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Xtremeview: WWE's Breaking Point

Posted in Xtremeview by Jack at 04:46, Sep 09 2009

Jason "xtremefalls" Simmons

This Sunday on Pay Per View WWE will run its brand new Pay Per View Breaking Point and sadly for them it could truly be the breaking point for the WWE. Since 2001 the major point pushed home by most critics is that WWE has a major problem pushing new talents. While a few major talents have made its way to the top that had little to do with WWE's pushing of them. Case in point John Cena, Edge, and Rey Mysterio were able to get themselves over without major storylines with any of the top stars inside of the Main Event Scene. While others like Randy Orton's feuds with Main Event talents have hurt his career over and over again.

The Main Event scene I'm speaking of is the obvious Triple H, Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels who have be on top for decades. They have all had opportunities for years now to create and develop the next generation of superstars and have failed to do so. Whether its ego, terrible booking, or just plain stupidity the time is now to create new stars. Dave Batista is the perfect example of what happens when the WWE and the Main Eventers go all out to build a talent. Batista went from a bodyguard for Evolution to the Main Event of Wrestlemania within 6 months because of Triple H finally allowing Batista to get over on him and stay over. So now going into what has been a well built show its time to build up for the next generation.

First lets look at CM Punk vs. the Undertaker in a submission match. Undertaker has been missing since defeating Shawn Michaels in a Wrestlemania classic which in turn has allowed Smackdown to create a new heel in CM Punk. Since Punk cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and stole the WWE Title from Jeff Hardy that set off a collision course for probably one of the best heel turns in years. Not only did they create a new great heel they also created one of the WWE's best feuds of the past 5 years. Now CM Punk is the perfect example of what can happen when a ego gets in the way of a push. Last Summer CM Punk won the World Title after cashing in the Money in the Bank contract and proceeded to have a miserable title run. Why did he have a miserable reign? Simply put no one took him seriously.

So how do you fix that? Simply CM Punk needs to go over the Undertaker on Sunday. Now when I say go over I'm not saying he needs to cleanly make the Undertaker tap out. In fact he doesn't even need to make Undertaker tap out. All CM Punk needs is for a victory by hook or crook to really put him up to a Main Event level inside of the WWE. A submission over the Undertaker is something that could make a guys career and with CM Punk's current momentum now would be the perfect time to tap into that Undertaker credibility. Can WWE and Undertaker allow this to happen? Who knows but a question they need to ask is who will still be wrestling in 5 years? We all know the answer to that one.

Next up is the Tag Team Falls Count Anywhere match up of Legacy vs. DX. Make no mistake about it DX run on Raw in 2006 was absolutely counter productive to everyone inside of the WWE. They buried everyone on the show. Main Event talent, Tag Team talent, and everyone in between became a target for the two and by the time DX was ended in early 2007 the majority of the fans were dreading their weekly segments of terrible jokes and burials. However now in 2009 DX has seemed to have a change of heart. Gone are the endless segments and burials. In fact they have seemed to go out of there way to build up the Team of Legacy.

For the months leading up to Summerslam Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase were made to look like jobbers instead of the credible back up that Randy Orton needed. In fact Triple H, John Cena, and Batista went out of there way at times to make both men look like they just didn't matter. Also I think it was no surprise when more then a few raised their eye brows to the announcement that DX would reform to take on Legacy at Summerslam. However the same people who figured DX would make Legacy look even worse then normal got a nice surprise the week before Summerslam when Legacy left DX down and out heading into the Pay Per View.

Now any fan who has watched WWE in 2009 has seen that everything can be going fine until a Pay Per View burial. However Summerslam came and went and to everyone's surprise Legacy wasn't buried. In fact Legacy held their own against DX and many thought could of actually taken the match up. Now with the rematch just around the corner the time has come for Legacy to get the win that could make them a legit player inside of the WWE. If Legacy loses another match to DX it could hinder them for not only their Tag Team run but also their up coming single runs.

Simply put at the end of the day what is it going to accomplish if Undertaker and DX win the respective matches at Sunday's Breaking Point? The answer is absolutely nothing because as the end of the day Undertaker, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels are running out of the time. If they don't make new stars today the opportunities tomorrow won't mean as much. WWE needs to realize in 5 years 2 if not all 3 will no longer be wrestling and CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, and Ted Dibiase will need to be seen as top tier talent. So like I said Sunday can be a breaking point inside of the WWE. It will be up to them as to how this breaks.

That's all for now any feedback will be answered negative or positive.

Jason "xtremefalls" Simmons

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