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Interview Recap - Rob Conway

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 18:41, Mar 07 2009

Rob Conway Interview recap
By: Bob Colling of http://colling1989.proboards41.com/index.cgi for old school wrestling recaps w/videos of matches.

In Your Head Online Radio?s interview with Rob Conway. Hosted by Jack, Barbie Richards and Oneinchbiceps ! To hear the full interview head on over to www.InYourHeadOnline.com

Rob Conway joins IYH live from the OVW 500th anniversary show. Conway puts over a few guys on the show which include Cabana, Eugene, and Al Snow.

Conway mentions that all the matches on the OVW show are taking place in a 20ft high steel cage.

Jack mentions that Conway and Danny Davis will be helping wrestlers by telling them what they need to improve on after they watch their wrestling video.

You can send the wrestling videos to www.ovwwrestling.com and either Conway or Danny Davis will personally give you feedback.

Conway says the guys on television have a lack of time to tell a story. Conway believes it will be harder to get noticed being a manager.

Conway says it was a great experience. ?I never in a million years thought we would face The Rockers.?

A caller asks Conway how has OVW changed since Jim Cornette left. Conway says that Cornette didn?t need any input from the boys because he knew so much. Once the left, the boys had to think of their own material.

Conway believes that at some point you have to be selfish in the wrestling business to pay your bills.

Conway heads off to compete in a match on the OVW 500th Anniversary show.

Remember to hear the full uncut interview head on over to http://www.InYourHeadOnline.com and don't forget to tune in every week 8PM Eastern, This week?s guest is Justin Credible, other guests who are scheduled to appear in the coming weeks include Mr Hughes, Joy Giovanni, Amy Weber and Dory Funk, Jr. so be sure to check out InYourHeadOnline.com for all of your In Your Head Wrestling Radio needs. Don't forget to also check In Your Head's 4 Year Archive which includes interviews from Bill Goldberg, Bill, Watts, Paul Bearer, Terry Funk, Bruno Sammartino, Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho, Mick Foley, Samoa Joe, Colt Cabana, Awesome Kong and many more that's InYourHeadOnline.com

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