact over the years. Babe talks about a documentary about G.L.O.W. she is working on. She says they have interviewed Matilda, Fuji, Hollywood, Lightning, Gremlina, Ashley Ca-rte-a, Sonny & Cher, Suzie, Ninotchka, Little Egypt, MTV, Jail Bait, Corporal Kelly, The Housewives, Tiffany Melon, Roxie and the list keeps growing. She hopes she hasn't forgotten to mention anyone. Babe then says Little Egypt and herself are working to put on a reunion for the G.L.O.W. Girls.

Jack asks what made them want to do a reunion show and a documentary about G.L.O.W. "It's just in my blood. I love wrestling." Babe says that since she purchased the company in 2001, she's been working on getting a new show back up. She says that they have been pitching ideas to companies. She also brought up how a company named Window Productions contacted her about doing the documentary.

Jack ask if Babe knew about G.L.O.W.'s following. Babe says she didn't because "they pretty much kept us in the dark." She adds that it wasn't until she did Donahue did she realize how popular G.L.O.W. was. She thinks that if they knew that the G.L.O.W. Girls knew how popular they were, then the girls would ask for more money.

Jack asks if when Babe finally got on-line, if any fans contacted her and if it made her realize it was bigger than she thought. Babe says yes. "I am just amazed. I make my living off selling G.L.O.W. DVDs. I mean it's just fabulous. I love my job." She says she is still wrestling.
Jack plugs www.gorgeousladiesofwrestling.com for the DVDs. Babe adds that you can also go to www.glowgirls.tv because it's shorter. "It's definitely gorgeous, not glorious." Jack then wonders if you put in 'glorious' instead if that would take you to a website for adults.

Barbie then asks if there were girls that Babe interviewed for the documentary she thought would never show up again. Babe says no. That everyone she has interviewed has been very positive about the documentary. "G.L.O.W. is in our hearts. It's like [a] great time in our lives."

Jack asks who came up with all of the raps G.L.O.W. did. Babe says a lot of the girls wrote the raps themselves. However, if they couldn't think of a line or get stuck, they would go to writer Steve Lance. She also adds that Steve Lance was interviewed for the documentary too. She says he will also be added on to the G.L.O.W. reality show she is working on. However, it's not really a reality show.. More like behind the scenes. Jack then adds if Babe wrote her own raps. She says that her and Steve Lance went back and forth on a lot of her raps.

Jack says there's a couple of callers.

The first caller is Mike. Mike says hi and asks if Babe remembers him. Babe asks if that was her roommate. Mike says no and that him and Babe spoke on the phone in January. Mike then adds he met her through Facebook. Mike then asks for more information about the upcoming documentary, such as if it's going to be a retail release, and asks if Babe has ever thought of writing a book about G.L.O.W. Babe has thought about a book, and that it will probably happen in the future. Babe says that the production company handling it is shooting for the film festivals and that maybe they will eventually try to release it. "We aren't doing this for money. It's because we want to." Babe says that the main reason they are doing the documentary is to get the word out about G.L.O.W. Mike then asks if the fans will be able to watch it. Babe says "Oh, sure." and that the G.L.O.W. site will have it for sale. Jack then asks Mike if he is going to order his copy and Mike talks about
watching it as a kid and how fun it was. Babe then adds it was a fun show and she did have a lot of fun doing it. Mike then asks Babe if she has heard of Wrestlicious and if she has, what she thought of it. Babe says she really doesn't have any thoughts about it. Jack then adds that they used the rap idea G.L.O.W. used. Babe says she hasn't watched any of the videos, but people have told her that it's a lot like G.L.O.W. Babe then adds it really doesn't matter to her. "If they want Wrestlicious, then why wouldn't they want the real deal?" Mike then asks if Babe minds fans putting clips of G.L.O.W. up on YouTube. "No. Absolutely not. The fans are what keeps us alive and going. And the clips on YouTube are awesome." Mike then adds that everyone from G.L.O.W. that he has met through FaceBook has been really nice to the fans. Babe then adds that she also interview Daisy for the documentary.

Jack then ask how Babe started wrestling and if she was wrestling before G.L.O.W. Babe says that she wasn't a wrestler before G.L.O.W. and very few of the girls were wrestling before it. Jack then ask if Babe was into wrestling before G.L.O.W. Babe says acting was more her focus, but now wrestling is her life. "I was a little nervous. I'm like 'YOU MEAN LIKE THOSE BIG GUYS DO ON TV?! THOSE BIG, HUGE GUYS WHO BEAT EACH OTHER UP?! YOU WANT ME TO DO THAT?!'" Babe says her friend try to convince her to try it out because it would be Vegas and they could have their own room. "So, I was like what the hell."

