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Interview Recap - Jimmy Valiant

Posted in Interview Recaps by Tyler at 07:58, Sep 24 2005

by Neal Jones

The Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant was the guest on http://www.inyourheadonline.com
promoting the Tribute To Starrcade Show November 19th in Spartansburg, SC for more
information visit http://www.carolinachampionshipwrestling.com

Jimmy Valiant talks about the upcoming Tribute to Starrcade Show in Spartanburg, SC. For more information please visit http://www.carolinachampionshipwrestling.com

Jimmy talks about being the special ref for the Dusty Rhodes with Magnum TA vs Tully Blanchard with JJ Dillon Match on November 19th. He talks about the history of Spartanburg as an NWA building.

Jimmy talks about debuting in 1964, and retiring in 2004. He is retired now, and considers himself the good will ambassador for wrestling now.

Jimmy mentions Baby Doll will be at the big show.

Jimmy talks about the Wrestling Camp he runs in Shawsville, VA. At http://www.jimmyvaliant.com you can find out where to go. They train 52 Sundays a year from noon to 4:00. And they have a Hall of Fame museum. There is no charge to come and watch the guys train or see the Museum.
Jimmy talks about his 600 page Autobiography that will be out after Thanksgiving. He talks about all his stories in wrestling over 40 years.

Jimmy gets back into his Training camp. He gets into the specifics of the camp. He says its to help kids live their dream of working in the wrestling business. If it's being a wrestling, valet, ref or anything. They don't turn anyone down. Some places wont give guys a chance. But Jimmy says even if they aren't physically right they can help set up the ring, be a ref, take jackets etc. Jimmy talks about starting in 93. And his guys have had try outs in WWF, Memphis, ECW etc. Jimmy talks about helping the guys with promos and showing personality as well as in ring work.

Jimmy talks about being Handsome Jimmy. And when he went to NWA so many people had the bleach blonde look. so to stand out he grew the beard, came out to music, and had a unique look. Jimmy talks about the importance of being different and standing out. Jimmy talks about soon everyone started using music, and now every single wrestler heel or face has music. Jimmy says now someone should come out to no music to be different.

Jimmy says its important to stand out. He also says in today's wrestling they need to know the special new moves too. But he doesn't want how to do the old school style to be a lost art. That a wrestler still needs the basics mixed with the new style.

Jimmy talks about Ox Baker. Comparing facial hair. Says he has a lot of stories about him in the book. He says the old timers all had their own unique things about them. He tells an entertaining story about Ox Baker from his book. How Ox forgot to take his wrist watch off before going into the ring.

Jimmy talks about wrestling in territories. He said he was fortunate to work in all the big ones. Mentioning WWWF, AWA for Gagne, NWA, WWA for Dick the Bruiser, atlanta for Barnet, California, Memphis for Jarrett and many more. He says he has no favorites, he loved working everywhere, and he made money in all of them. Jimmy talks about being able to go to territory to territory and coming back every few years.

Jimmy talks about guys being burnt out being on one TV for so long now. He says it needs to go back to being territories. Jimmy says its not the same watching on TV as going and experiencing the live shows.

IYH Fan Casinoman asks about Herb Abrams UWF. Jimmy says he has a lot of stories about him in his book. And he helped manage Johnny Valiant on his stand up comedy shows.

IYH fan The Flea asks how Valiant rates himself as a promo guy. Jimmy talks about back in the day promos were 75% of drawing money. He talks about doing promos that would talk people into the arenas. And the importance of them. Jimmy talks about doing the town specific interviews. He mentions Dusty, Billy Graham, Hulk Hogan as some of the best promo guys. Jimmy talks about people writing promos for the guys now. He says in the day the promoter would give them a match or a city to get over, and they would come up with what to say. He said it would throw him off, he would have to ad lib his stuff.

IYH fan WildCatWoman asks who his favorite guy to work with in the ring was. Jimmy says in the 60's he wrestled Gagne, Sailor Art Thomas, Moose Cholak, Dick the Bruiser, the Crusher. In the 70's he wrestled Bruno, Jerry Lawler, In the 80's he had a big feud with Ivan Koloff, Kabuki, One Man Gang, Paul Jones Army. He says his feud with Paul jones's Army lasted 5 years. And he wrestled tons of guys. He wrestled Dory Funk, Jack Brisco, Race, Flair etc for the world titles. He says he has no favorites, he enjoyed them all, if they were for titles or just feuds lower in the card.

Jimmy talks about the first Starrcade being the first big event. He says its where Wrestlemania spun off from.

IYH Fan Raven Effect asks what his biggest achievement was. He says he was just honored by his High School. And also mentioned the WWE Hall of Fame.

Jimmy tells all his fans to email him. And come see him at the big Spartanburg Show A Tribute To Starrcade November 19th. Wrestling Card and Fan Fest meet and greet. www.carolinachampionshipwrestling.com

Please visit www.inyourheadonline.com to listen to the interview in FREE streaming or downloading, and also for more great interviews with other legends of wrestling. And join us Wednesdays at 6:00 PM Eastern for Live streaming, chat room and call ins.

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