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Interview Recap - Matt Morgan

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 21:11, Sep 01 2009

by Eboney

Matt Morgan interview recap from www.InYourHeadOnline.com conducted by Jack E. Jones.
by Ebony

The show opens up with a clip of Don West advertising the IYH website.

Jack introduces The "DNA of TNA" Matt Morgan and plugs the new TNA iMPACT! 2009 Trading Cards, produced by TriStar, on sale now.

Jack then asks Matt if he has seen them yet. Matt says he is looking at his card now. Jack then asks what does it feel like since Matt is a life time baseball card collector. "It's awesome. You know as a kid, you come up with different dreams and formulations of how you are going to get yourself on a card."

Jack asks if this is Matt's first trading card. Matt says he was on the previous card sets.

Jack asks if Matt has collected any memorabilia over the years. Matt said he stepped it up more recently, even though he do a little bit of collecting when he was in the WWE. He hinted that it was easier to collect that kind of stuff in TNA because of the live events they do. He then added that he tries to pick up an extra poster or two from the event and have all the guys sign it for him and "for the one day I have kids."

Jack asks if Matt prefers a action shot or a posed shot for a trading card. Matt says it doesn't matter as long as he likes the guy on the card. He brings up one of his favorite baseball cards, Don Manning. "It was just cool to get his card. You know what I mean? What was always exciting was the back of the card and reading about the individual player or wrestler."

Jack says he was going to bring up back of a baseball card because a lot of people like reading the stats. He then asks Matt about the stats on a wrestling trading card. Matt says the back of a wrestling card talks more about your in-ring character and any rivalries the person on the front might have had. "How my DNA was sent to space, they explain a little more on that."

Jack says insert cards [trading cards with pieces of ring attire, etc.] are popular and asks if there's a chance of a Matt Morgan insert card with some of the DNA of TNA in it. Matt laughs and says that's a good idea. He also added he will suggest that for next year's card. Jack jokes that a mad scientist will start cloning Matt. "I've always said that if I saw some five year old who's 6'5" walking around, I know I was taken advantage of."

Jack brings up how his grandfather made him interested in wrestling and how he gave him his baseball cards. Jack then asks how did Matt get into collecting baseball cards. Matt says he brought his first pack in '82 and that his brothers & friends collected them. Matt explains that he was a big sports fan and player as a kid. He said he wanted an way of having an autograph of someone and thought it was "really cool" how you can look on the back and read about he player. He said as he grew older, he started realizing how much money the cards can actually be worth. Matt said his dad helped him a lot with his collection by driving him to shows and by meeting some of his dad's idols. "Then I surprised him by going out and ripping off one of my friends and coming back with a '55 Willie Mays card."

Jack mentions that Matt said that was fun to open up a pack of cards before asking him to explain how is it fun to open up a pack of cards. Matt said he just opened up one of the new TNA card set "and I swear to you, I opened up Bobby Lashley and Kurt Angle in the same pack." Matt said it was a "cool feeling" to get those two cards in the same pack. Matt then talks about having his own lawn care company to afford the "really good packs."

Jack asks Matt if he has ever brought cards from Don West because Jack has. Matt laughs and says "If he had a credit card, I would've done it in a minute." He said his parents wouldn't let him though. He said he was bad just to get them to change their mind. "I used to have my TV up loud until two in the morning." He talks about how he used to love watching Don West be.. Well, Don West pitching baseball cards.

Jack plugs the www.tnawrestling.com site and how you can see Don West advertising the new TNA baseballs. He then asks if we will see a Matt Morgan TNA card ad in the future. "Hell yeah! Of course you will!" Matt says having personal experiences about collecting would make it believable if he is doing the ads. He also adds that as his career grows, there will be opportunities to do promotions like that. Jack asks if Matt would be signing baseballs as a special offer. Matt says he would probably because the fans always brings Matt basketballs to sign. Matt doesn't get exactly, but he thinks it's probably because he played basketball. "I think the more popular character gets, the more opportunities like that come."

Jack plugs the www.tnawrestlingcards.com site and says you can find out more about the cards from there. Jack says that there are insert cards with Sting's face paint and some autographed cards as well. Matt brings up how there are also the TNA Knockouts Kiss Cards. Matt puts over the "cutting edge" of the insert cards and how they will start bringing outside interest into collecting cards. Matt plugs the www.shoptna.com site. He also says that the cards are available at hobbies stores and will soon be at stores like Target or Walmart in mid-September. Jack encourages people to support their local hobby stores and that if you buy the hobby pack, you are guaranteed so many autographs in a box. Matt compliments Jack about his knowledge of the TNA line. "You know your stuff!"

Jack asks Matt what his favorite card in his collection. Matt quickly replies "'56 Clemente." He says that it was a lot of hard work getting all of his cards and that another favorite is his '85 [Michael] Jordan card. Jack says he has the same '56 card and that his favorite is probably his '58 Mantle card.

Jack plugs the www.tnawrestlingcards.com site again and thanks Matt for the interview.

To hear the entire interview head over to http://www.InYourHeadOnline.com and listen to the 4+ years of free archived interviews including stars such as Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Mick Foley, Chris Jericho, Samoa Joe, Awesome Kong, Bruno Sammartino and many others !!

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