Jack then asks if Babe has had any injures while she was training or wrestling. Babe says only minor muscle and ankle ones. Babe then adds about she messed up her hip before a show in 2003 and she didn't think she could do it. She says that for six weeks she couldn't walk and turn out it was just a muscle. Nothing was broken. Luckily, it was all healed up before the show. She said that they were short a bad girl, so she wrestled as "Donna Matrix", a bad girl.

Jack takes another caller, Joe from Portugal. Joe and Babe say hello to each other before Joe says he only has one real question. Joe asks if G.L.O.W. was created because of the success of All Japan Woman's Pro Wrestling at the time. Joe then adds he thinks saw a few of the G.L.O.W. Girls that went to Japan and tried to wrestle there. Babe adds Joe was right and many of the G.L.O.W. Girls, including herself, has wrestled all over the world thanks to G.L.O.W. Babe says G.L.O.W. was probably created because of the success of the Japanese company. She adds that David McClain was a huge men's wrestling fan and he was the one who got the idea to do women's wrestling in the States. Because it wasn't done on a larger scale in America, McClain hooked up with Matt Timber who hooked him up with a financier, Michelle. Joe then asks how it was working in Japan. Babe says she never wrestled in Japan. She adds that when Tulsa and Hollywood went to Panama to do an interview, 10,000 people showed up. Jack thanks Joe for his call before he hangs up.

Jack then cuts to Mike, who was still on the line, to see if he had anything else to add. Mike then laughs and said he has one question about winning a DVD. Jack explains that everyone who called into the show will be entered into the DVD contest. Mike then asks Babe one more quick question about how the storyline with the Heavy Metal Sisters setting Sugar's face on fire and asks how they did it. "Magic, darling." Everyone says bye before Mike hangs up.

Jack then asks who trained Babe and the other wrestlers. Babe says Ninotchka was her first trainer and her other one was Attache. She adds those two were extremely good wrestlers and for all of the "new kids on the block", they were the ones doing most of the training. She says she was trained by a male wrestler while in POW, but she's sorry she can't remember his name. Babe then corrects herself in saying Neno was her first trainer then the other two were her trainers. She says she arrived in G.L.O.W. at the end of season two. However, G.L.O.W. went on hiatus and she went to POW for more training. She says POW really helped her a lot and that she is a much better today because you grow as a wrestler.

Jack asks if it was hard to work with the ropes in G.L.O.W. because the ropes looked pretty loose. Babe says no and can't remember ever having a problem with the ropes.
Jack then cues Barbie who has a question from the board. Barbie says a fan wants to know what it was like working with Jackie Stallone. "Oh gosh. She's just fabulous. I just love her." She also adds Jackie was also interviewed for the documentary. Babe then recalls a time Jackie did Donahue when a caller called in and ask what does her son, Sylvester, think of you doing this? "She's all like 'Like I care what he thinks!'" One Inch then adds "Rambo doesn't tell his mother what to do."

Jacks ask what Babe's family think about her wrestling. Babe says that her mom loved it and taped every show. Babe says that it's a hard topic for her to talk about since her mom passed around in November. Babe adds that her mom even made her Farmer's Daughter top.

Jack takes another caller, Swax. Swax says he just wanted to call in and tell Babe he was a very big G.L.O.W. fan. He brings up Hollywood & Vine. Babe adds she's looking for Vine. Swax then mentions Tina Ferrari. Babe also says she needs to find Tina. Swax then adds Ninotchka before saying he has all of the G.L.O.W. DVDs. Babe says she custom packs every order from the www.glowgirls.tv site, unless it was released by Big Vision. She says she burns every DVD to keep quality. Swax then asks if David McClain is still alive. "Oh yeah." She mentions that Little Egypt is talking to him about the reunion. Jack then adds that someone brought up that he should had turned evil. Slax then adds if David or Babe will every put out a ultimate G.L.O.W. DVD set. Babe says no because neither has all of the master tapes. Babe says that the old management has the master tapes she's missing and that they don't want to give them up. Jack asks the reasons behind that. Babe says it's because of money. Slax then comments on the infamous Super Bowl Shuffle the G.L.O.W. Girls did. Babe says he knows more than she does before Jack says he is just comparing the raps to the rap the Chicago Bears did. Barbie then interrupts and he thinks Swax is having a stroke.

