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Dude Love, Cactus Jack or Mankind vs Carlito for Taboo Tuesday ?

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 11:29, Oct 22 2005

Good Cop-Bad Cop: What persona is best for Mick Foley in his match with Carlito ?

By Jack and Neal Jones

At Taboo tuesday it was announced Mick Foley will be wrestling Carlito Cool. The stipulation will be the fans can vote on either Dude Love, Cactus Jack or Mankind for Mick's persona.

Jack: I think Mick should do the match as Dude Love.

First of all Dude is the persona you see the least of. It would be something different. Most of Mick's matches are as of Cactus Jack lately, and during his WWE run he was mostly Mankind. Here is a chance to get his other persona over with the fans. And get some more exposure for it. It will help sales of action figures, DVD's and the WWE 24-7.

Secondly it will be good for Mick's health. Mick Foley is beat up from all the wear and tear he put on his body over the years. He doesn't need to do these things anymore, since he can not get over anymore than he already is. And he isn't building his career he's just coming back for a match here and there. Doing the Dude Love gimmick the fans wont expect to see giant crazy bumps and stiff chair shots. They wont feel let down if we don't see those moves. And will be happy just to see Mick donning the tye dye one more time.

Last point being it would work with Carlito. Carlito is a fun character. He's the classic chicken heel who can talk. He isn't the biggest guy in town or the best wrestler. He wins most of his matches by cheating. And his best asset is his charisma and promo ability. He doesn't need to be in a serious hardcore brawl to get over. A comedy match is suited for his character.

Neal: I'd prefer Mankind or Cactus Jack

Mankind, is the WWE version of Foley everyone knows. This character is also funny. Mick can take certain short cuts as Mankind that he cant as Cactus. One being Mr. Socko. It seems like an insult to the Cactus Jack name when Foley whips out the sweat sock. But he can get away with it as Mankind, and the fans love it. Mick being one of the best promo guys ever can perfectly blend craziness and comedy with the Mankind character. And I'd just love to see the old mask back for a show.

Cactus Jack is my personal favorite of Mick, and the most serious. As Cactus Mick can just be all out hardcore. He can use the weapons and the stiff chair shots the people will be expecting. And since Carlito is so opposite it will make for a great match, Carlito avoiding the moves, and using cheap shots. And just the thought of Carlito's facial expressions when he sees Cactus pull out a barbed wire baseball bat or thumb tacks is priceless.

My main reason for either of these over Dude Love is simple. It will help Carlito. Dude Love is just a comedy guy that no one takes seriously. Sure he's funny and all, but no one thinks of Mick Foley as really being Dude Love, they want Cactus or Mankind. So by beating one of them Carlito beats a big deal, even losing to either is nothing to be ashamed of. But losing to Dude Love to Sweet Shin Music is a different story. And the main thing Carlito doesn't have going for him is toughness in the eyes of the fans. The guy is more of a comedy chicken shit heel who only wins by using the ropes. Just like Randy Orton was really moved up in the eyes of the fans by winning a wild brawl with Foley, this could do the same for Carlito. Right now he has the tools to be a main event guy in WWE. But I'm not sure you could take him seriously as a contender to beat a big time baby face. Even with out winning, just by hanging with Cactus or Mankind and taking some physical punishment Carlito will gain some respect and the needed perception of a tough guy he needs.

Who do you agree with and why ? Jack ? Neal ? Leave your thoughts for the guys here.

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