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X-klusive Smackdown Spoilers

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 08:34, Sep 09 2009

X-klusive SPOILERS from Rockford,Illinois -Smackdown/Superstars tapings at the Rockford Metrocentre 09/08/09 - Smackdown to air on mynetworktv on 09/11/09
by Jamez Orangekorn

I just got home from WWE smackdown/ecw/superstars show tonight.
I really had a great time and this was the best show we have had since 2002.
this is the first tv show we have had since 2004 as we have has house shows every year since.
the arena had more ppl than any show since 2002 and the fans were very much into most of the show and I hope this means we will get another tv taping next year and hopefully raw as im a raw guy,
2 quick things that stood out to me was how simply AMAZING John Morrison truly is.
I have heard ppl say morrison is great in the ring but needs work on his pronos but im telling you watch friday his promos were great ! and he was extremly over. I think the jeff hardy fans will take to morrison while jeff is gone.
the WWE set also stood out to me as this was the 1st time i have seen the new HD set in person and it is truly beautiful,the colors and the images it looked really awsome in person and up close !
this was also the first wwe show ive been to since 2002 where i didnt feel like i wasted my money as its always expence and i spent like $70.00
I wont include ecw info as it was aired live on sci fi and you all may have watched it and to be honest it was boring for me but christian is really over and so was dreamer and i find if funny to hear these young kids chant for tommy dream and chant ecw even thou they were babies when he was in his prime but its kool.good for dreamer
I was excited to see the hart dynasty but i has to make a quick run to the rest room as khali came out and when i came back the entire segment was done so i think it was just promos or a squash
well anyways here are the results in order and i hope you enjoy

superstar match 1 kane beat jimmy yang
superstar match 2 dolph beat slam master J (jesse as a wanksta)
(dolph ziggler really impresses me)
I had no idea that they were gonna also tape superstars aside from ecw and smackdown
the show was over 3 hrs and the crowd loved all of it it seemed. I left early before the dark match ended because thats along time for me to sit but i really enjoyed this show.
this was the best show ive been too since smackdown of 2002 with the nWo before wm18 and the rock and stone cold.

smackdown tapings start as JR and tod come to the ring
it is always kool so see JR he is a legend in my book and deserves the nice ovation he gets. I booed todd grisam just ot be funny and otehr ppl sitting near me started booing him too cuz i was and so were little kids as i think they thought since i was booing him that he should be booed and todd cleary heard the boos and looked confused LOL. it was really funny to me

the show starts with taker coming to the ring to a very loud ovation
taker cut a really kool promo about how he is going to take back his championship
sunday at breaking point ad then punk comes out and
interupts.punk has amazing heel heat and continues to impress me
undertakers entrance was very well done and the arena exploded,

people were booing punk so loud when he interuptd taker that i could hardly hear his promo
but he said that he is going to make taker tap
sunday to his anaconda vice just like he is going to make
mat hardy tap tonight in the main event,

hart dynasty and khali had a segment in the ring. I love the harts but I had to use the restroom
and when i came back the segment was done.

jerishow came out to a very over heel reaction.jericho is just amazing
they defeated cryme tyme in a very excellent match, I wonder how it will come across on tv but I say it was really great
and had the crowd very into it with false finishes. This was one of the best matches i have seen live surprisingly or maybe because its been a few years for me lol.
the crowd was so into this match just like they were for everything but we havent had wwe tv in over 4 yrs now so maybe thats why,

vince is in the building ! I poped hardcore much like alot of others did.
vince was backstage talking to teddy and teddy tells him he has a big surprise for him next week on smackdown and vince says something like it better be good.

new ic champ john morrison vs charlie haas.
john morrison got a really great reaction and the match was not too long but it was decent with morrison of course getting the vicotory.
after the match morrison but a super babyface promo on how he thanks the fans and rey for a great match and that in the future rey can have a rematch anytime he wants.
john morrison is great on the mic and much better than i even thought.
he sounds much more confortable and like hes being himself.
there is no doubt in my mind that morrison has a bright future in the biz and will be champ one day.
and is already my pick to win the rumble ! wwe is booking him perfectly !
the crowd loved morrison and the girls behind me almost blew out my eardrums for him.
morrison has the "it" factor in which i havent seen since cena was a heel and newly babyface over on smackdown
during morrisons aftermatch babyface promo ziggler xomes out to interput saying morrison doesnt deserve the ic title and that he didnt earn it
and a bunch of heelish stuff and people really were into it booing ziggler and the thing that stood out to me the most of the entire night was
when morrison joked and called dolph "mr. ziggles" i cant wait for this to air on tv friday to see how loud the crowd was people thought it was so funny and morrison has the entire arena chanting it
we ate it up it was great and morrison had humor like the rock, not as great as the rock but he was good.

now its diva time melina vs layla w. mcool
this match didnt last too long and say layla winning when mcool interfered attacking melina.
layla actlly got more heat than i expected. I didnt think layla was over at all even thou she is my favorite but ppl really booed her and she got a loud reaction.
if melina was over as a face more i would understand and people liked melina but
i enjoyed the heat layla got..pun intended as layla was a miami heat dancer lol

backstage r-truth was cutting a promo and he is attacked by a new wrestler i have never seen before even thou i knoe this was not his debut.
his name was drew macintyre and this was my first time seeing him and he was intense !
he attacked r-truth like he wasnted to kill him and was screaming at him.
drew seems interesting i hope to see more of him.

now main event time as champ cm punk takes on matt hardy in a submission match,
this match was decent and the crowd loved it and of course the girls were screaming for hardy.
i always thought of it as jeff hardy was over and matt was just sorta there
but i gotta say i was wrong as ppl really loved matt hardy and the girls and kidds almost made me def sitting behind me.
i ghess since there is no jeff they love matt
the match was pretty entertaining and say some nice false finishes.
punk finally made matt hardy submit with i think the anaconda vice if that was it it looked pretty kool.
as punk celebrated out comes the undertaker and i think the cameras went off around this time as the 2ns main event was starting which i beileve was our dark match because undertaker came out and then fought cm punk who has just beat hardy and it was for the championship
i actually left before the finish because i hate traffic and rockford drivers are the absolute worst and beileve me i knoew ive lived here for 26 years.
I am assuming undertaker won.
the arena was nicely filled. no sell out but it was much better than the last 5 shows we have had.
we get house shows every year and we havent has a tv show since smackdown in 04 and this was a million times better than that show and the crowd was very much more into this show and we had a ton more ppl here
wwe is a bit more itneresting than it was in 2004 and at that time the biggest start we had was jbl and angle and the rest of the show was awfuul.
all in all great show and worth all the money i spent

most babyface pop
undertaker/john morrison
mat hardy
kane (superstars taping)
most heel heat

cm punk by far !!
jericho big show had heel heat but mixed with cheers by fans who apprecate veterns like myself as i feel
jericho is one of the greatest of all time serisly.
dolph ziggler aka mr.ziggles
i had a great time and i hope since the fans were great and turned out that we get raw next year since we will prob never have a ppv.
smackdown is the better show nowdays but im still a raw guy as mondays to me aside from football is always
gonna be raw/wrestling night for me and i barley ever catch smackdown or ecw or superstars but i always watch raw or atleast read the rresults online.
i now have hope we will get a raw live show possibly even next year since we will never get a ppv.
thanks for reading
- James (Orangekorn)
Rockford Metrocentre sptember 8th 2009
smackdown/ecw/superstars tapings.

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