Jack then asks if Babe still wrestles with the daisy dukes on. Babe says she hasn't in a while, but plans on doing so in the future.

Jack brings up that Babe says she still wrestles and asks where at. Babe says it's at Rick Drasin's wrestling school. Babe plugs a match on Youtube that is recent, Babe the Farmer's Daughter vs Fernda the Bull.

Swax comes back and ask for Babe's thoughts on the current women's divisions in TNA & the WWE. "I love it."

Jack asks if after G.L.O.W. ended, were there talks for Babe to go the WWF or another company. "No, I never thought to go to the WWF. It just wasn't in my agenda." Babe says that the slapstick and theatrics of G.L.O.W. is what drew her to it.

Swax then recalls that David McClain opened up WOW, Women of Wrestling, and asks if Babe ever had interest in it. Babe says she didn't know anything about WOW until she was doing a convention in San Diego. She says she just steps out of the shower and she hears David's voice on TV. "And that's the first I heard of it." Swax adds that they had some decent wrestling on that show because it revolved around physicality. Slax adds that the promotion's physicality stepped up because the big star in the WWF at the time was Sable for the women. Slax comments that G.L.O.W. really didn't have a lot of physicality, just basic moves and a lot of entertainment. Swax then says that since Sable to now, the wrestling for the women has really changed. The hosts interrupted Swax about how he is going to slow before Babe interrupts the host. "You guys are mean!" Barbie defends the himself and the other hosts before Babe tells them "Don't be mean to me, cuz I'll kick your ass. I will hogtie you and beat you ass... But you will probably like it." Everyone says goodbye before Swax hangs up.

One Inch has another question from the board. A fan wants to know what was it like working with Peggy Bundy. "It was such a thrill meeting Al Bundy and Peg Bundy." Babe adds that Christina Applegate was the sweetest thing and that she couldn't believe that Christina was talking to her. One Inch can't recall the episode, but asks if Babe had a match with her. Babe says no and that Big Bad Momma beat up Al Bundy. Al thought he was going to have a match with me and was tauting her. But when she walks out and his opponent turned out to be Big Bad Momma. Al got scared while Peg was begging him to do the match because it was $10,000. "That's a dollar a pound, Peg!" Babe says that Married with Children was one of her favorite shows before the episode and that she was just thrilled to be on it.

Jack says someone in the chat room as a question, who was the real giant in the ring: Matilda, Fuji or Big Bad Momma. Babe says it was Mt. Fuji.

Jack then brings up Little Egypt in the chat room and how she wants to know if Babe remembers any if her raps and if she could sing them. Babe says she knows her current rap. "Hi, I am Babe. Owner of G.L.O.W. and this time I run the show. We are all so happy G.L.O.W. is back. So, get on aboard or hit the road JACK." Jack jokes about how that was directed straight at him then he asks if Barbie has one for himself. Barbie asks if he can keep what little dignity he has left. Jack asks Barbie to sing because he has a great voice. Barbie says no because he doesn't know what to sing before One Inch shouts Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me. Jack sings it before One Inch says Barbie isn't getting out of this one.

Jack mentions that Zack had a question, but he couldn't get through. His question was what was it like working with Beastie. Babe says that she loves her, but she was as wild and crazy in real life as she was on TV. The director made your character what he say in you. Babe recalls that Beastie showed in a pink tutu because she wanted to be one of the good girls.

Jack asks if there was anyone Babe didn't get along with. Babe says there really wasn't anyone because "We were one big happy family."

Jack asks if anyone played any ribs on anyone. Jack adds that a lot of male wrestlers have stories about practical jokes. Babe says there wasn't any ribs that she can think of at the top of her head and that she wishes she did rib someone now that Jack mentioned it.
Jack asks a question from Little Egypt again, what was Babe's signature move. Babe says that the Farmer's Roll was popular and her other signature move was jumping off the turnbuckle and stomping on her opponent's stomach. She doesn't know what to call it, so she tells the guys they can think of a name. All three hosts go "The big stomp." Babe adds that a lot of times the G.L.O.W. Girls didn't know the 'professional name' of a move, they would just make one up.

