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Interview Recap - Scott Hall

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 03:40, Aug 29 2009

By Andrew Pritchard

Scott Hall
By Andrew Pritchard

Scott Hall joined the In Your Head Crew, Jack and One Inch conducted the interview for the August 26, 2009 edition of In Your Head Wrestling Radio located at http://www.InYourHeadOnline.com

For more information on Scott Hall please visit:

Right off the bat Jack asks Scott Hall about the Last Call with Scott Hall talk show, Scott says first of all I found out about the Internet and says apparently it goes outside the state of Florida and says he is excited about doing Last Call with Scott Hall, Scott says he knows he can wrestle he knows he?s got Mic skills, and his goal is to be an announcer and says he wants to be calling Monday Night Raw?s and WrestleMania?s with the headphones on, and says he?s preparing himself now with his own talk show and says he debuted it last week with Sid Vicious as a guest, and says apparently people dig it, and says he has a great guest lined up for this weeks show and is just going to take it from there. He says there are no rules and there are no Internet police, so he?s just doing whatever he wants.

Jack asks about Scott?s recent match with Sid Vicious and how it went, Scott says it went fantastic and everyone showed up had a great time, and says he?s not one to toot his own horn, he said Scott Hall vs. Sid Vicious can Main Event anywhere in the world and sell, and says the people were new to promoting and could?ve been better but whatever it?s not their fault, and says he got his money and gave them a good show and says it was great, and says he got to wrestle a friend of his, Scott says he thinks everyone left their happy, he said the fans got their money worth, he signed everyone?s autograph?s and says it was Sports Entertainment at its best.

Jack brings up the fact that the last time Sid Vicious was on the show that Scott helped Sid get into his final run in WCW, Scott says now this is too much, NWO rules the world, they are the hottest thing in the world, except we are too strong and all WCW has is Goldberg ?a mark for himself?, and all NWO has is Goldberg to work against and its not enough, and at this time Goldberg has heat with Eric Bischoff who?s the boss, So they have a meeting with Bischoff and Scott, Kevin Nash and Bischoff are sitting down talking about who to bring in who can match up against the NWO and WCW can?t sell tickets because everyone knows that NWO will squash whoever they are going to face, and Scott says that there were only a couple of people in the world who NWO could match up with and says one of the guys who is now passed away but Scott has huge respect for is Yokozuna, Scott says he brought up ?big Yok?s? name and Scott says he has already called up Sid to ask whether it?s ok to bring his name up, Scott says if you want to talk about people who have changed the landscape, and Scott says look bring Sid Vicious in because he?s a star, a major heavyweight, a clean up hitter, so Bischoff is like ?yeah you?re right? and Scott says so here I am pitching for my buddy to get a job and he comes in and gets a better contract than I have and he comes in and gets more money than him and Nash and Scott says he was like ?what the hell? and said it just tickled him and he didn?t hate Sid but just thought it was kind of funny that he?s sitting at home Scott gets him a job and Sid is making more than him.

Jack brings up that some of the best Color Commentators were ex-managers/wrestlers for example Bobby Heenan, and Scott says that Heenan was the best, and Scott says he wants to go on record to say when he came into WCW and Bobby Heenan was there what really messed Bobby Heenan up was that Bischoff gave the order that the NWO is untouchable and they?re Heels but everybody has to hate, and Scott says the thing is Bobby was always a Heel Commentator he always put the Heels over, so it put him in an awkward position because he didn?t put the Babyfaces over when commentating and it?d be him Tennay and Dusty doing Nitro and the PPVs, and then you put him in a position where the NWO were all over the place and he?s not with the NWO and Hall says that people who are really detailed in Wrestling will know the shift in Bobby?s character because he?s lost, and Scott says we?re basically the top heels and he can?t be with us because he?s a WCW guy, and we?re outsiders and it just threw a wrench in his deal.

Leading from a previous conversation Scott says that theres a reason he doesn?t work for TNA, Scott says that he could be driving 45 minutes from his home to the Universal Studios where TNA is, he says he was on their first couple of broadcasts and helped put them on the map, he said he actually no-showed their PPV which was unprofessional but says if it aint fun he isn?t doing it. Scott says by the time he heard what the finish was from Kev and Scott says ?so what it?s supposed to be me Kev, Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle and two other guys?, he says by the time he heard the finish he says he didn?t need the money that bad so he isn?t doing it, Scott says no disrespect to Vince Russo but hehe has this philosophy stuff for wrestling and its hard to take a finish from someone who hasn?t drawn a dime, Scott says he?s never been in the ring he?s never drawn a dime and he?s telling Scott what his character would say and do and Scott says its like ?no man, I disagree?, Scott says when they asked him to come to TNA he said you know what I?m too old, I?m trying to get mature and he?s not going to spend his life saying ?yeah but? and arguing with them, he says Russo?s gig is TNA and he?s going to do something else. Scott says he?ll get with his friends and create an outlaw company that?ll blow TNA out of the water, Scott said if you get himself, Sid and some other dudes together and they?ll give the fans a different option it?s not just going to be WWE and TNA there is going to be an outlaw option. Scott says he just found out about this thing called the Internet where he can reach out to the fans and Sid is brow beating him to do it and they?re going to do shows here and there and they?re going to offer them to the fans for free, so there will be another option for wrestling fans. Scott also later states ?If you think TNA sucks, you?re right?.

Other highlights inculude:

Scott Hall thanking the McMahon family for paying for his rehab when he's needed it.

Thanking guys like Oliver Humperdink who were helpful to him in the beginning, and saying guys like Wild Bill Irwin were the opposite.

Hall explaing how he thought of the NWO as not heels or faces but as stars, and he thinks heels and faces are passe. He also believed NWO as a seperate show would have worked, and that WWE used the same idea to split the brands.

Wanting one last run in WWE with Kevin Nash vs HHH and HBK with Sid vs Cena at Wrestlemania.

Surprise Call Ins include DJ Ran, Sid Vicious and Dawn Marie.

Scott Hall also talks about Vince McMahon, HBK, AWA, NWA and more. To hear the full 90 minute interview head on over to www.InYourHeadOnline.com You can also listen to In Your Head?s amazing 4 year archive including interviews from people such as Blackjack Mulligan, Kevin Nash, Mick Foley many more. Be sure to check out In Your Head?s official message board where you can leave your questions for upcoming guests, and also get all your official In Your Head news, http://www.inyourheadboard.proboards27.com/index.cgi and you can also subscribe to the IYH Blogspot for the latest In Your Head Podcasts at http://iyh.blogspot.com future In Your Head guests include Matt Morgan, Bill Alfonso, ?Shelton Benjamin?s Mom? and Rock Riddle.

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