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Interview Recap - Tully Blanchard

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 21:55, Oct 30 2005

By Mr. Carnage

Tully Blanchard was the guest on In Your Head Wrestling Radio this Wednesday. Which can be heard every Wednesday LIVE at 6 PM Eastern on http://www.inyourheadonline.com with your hosts Jack, Barbie Richards and the O.I.B. and now also on www.audiowrestling.com

The interview starts off with the hosts welcoming Tully to the show. They bring up the Tribute to Starrcade show and how the main event will be Blanchard vs. Dusty Rhodes to see who will become the first ever CCW champion. For more information on the Tribute To Starrcade Show in Spartanburg, SC on November 19th please visit www.carolinachampionshipwrestling.com Tully explains about how the legends shows bring out what the fans really think of him. Since the business has changed, with kayfabe they can tell him they appreciated him.

Then they bring up the topic of heels in wrestling and Tully states something that Johnny Valentine had told him, "If they respect your ability, then they will hate you more" Also, Tully spoke about how he was a ?natural? heel, and that he could always make the baby face look good.

Then Tully and the crew move into realism in wrestling, and how many fans remember his I Quit match against Magnum T.A. because of how real it looked. Tully believes that most wrestlers today don?t have enough training to where they can appreciate wrestling. He brings up how Vince likes to bring back the old stars because the new ones aren?t "getting the job done".

Then they go into how Tully felt about being the "boss?s son". He really felt that since he was the son of the promoter, then he should work hard. By motivating himself to do so, then the wrestlers couldn?t complain about the spot he was in.

The 4 Horsemen was brought up, and one of the hosts asked Tully about when the group was originally formed, that it wasn?t meant to stay a group. Only when the fans started catching on is when they decided to keep it going. This leads to Tully reminiscing about a group of college students in Greensboro that would always come to the wrestling events wearing black suits, and sunglasses. They would always come with signs that said 4 Horsemen, and Jim Crockett said to Tully, "this is really getting over, isn?t it". Tully believes it was so over and remembered because it was generated by the fans not the company. Jack compares it to Stone Cold Steve Austin's "Austin 3:16" signs. Tully also believes that the Horseman could of had a run with any baby faces. Because they had so much heat and could work so well, they could get anyone over.

A fan question was asked, "Is there anybody that you see on wrestling today that you could go with, if you were in your prime?" Tully answers that he could probably go with just about anybody. Next up was the move to WWF as the Brainbusters tag team. Blanchard says, "They didn?t do it to benefit their company, only to hurt the other" He felt it weird that they would be putting on excellent matches with the Rockers every night, only to have them lose to the Bushwhackers in every arena across the US.

The fact of pride of in-ring work between NWA and WWF was brought up, in which Tully said that he doesn?t think they thought of WWF as inferior. Mainly because the demographics were so different. WWE was more based towards children, and the NWA was more based towards adults. Then Tully gets into how WCW turning one of the biggest baby faces in the history of wrestling (Hulk Hogan) being turned into a heel was just horrible. Which he talks over with Jack, explaining that Hogan wasn't a wrestler who could make the baby face shine like a heel should do. This all leads into a question for Tully about if he thought groups like NWO, etc copied the 4 Horsemen. Tully agreed that they did, and said that those groups never worked out because they didn?t know how the Horsemen worked.

Tully gets into how staying in the business for too long can make a wrestler lose his luster, talking about Ric Flair. Talking about himself, he notes that he left the business at an early age, therefore the fans have that image of him. Not the image of some old guy who has been around one year too many. Also, Tully says that he?s realized many things at 51 that he would of never thought of at 25. Things such as, wrestling for money to feed your family. For advice to younger guys trying to be wrestlers, Tully says, ?Wrestling can be fun, it can be part-time entertainment?..but keep it in it?s proper perspective? Also, ?Use the business, instead of the business using you? Before the interview was finished, Tully wanted to thank the wrestling fans for being wrestling fans.

These were just the highlights of an hour long interview with Tully Blanchard. Please visit http://www.inyourheadonline.com or http://www.audiowrestling.com to hear this entire interview in FREE audio. And listen to our full archive section of other TNA Stars, and Legends of Wrestling. And join us this Thursday (special time this week only) for JJ Dillon.

This recap brought to you by Mr.. Carnage of Wrestling Revolution Radio (http://www.wrestlingrevolutionradio.com)

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