Jack brings up the new G.L.O.W. and how he saw online how they had try outs at one point. Babe says that they did have auditions and that they are shopping the idea around to networks. Jack asks if people still wanted to try out, could they. Babe says all they have to do is send a picture and a resume to glowgirls.tv. Babe adds she wants to do a live show and is looking for investors. She wants to bring back as many G.L.O.W. Girls as she can back to the Rivera in Las Vegas. She says that for anyone who wants to try out, just send her a picture. She adds that a lot of the G.L.O.W. Girls are still wrestling, but not enough to put on a full show. She also says that it would take some time to get everything together, since she would have to probably try some girls. However, she did praise the women wrestlers who have found training schools elsewhere. She says that for the live show, she would need 3 or 4 girls that were trained.

Jack asks a question from the chat room, what was Babe's favorite memory in G.L.O.W. Babe says that is a hard question, but she thinks doing Donahue and being Married with Children were great memories. She adds wrestling in front people every Friday was great too. She says G.L.O.W. got so popular that they moved from the Rivera that only held 200 to a warehouse that could hold more people. She says the warehouse is now a Harley Davidson shop now.

Jack asks if there were any more questions from the board before asking Barbie if he has picked out a song yet. The other hosts and Babe joke about how Barbie could be G.L.O.W. Girl material. Barbie admits he wanted to be either a G.L.O.W. Girl or a Lollipop Man. Babe then says she wants a Lollipop G.L.O.W. Girl or a Chicklets G.L.O.W. Girl.

One Inch has a question from Mike. He wants to know if there was rumors of a G.L.O.W. Girls movie or if that was true or not. Babe says there was suppose to be a movie and a season five, but the distribution company wasn't paying back Michelle Rookless. She says that's the only reason G.L.O.W. didn't continue. Babe says it's an upsetting topic because if everyone had played by the rules, the shows would still be on the air. She adds that whole situation upsets her because she is going through the same problems with her current distributor. Jack adds that IYH is good friends with Big Vision Entertainment. Babe adds that she hopes that the documentary can be release through them.
Jack takes another call from the 718 area code. The guy hangs up before saying anything. Babe dares the caller to call back and jokes about it.

Jack says that the chat room wants to know what it's like wrestling barefoot. Babe corrects them with saying Sally was the one who wrestled barefooted. Babe said she wore little white tennis shoes with white socks because her weak link are her ankles.
Jack says that Barbie is ready to sing for Babe. He has picked the song 'I've Just Seen a Face' by The Beatles. Barbie sings the song. Babe replies with "Awww.. I love it!" Babe jokes about how it took a few weeks to write her rap and how impress she was that Barbie came up with that.

Jack takes another call, this time it's Julia. Julia's question is who is Babe's favorite person to work with and why. Babe says that's a good question since she really hasn't thought about that. She adds that she liked working with all of them. She picks Ninotchka as her favorite though. She says Ninotchka was such a fabulous wrestler that Babe knew she was going to be safe with her. "Some of the new girls on the block weren't as good as her. And you are only as good as your partner. And if they mess up, it could be a broken bone or something." She also says Tanya was really good to work with too. Jack brings up that Julia is going to be entering wrestling school real soon. Babe asks Julia were she lives. Julia says she lives in Connecticut, but she would be going to Boston to continue training. Babe asks if there was a wrestling school in Boston. Julia says that Killer Kowalski's wrestling skill is in that area. Babe asks Julia to send her information to Babe and she'll kept it on file. Everyone says bye before Julia hangs up.

Jack asks another question from Little Egypt, she wants to know if Babe has every had a wardrobe malfunction. Babe regrettably says yes. Once Inch asks if that's going to be on the DVD and where can he get it. "I can't remember who it was, but somebody hit me against the ropes and the ropes pulled my whole top down." Barbie asks if it's possible to be embarrassed in the ring after that. Babe says no. Babe mentions she was asked to be Playboy when Hollywood and Godiva did it. "I think the body is beautiful, but I kept it to myself and my significant other."

Jack asks that when the DVD comes out, does Babe think there is anything fans would surprised to learn about G.L.O.W. Babe thinks there will be a lot of surprises because she wasn't at the interview for most of the girls.

Jack plugs www.gorgeousladiesofwrestling.com and www.glowgirls.tv . Babe adds that they go to the same place. Jack asks if there's anything Babe wants to tell her fans. "Thank you so much, all of you, for your support." Babe also says people can email her if they have an questions after the interview is over.

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