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Interview Recap - Don West

Posted in Interview Recaps by Tyler at 12:53, Sep 10 2005

by Neal Jones

Color Commentator Don West was the guest on http://www.inyourheadonline.com
promoting the TNA Unbreakable PPV this Sunday September 11th for more
information visit http://www.tnawrestling.com

Don talks about the TNA Unbreakable PPV this Sunday. He announces the newly
added match Petey Williams vs Austin Aries. And talks about the Samoa Joe vs
AJ vs Daniels 3 way is going to blow the house down.

Don talks about hearing so much about Samoa Joe. Then when he saw him he
instanly saw what they were talking about. And he is one of the best things
to happen to TNA. Don compares Samoa Joe getting over with the fans to the
Austin vs Bret Hart match where Austin was turned by the fans.

Don talks about the pressure to put on a great show going into Spike. Being
the station RAW is leaving, and there will be no 2nd chances. Don says the
wrestlers for TNA always put it on for the fans. And how there's a whole new
audience for the TNA stars.

Don talks about his favorite finisher the Canadian Destroyer. He says its
like an illusion.

Don talks about being a huge Amazing Red fan. Saying we haven't seen much
from him since his knee surgery. Don says he is still a part of TNA, we just
haven't seen him much. Don gets into the night he yelled "go red go". Don
talks about the guys seeing him stand up, and they dared him to stand on the
table, and Jerry Jarrett told him to yell and scream, so he did.

Don talks about his days of selling cards. That's how he got used to yelling
for hours a night. Don tells some entertaining stories from those days. Don
says he does not miss those days. Don says they have had talks about selling
TNA merchandise on TV, and Jeff Jarrett has always told him he would be part
of it.

Don talks about all the Don West websites out there devoted to him. And all
the impersonators of him. Don tells a great story of fans trying to track
him down, by calling all the Don West's in his state and recording the phone

Don admits he was really bad at the beginning. And the 3 man booth was hard
to work with. Don talks about getting along so well with Mike Tenay. And the
wrestlers tell him they have a good chemistry together. Jeff Jarrett has
always told him not to let people change him, to always keep his personality

Don talks about some people thought Tenay couldn't be the main guy in
commentary. And that WCW blew it, they didn't know how good Tenay could be.

Don talks about being approached by Russo, Jarrett and Borash to join WCW.
They were fans of his card show late night. Don says he was glad he didn't
go to WCW, they would of ate him alive. Then Jeff asked him to join TNA. And
he saw how the fans hated him online, and wanted to quit. But Jeff wanted
him to stay.

Don talks about this being an incredible journey being with TNA since the
start. And he is filled with pride being there since the beginning and here
they are ready to get on national TV.

Don talks about loving the TNA crew. And he would like to see Ron Killings
back on TV in the title picture. He says he and Monty Brown need more mic

Don talks about having an hour show, and the goal is to get a 2 hour show.
And it is hard to fill it with so many promos. Because some guys need it to
get over. And they also need to show off some guys in the ring.

Don talks about the 6 sided ring. He says now its just natural he doesn't
even think about it. And the guys say its great for cages, because it holds
it so steady and tight. Don talks about the big Frankensteiner by Elix
Skipper couldn't of been done otherwise.

Don says Vince Russo was a good guy to get along with. They shared a love of
Baseball. He is a lot different then people think. He was a very quiet guy.

Don compares Dusty and D'Amore. He says hes not the person who can judge
since he never booked or written for wrestling. He likes the idea of a
booking committee because there are more minds to bounce off of. He says
Dusty was a good guy and was good to him.

Don talks about the Lance Hoyt chants.

Don compares Nashville to Orlando. He says a few months ago he would of said
Nashville was the best. But there are 2 different crowds in Orlando. The TV
tapings are a lot of tourists, the PPV nights is just as good as the
Nashville crowd. Don talks about the amazing chants from the crowd, and the
standing ovation from the crowd for great matches.

Don talks about his famous shiny shirts and ties. His wife found them. Jerry
Jarrett wanted to have him a certain look. And his wife found these on sale,
and they stuck. Don talks about 200 fans emailing him the night he didnt
wear one.

Don says of he had a tape of the original best of X Division that is what he
would show new fans to show them how different TNA is, and what it is all
about. He also says classic matches like Raven vs. Shane Douglas was also
great. His favorite feud of all time was AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn. And his
favorite match was the XXX vs. AMW original cage match.

Don says TNA proved guys like AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels can headline
PPV's. And Tag Teams and X Division is what will set them apart from WWE.

Don talks about showing their product to a new audience when they get on
Spike TV. And they can show off matches like the Ultimate X.

Don talks about the negative internet audience. He says when he first read
it he took it all to heart. He still reads it, and its the same people 3 and
half years later still cutting down the product. Don asks if people are that
miserable why do they watch. Don says there are people who just say negative
things to do so.

Don talks about the first hard sell. He says it got over so great. Alex
Marvez said it was one of the best things ever in wrestling. Vince Russo
told him they needed to have him do a hard sell on TV.

Don talks about the SNL skits. He said it was just amazing seeing guys
imitate him.

Barbie asks questions from the message board. Xtremefalls asks if he misses
the weekly PPV format. Don says no, it was a novel concept, but its better
to build. Weekly every show had to be a main event. It was a wise move to go
to a TV show and build to big PPV's so they pay for the pay offs not the
build. Big Mosh asks about the catering. Don says he is not a fan. They
serve too much chicken, but the sausage and peppers is pretty good. Don says
he has to hit Wendy's. Flea asks if the change in the bookings committee has
affected him personality. Don just says you always want to do your best when
new people take over. Golgo asks who the best color man of all time was.
Then West says Tazz is the best now, and of all time are Jesse Ventura and
Bobby Heenan.

IYH co-host OneInchBiceps asks Don West about the night Juvi hurt Jerry
Lynn's shoulder. Don said "Jerry does not send Juvi Christmas cards".

Don talks about the Waltman Lynn match. And Waltman has had 4 great matches
in a row.

Don and the IYH crew say the last PPV might be the best top to bottom TNA
PPV yet.

Don says guys like Waltman, Lynn and Samoa Joe help the X Division. Because
it makes it not just about flips. Jack says everything Joe does looks like
it hurts. Don says it does, just ask the boys.

Don talks about Chris Sabin being very underrated. And he is as good as
anybody in the ring. And how the fans got behind him with the Hail Sabin

Jack and Don West get into a comic book discussion about Thor, Iron Man,
Luke Cage Powerman and comparing DC and Marvel.

IYH was also joined by referee Jason Jennings. Who talked about his career
and an upcoming EWF show and Rob Van Dam signing for charity, going to the
Hurricane relief fund. For more information please visit

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