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Interview Recap - RVD 2009

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 19:39, Jul 03 2009

By Andrew Pritchard

Rob Van Dam joined the In Your Head crew this week for the May 27, 2009 edition, to discuss his new film ?Wrong Side of Town? and RVD TV on DVD, Jack, One Inch Biceps and Barbie Richards.

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Rob Van Dam immediately started off the interview by squashing the rumour that he was not at the May 25th edition of Monday Night Raw.

RVD says his movie ?Wrong Side of Town? is in Post-Production and he is thinking about flying out to the studios to oversee some of the editing which is being done on the Movie, he says its one of four pictures for 2009 and that he?ll be flying out to the filming location to shoot ?Wrong Side of Town Part 2? in June, RVD says the only stunt they made him use a Stunt double for was riding a motorcycle on a peer out to the Mississippi River.

A caller asks what happened to Robbie V. RVD says that Bill Watts hired him in December 1992 and told him he should come up with a different name as he doesn?t want to be confused with the movie star guy, and they came with this name Robbie V, He says he already had a tripped booked to work for All Japan in February and WCW doesn?t work for All Japan they work for New Japan, they said he could honour the booking and in February 93 and he got over and he knew he had a job there as long as he wanted it, and he says he started making $2000 a week compared to $100 a match in WCW, he came back from Japan, Ole Anderson had taken over and Ole didn?t have as much interest in the Robbie V character as Bill Watts did.

Jack asks if Bischoff and Hogan opened up an actual promotion for Hulk Hogan?s Celebrity Championship Wrestling would he be interested in it, RVD says he probably wouldn?t but he would definitely listen to what they have to talk about, as he didn?t think he would want to be a part of the training of celebrities but he says it took him an hour to explain the importance of having a finisher move, and RVD says he appreciates the fact that the celebrities worked their asses off and took it seriously.

A caller asks what it was like with the crowd at ECW One Night Stand 2006 when he faced John Cena, RVD says it was a One of a Kind experience but not only could it now be repeated but because no one in their entire wrestling careers could of felt what he felt because all the conditions were unique, and he says he felt it very rewarding that all the fans were 100% behind him and 100% against John Cena.

Jack asks if he feels it was the last true moment of ECW, RVD agrees with Jack and adds that there was still a lot of hope for the first few months, and before the One Night Stand there was ECW vs. WWE where he got to wrestle Rey Mysterio and he was able to be himself, and that there was still a moment even though it wasn?t as big of a PPV, but that whole Energy still carried on and slowly got taken away.

This is only a small snippet of the interview, please head on over to http://www.inyourheadonline.com for the full interview where you can also check out the awesome 4 year archive including such names as Dave Meltzer, Vince Russo, Juventud Guerrera and many many more. Be sure to check out In Your Head?s official message board where you can leave your questions for upcoming guests, and also get all your official In Your Head news, http://www.inyourheadboard.proboards27.com/index.cgi and you can also subscribe to the IYH Blogspot for the latest In Your Head Podcasts at http://iyh.blogspot.com future In Your Head guests include Bob Caudle and Magnum TA.

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